Peter’s of Kensington—‘Pinkish’ Retail Therapy.

Reason why we decided to give this small cafe a try.— The so-appetizing looking cakes/tarts~ ^^

The interior.
A quarter of Peter’s is occupied by this quaint, little cafe. Besides going ‘GAGA’ over Peter’s, you will be surprised how this cafe is a perfect place for a SATURDATE.

Even though it might seem like a big mess over the ledge (where the sale items were), but the idea of hanging those airplanes and hot air balloons… Splendid. Not only these hot air balloons give the place a dreamy feel, it also reminds me of ‘UP’ the movie…  
Using plates, utensils and cook wares as decorations, that is something unusually beautiful as well.

Just look at this Strawberry Tart, doesn’t it make yoour craving/devour mode onz?!

It is too  irresistable so we made a wise choice to have a taste of this marvelous creation. I mean it, MARVELOUS. Of course, a flat white to go along with it. Am a total coffee/tea junkie.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

After having said so much about the cafe itself, just a few preview of what this whole ‘Peter’s of Kensington’ is about. Why I am so ‘cray cray’ over it…

Because they sell literally EVERYTHING! From home supplies to books to toys to beauty products to gifts! Everything for any occasion. Especially if you are a person that loves to bake, you got to visit Peter’s.

For all travel buddies~

So cute and exquisite clocks! Which is your favourite?

Welcoming the Easter Bunny~


  • Strawberry Custard Tart: Two words, Marvelous Creation. I need to emphasize this alot of times because it is! I have no regrets giving it a go. The strawberry coated on top has a little jelly, combined with the soft custard cream and the crispy exterior tart… What can I say? Just buy it! Damn it! 🙂
  • Flat White: No sugar required. Milk and Coffee blended just right.

You pay only $3.50 for a flat white and $8.90 for that big slice of tart! Where can you find such an affordable cafe in Sydney? Rare, I tell you. Rare.

Needless to say, small but comfy. Clustered but homey. Hot air balloon and airplanes for sale.. A mess that brings the whole vibe of the cafe to be dreamy.

FYI: Peter’s is a huge store that sells everything and anything of high quality products that you need and want. Just like a big ass warehouse! Located at Kensington, you can easily spot them as it is the only baby -pink-painted buliding standing  right there.
If you are too lazy to spend about 2hours there, you can always purchase their goods online:

Peter’s of Kensington
57, Anzac Parade
Kensington NSW

Operating Hours:
Monday to Friday: 9:30am – 5:30pm
Saturday: 9:30am – 5:00pm
Sundays & Public Holidays – CLOSED


Have a Cup of Macchiato—-‘FIVE and DIME’ eatery.


Macchiato- simple means: ‘marked’ or ‘stained’. 

On a Saturday, I had brunch.— Nothing is more pleasing than this.  Jason and I settled in FIVE and DIME for peaceful brunch before my work. yes, Brunch together. That’s all we ask for. I had always assumed that Five and Dime is located at Clarke Quay. Well, it is, but not exactly. It is better to drive your way there. DSC01628-001 Standing alone as a 2 storey level building, I would say it is pretty established. The concept of the cafe is terrific too.  DSC01629-001 Oh, and when I say it is better to drive your way there, I meant it! Because, parking is free behind the eatery! Hassle-free eh? And there is likely to have parking spaces as most people walks here. Trust me, I surveyed. 🙂 DSC01630 DSC01590-001

Back door of Five and Dime. — Which leads to a staircase and a glass door.  DSC01591-001

I thought this was the main door to its eatery. But no.


 Apparently, the eatery locates just another level below the toilets. How mysterious ? 

So, this is how it looks like inside this mystery place. Friendly staffs and cosy ambiance. Hmm.. but rather typical tho.  DSC01594-001 DSC01595-001 DSC01600-001 DSC01599-001 DSC01596-001

This ‘style’ of Menus made of paper and clipped on wooden board are seen practically in most Sgcafes.— Norm.  DSC01597-001

DSC01613-001Macchiato- Espresso topped with cream

— High caffeine to make me stay awake for the long day ahead 🙂

DSC01604-001 DSC01605-001

Egg Mayo and Bacon Panini. ($12)  DSC01620-001

Buttermilk Pancakes with pork Bacon. ($15)

DSC01618-001 DSC01617-001 DSC01625-001 DSC01611-001

Time to NOMNOMx!! DSC01623-001 DSC01626-001

Jason was obviously having a great time munching on the Panini! LOLDSC01627-001

Okay, so here comes the critiques.


1. Buttermilk Pancakes

It was fluffy indeed. I love their butter tho! Odd, it may sounds but it just tasted different from ordinary. Wonder if there is some kind of secret recipe to it.

2. Egg Mayo and Bacon Panini Just like all sandwiches, it tasted nothing special. Something that I can make out of my own kitchen. However, I do love their bacon– crispy!

