‘God’s Gift to Musical Theatre…’ — THE TIMES, UK

Music of The Night…

“Close your eyes and let music set you free.” ― Charles Hart

July 2013 marks one of the most Spectacular month of my life. Having to be part of the audience for two great musicals and plays from Broadway, US. It is indeed an eye opener.

These are what I call passion-for-the-arts, the hidden talents only seen in theater at such. You can’t compare anything else with them. 

Before I elaborate more on ‘the Phantom of the Opera’, I shall reverse back to what’s happening in the day.

Beer Market Flea!

Featuring famous blog shoppes such as ohsofickle and markeddownmarket where they had a clothes buffet session of only $30 for a bag and you can squeeze any amount of clothes inside the bag.

Very competitive indeed, but considering the large crowds of shoppers, business was pretty good.



I had to clear all my old stocks away and so we were selling everything as low as $5 for one dress!

IMG_8224 IMG_8225

Girls,  you just have to dig in the box and find that lucky dress of yours! 🙂

And yes, many girls did dig, which was pretty surprising! I’m glad they are happy shopping with us and we are also happy that they found their favourite pieces out of that massive haystack! LOL.

I stayed at that event till 5pm before getting my ass out of the chair to MarinaBaySands with Joyce!

I am so elated for this day to come! Having the privilege of getting a pair of complimentary tickets to watch this artsy musical, I am more than just fortunate and grateful. Thank God.


It was still pretty early before the show commence. So me and Joyce decided to go for a little tea session at TWG Boutique. Well, it was her virgin moment! 


Golden Tea Book– Histories of  TWG Tea.

TWG Tea Boutique always gives me a great feeling to be seated on their comfy sofa seats, along with a heart to heart talk, smelling the fragrance off from the tea in the little tea cups, sipping bits of it and biting the macarons, flavour to flavour. Ahh!! Such awesome Life. The only thing missing was the MADHATTER. 

IMG_8234 IMG_8237

Matcha. Earl grey chocolate. Lemon bush Tea. Napolean Caramel. Vanilla Mint tea
Matcha. Earl grey chocolate. Lemon bush Tea. Napolean Caramel. Vanilla Mint tea

‘I am glad I was not born before tea.’ -Sydney Smith

IMG_8241 IMG_8243

I am a tea person. Like, literally. A fetish for it and a sucker for it. 

IMG_8244 IMG_8245 IMG_8246 IMG_8247 IMG_8258 IMG_8259

Joyce seems to be enjoying the tea as well! Finally, a date with  my secret partner ❤

Our seats were pretty steep and far away from the stage. As you can see from the image, we were at level 3. Well, I wouldn’t conclude that it is a bad seat. We  can still see the whole play clearly, but we were just too unfortunate to be seated behind to big, tall couple! Damn! They were annoying.

IMG_8250 IMG_8252

“I am the little boy who went into the sea to rescue your scarf” – Gaston Leroux, The Phantom of  the Opera

The musical lasted for about 120 minutes with a 15 minute interval.

The effects and props they used are more than just AMAZING. Not to forget, the vocals are INCREDIBLE.

Exhilarating, I am. After the musical. 

IMG_8253 IMG_8254

The casts.
The casts.

To mark this memorable day, we took a picture with the nice back drop.


In addition, a small donation of $10 for this memorable picture of ours! 🙂

For the Singapore Cancer Society.
For the Singapore Cancer Society.

I strongly recommend everyone to catch this musical while you can. But, read the love story and be touched by the phantom’s strong love for Christine!

Listen to the music of the phantom and Be dazzled by music and synchronized contemporary dance.

You can find out more enlightening info of this play from the official website : http://www.thephantomoftheopera.com/asia-pacific

Trust me, you will not regret the night. 🙂


We find FISHIES on Birthdays!

IMG_8146If you see me on Friday, you’ll see different material on Saturday night. –Kathy Griffin

Yet, the most happiest day of the week has arrived.

On this date, 19 July 2013, we celebrate a belated birthday for a friend of ours, Jessilyn Tan (star of the night;).

I had it all planned out way before this date.

Part 1: Dinner at &MADE by BRUNO MERNARD. FYI: http://andmade.sg/

Well, I came across this restaurant about a month ago when my mum drove passed it. The ambiance and setting attracted me, so I just made a decision to bring my girls here to try out the food.

Located at the Pacific Plaza, this restaurant is particularly well known for their unique burgers.



The menu was in classic brown paper, which is one thing I loved about this place, its CONCEPT.

Pixellated, mosaic features and the retro tiles on the fore walls definitely gave the vibe of modern vintage atmosphere.

Me and Maxine reached earlier to set up the area around our table. We chose the corner seat so that the Tap-to-Sing Disney Princess balloon can be hidden well.

‘Surprise!’, we shouted, as the princes of the day arrived at her seat. Immediately, we tapped the damn huge ass balloon and you can simply hear Cinderella’s voice singing ‘Happy birthday to you..’, literally. LOL!

IMG_8159 IMG_8176 IMG_8170 IMG_8163

See, I didn’t exaggerate, the balloon is huge ass right! 

And, it was on sale. Wonder where to get affordable helium balloons of any kind?

I got it from Party joy. FYI:  http://www.harvestwell.com.sg/zencart/plain-helium-latex-balloon-c-196/pearl-gloss-080-helium-balloon-c-196_199/

We ordered three burgers and a dessert to share.


N.Y Bacon. #1 Favourtie!

Beef patty and bacon drizzled with the cheese.. mmmm.


Go fishy by choosing Honey baked Salmon 


The norm beef burger.

The fries comes in three types: original, smoked, garlic and vinegar

What makes this place exclusive is non other than it’s unique sauce. Also, the burgers are huge in size. Calling all burgers-lovers to definitely give this place a try! Definitely beats, ‘The Handburger’



Lollipop waffle; one of their signature dessert. Only $9. 

Shaped like a leaf and accompanied with three flavours: caramel, dark chocolate and vanilla. Best combination ever! 


Jess trying out her birthday luck for the Sure Win lucky dip happening this month in &MADE.

She got herself a free Milk Shake.

Part 2: Time to pamper yourself by feeding the fishis with your nasty dead skins.

After dinner, we dropped by Sephora for Jess to redeem her free Birthday gift.


We reached 313 Somerset at about 10pm. With Tingying’s excuse to go to Forever 21, we went on a search for Kenko Fish spa instead.

Jess started to question, but she still had no idea what we were planning.

We found Kenko and we said,”Surprise number 2!” Her face was like >.< and said, “OMG! I am wearing jeans!” LOL!

Too bad Jess, you got to fold them up! 

IMG_8182 IMG_8183 IMG_8180

Small fishies swarming toward our feet to eat up those dead skins!IMG_8190 IMG_8206

Newly opened at 313 Somerset, this outlet provides an internet cafe.

We went for a 30 minute session which includes free wifi and a drink/ tea.

There are actually small and big fishes available. Depending on your level of tolerance, you choose which fishes to feed on you feet.

I personally prefer the big fishes as they really clean up your feet! I swear the effect was instant! My feet was damn smooth after the session! But, if you are super scared of tickle, you probably should stick to the small fishes.

Join Tingying’s team -ultimate nonstop laughter and screams LOL

Birthdays are annual celebrations that you don’t want to miss as it is the day that counts how long you had lived in this world. #Epicbirthdaycelebrations -Got better ideas? Share your plannings with me!