The PRICE Average pricing for average meals.– Yeah, that’s How I feel about it. 

The AMBIANCE It was cosy and lovely. A good hideout place to chill and get rid of those dreadful weekdays. A place that can kick away any MONDAY BLUES!  The concept of having two storeys– eatery and school hall. I will come here to study or read a good book.

In conclusion to my above comments, this is a place worth re-visiting! So why not give it a try? 🙂 New found BRUNCH PLACE. xD

Located at : 297 River Valley Road. Singapore 238338

It’s Never too old to celebrate.


Birthdays– The day that you Thank God and your mother for the chance to live in this world.

September had just passed and now we had no choice but to welcome October.
2013 indeed flies like a breeze, or rather, fast forward way too quickly that you could hardly catch a breathe.

So in the month of September, I had three special dates to celebrate.— THE SEPTEMBER BABIES.

1. 11 September—– always a date remembered, due to the loss of many loved ones, deaths of many because of the horrible terrorism of 911. And on this date itself, it is the birth of a child that had given me life and everything ever since.


We went to Kiseiki Japanese Buffet restaurant to celebrate and feast. We are all suckers for Sashimis so a Japanese buffet would be best choice for all.

This restaurant located at orchard central offers a wide variety of Japanese food and also dessert.



Well, but if you were to ask me, will I go back again? I would give this place a second thought. For the price its worth it and affordable, ONLY  if you are a SASHIMI lover. If you are looking for authentic Japanese food tasting, this is not the place for you. Not to forget, the massive crowd they have, its literally like a market that everyone is ‘fighting’ for food.


But all in all, we did enjoy ourselves. And I am glad my dad came back for my mother’s birthday. 🙂

2. 19 September— Another birth of a child that I had met 3 years ago. MAXINE.
Its her birthday and I had lined out a list of plans and surprises for her. Initially wanted to give her a BIG SURPRISE TO GMAX, but unfortunately, it is under maintenance for a month?! Holy shit.  

Jess and I had to crack our brains to solve this last minute issues.  


‘Surprise’ Fruit tart/ cake! 

We dined at a Lil’ French House, Ma Maison.
Review: Good ‘House/ Homie’ ambiance that gives the feeling that you are really in another country or state.


I love how this Huge key is the key to our bills. ;/

Some images on how the restaurant inside looks like…

DSC00930 DSC00897 DSC00896 DSC00881 DSC00880 DSC00879

Pastas are no doubt delicious. I would say you get to taste for how much you pay.

DSC00874 DSC00868 DSC00857


Birthday girl trying to dig her present out!

DSC00883 DSC00885

Tada! We got her an URBAN DECAY SMOKE EYE PALLETTE. Just as she wished. 


Opps >.< I just had to take an #ootd by Jess! Think my outfit is pretty cute that day. 😛

Movie was up next on the birthday celebration list. And I have to say, ‘The Bling Ring’— another genre of ‘Spring Breakers‘.
Conclusion:  Sucks. Do not waste your time and money to watch it.

As soon as the movie ends, we had to rush for the Last Surprise…. Maxine’s house. Literally, had to get to her place before she does  and hide at the third level. 


It was a success! (Y)



Group photo to end the day off.

Great friends are hard to come by. So, treasure every moments. And I can’t help but to Thank God for every joyous day I had.  

3. 27 September—– Girl I met an international known themed park. Maz.

Decided to dine at Fish and Co. because I remembered them having this ‘Fishy surprise’ for bday people. But, this particular outlet was a disappointment. 313 Somerset. 

Lack in manpower = Service to customers were bad. Fishy surprise was lead to a not so enthusiastic surprise.



Danish fish and chip

Maz was embarrassed by the birthday shout out and surprise. But like I just said, it was NOT GOOD at all!



I got Maz a new company, PAUL.


Tgif with a bunch of awesome people I met from USS.


Have a taste of Paul’s Macaroons.

Red velvet white chocolate cheese cake. #orgasmicfood

September: Hectic shits and thoughts.
Lots of adventurous LifeHappenings. Be it bad or good. 

‘Live like there is no tomorrow.’ —- dailyquotetomotivatemyself

‘To have Food, it is a Blessing.’ – said by a Foodie.

While many girls fear to eat much, I am different from them. I eat what I like, what I want, what I crave. Yes, Fat die me. Whatever.

Girls spent too much time looking at the mirror, worrying too much about their own figure and shape. This is no doubt caused by the harsh society that being skinny is seen as GORGEOUS, HOT, SEXY, PRETTY… and the lists goes on.

Some lucky girls are out there are blessed with a petite body size. –these people will never get fat no matter how much they consume.

Well, I just have to suck it up and work out. I am not lucky enough to be born puny.

Therefore, instead of becoming bongus and starving myself or forcing myself to vomit, I would rather work my ass off to keep fit than to resist myself from all the delicious temptations out there waiting for me to give them a taste. I don’t have to be extra skinny like how most models are.

Average, is fine enough.  ‘BEAUTY IS SKIN DEEP.’

Anyway, this post ain’t about an arguement of being skinny or fat. It is about me Cafe Hopping recently. And I had to introduce to people who love food to not give these  miss!

So, recently I had done some food hunting.



To give this restaurant a try, it was rather impromptu. Our initial plan was to eat Japanese and to spent away my previous vouchers while it is still valid. Unfortunately, it closed down in IONorchard. Like, what?!

So, we had to source for other eateries that I can use the vouchers on and also to consider the fact that we were at town. The nearest place was Bangkok Jam. We don’t really have a choice but to eat there, I suppose.

IMG_8545It was a pretty distinct restaurant with pleasant interior design and ambience. The first thing we heard when we entered was kpop music. It was blasting at a high volume. Funny thing is, isn’t this a thai restaurant? Why the korea music?

But I like how they decorate the place like a hippie area, more for the young punks feel.


Okay, we were led to our seats in no time.


A two paged cardboard menu.


Thai milktea, it was too sweet for me tho. IMG_8550

See how the walls are made of brick-designs? Now, that i classic.

We did not order much food. In fact, is only three dishes, which includes dessert as well.


-Glass noodle wrap. This is a cold dish. Taste like popiah but its the sauce that makes it superb. IMG_8554



Jason was obviously enjoying it.


– Then we had stuffed chicken wings. 


The stuffed chicken is damn good. I like how there is no bones inside, saves hassle of biting and spitting bones. Also, the skin was so damn crispy!


There is noodles inside! Cool shit. 

We ended with a last dish, non other than DESSERT.


Caramelised Fried banana with ice cream.


This was HEAVENLY and SINFUL at the same time. Best fried bananas I had ever tasted. Maybe just cut down abit on the flour, it will be perfect.



On a Peaceful Sunday Night.

To end that horrible week, my sis suggested to try Wimbly Lu. The location is quite inaccessible unless you have a car to drive in. But apparently, deserted it may sound, it is actually located beside the fat cat.


Wimbly Lu is known for its wide range of dessert, especially chocolate truffles.


Oh outside of this cafe has a ‘turtle’ car parked right at its doorstep. This is it’s signature outlook, I suppose. I wonder if anyone does drive it away…


The first thing that was noticed were the cotton-wool handmade ‘clouds’. Said by my sister, they are building an environment and atmosphere that has a ‘whimsical’ feeling. True enough, I did feel like I had stepped into LaLa Land.


The lightings are decorated exquisitely and the ‘clouds’ just enhance the cafe. It was as if I had stepped into a fairy world.


Oh and they cater to takeaways. So this leads us to the food. Great ambience, but how about the food? 


Two main and three desserts.


– Cheesy toast sandwich

  • This was a disappointment. It is just a toasted sandwich. Hello? I can totally whip it up myself from my own kitchen.

– Lagsana

  • It is a little too sweet but still satisfying. I would say that I will come back for it. I like how they make the cheese crumbles on top of it.

As mentioned , this is a dessert cafe hence, dont be too surprise when you see the menu that the mains provided were only about 5 choices.


-Waffle with ice cream

  • This is the HIGHLIGHT! It is so darn FLUFFY. It is so FLUFFY that I am going to die! Topped with honey cinnamon ice cream creates a much more subtle taste! This is definitely the SEXXX! Must try before you are die.

-Molten Lava Cake

  • Indeed, the chocolate melts sinfully in your mouth. Just like a taste in heaven. However, recommended to share with more friends as it may just end up being too chocolatey.

-Lemon Meringue Pie

  • Its either you hate it or you love it. For me, I absolutely love it, but I would say that it is not the best in town. Search for better meringue pie!

Wimbly Lu will make a better choice for Sunday Brunch. 🙂



‘Where all BFFs should hang out here for a good load of pancakes..’


Greeted by all these cute car plates, I can’t wait to step inside and check it out!


The interior-






I would say that the interior design is lovely and certainly cute.  I looks fun to dine in. The concept of ‘being fluffy’ is within the shop as the owner is smart enough to use a sheep as their ambassador.


Tongue twisting quotes! How KAWAII! 


Everything is literally cute here. It is like cuteness overload!!


Definitely have to snap a picture with the FLUFFYGUY!




The pancakes:


Maxine’s create your own pancakes. This is more of a dessert platter instead.


Shermund’s Beef patty pancake. -Savoury pancake burger!


MY Breakfast Combo- youcanchoosehowyouwanttheeggtobedone.


Jason’s DESSERT pancake. Topped with kokocrunch and kit kat.

I had always wanted to try batter fluffy flaps. Its cute concept led the cafe feel so comfy.


Yet another mysterious, hidden cafe HOPPED! #accomplishment.

GIRLS/LADIES, remember only GOD can judge you. JUST EAT AND QUIT STARVING. #YOLO

Till my next discovery…