T.A.Z Cafe and Bistro— A place for your Paw Buddies to meet New Friends.

I’ve decided to visit this newly established dog-friendly cafe as I had always wanted to dine with my three lovely dogs. Besides, it is always good to bring them all out to mingle and play right? Yes, there are many dog cafes available in Singapore. But why T.A.Z? 

T.A.Z Cafe and Bistro was found by a kind-hearted and hardworking woman,  Adeline Ho. She is a major sucker for all kinds of dogs. Like Literally. She practically picks up most stray and lost dogs on roadsides and bring them home to raise and take care of them. This lead to the cafe titled as T.A.Z, which is named after three of her dogs- Teddy, Ah girl and Zealous. She is the chef of this cafe as well. From cooking delicious human and dog foods, to baking extremely cute cakes. 

Whats makes this cafe unique is the fact that, T.A.Z cafe always host private events such as birthdays and even raise awareness for dogs by collaborating with various dog adoption drives!!! So, be sure to help save all these poor puppies~ 

The Interior

The layout of the cafe is fantastic and ideal for all dogs to come along and play as there is a huge space for them to run around.

And if you notice, all the brown chairs are accompanied with a white chair. I reckon that these white chairs are specifically for all your paw buddies! How thoughtful is that? 🙂 

Wall decals~

Comfortable seats~

Besides having a big and air-conditioned area, they even have a VIP room catered to any of your groups’ celebrations or requests!

For food wise, I would not comment much as I did not order any food that day. My ultimate goal was to let my dogs have fun. So, the owner herself made a specialty for them: Sweet potato, meat and carrot bits.

They do look  pretty appetising for dogs yea? Definitely smell good too.

And here’s Adeline giving treats to all the dogs. Haha. They are so obedient! CUTE~

Meet Teddy the Poodle!

I bet it tasted really good that Clover finished the whole plate!

Amenthyst, the love of my life. ❤
Enuff said about the food and place.
Retail services are available too! You need pet shampoos, dog tags, apparels? You can get them right after your meal here! No need for the hassle to buy from other places. Woo-hoo~

All dog lovers, do visit T.A.Z cafe and give it a try! Remember, your purpose of visiting a dog cafe is to let your paw buddies meet new friends as well as to enjoy themselves in a new environment by stepping out of their comfort zone at home. 😀 It is always good to socialise. 


HOWL-O-WEEN BUFFET PARTY—– 26 October 2014


Keep yourself updated with their latest adoption drive or promotion by ‘Liking’ their fb page: https://www.facebook.com/taz.cafe.bistro

T.A.Z Cafe and Bistro
10 Jalan Leban, Thomson

Tel: +65 9027 6109/ 9234 1926

Happiest 5K Ever— Color Me, Color Run! #theswissecolorrun2014

HAPPY MESS indeed.

The Swisse Color Run has been ongoing internationally for a period of 4 years. Since March 2011, it has been created as an awareness to promote health, joy and fun. But now, they had expanded into fund raising!! So, Run for a cause!!
Read more on: http://thecolorrun.com/about/

YAY~! This year, Sydney’s color run had almost a total of 20k runners, raising a total of $123K AUD! Good job!!

PRE-EVENT.— Package Pick up at Wynyard Park.

It was a gloomy and rainy weather that Saturday morning.
We were all praying so hard for a Sunny weather on the actual event date, which it was! Thank God. (:

Merchandise Booths were set up as well. There were so many colorful, adorbs products such as neon-colored sunglasses, tutu skirts, socks… All the stuffs made-ready to kick start an awesome and colorful day ahead~ EXCITING MUCH

ACTUAL EVENT DAY.— Centennial Park

I only took a 2 hour nap before the day of the event because I was so worried that I couldn’t get my ass off my bed!
Prepared and went out at 7.30am++.

Color run organisers were kind enough to provide free public transport for us to the destination. It is funny how you can some really creative people that made themselves really bright and colorful! From colorful long socks, tattoos on face and arms, to even WIGS. HAHA!

Meet my brazilian peeps~ Liza, Fernando, Hellen.
#Perksofbeinganinternationalstudent #friendsfromallovertheworld
Oh ya, did I not mention that Gopro cams were everywhere that day~ I am so tempted to get one too! 

And Our team is named ‘Life in TechniColor’. Kuddos~ 

Even though it was pretty cold that morning, but I am pretty sure this unicorn is sweating more than shivering inside. The sun was super hot and glaring! 

The race course included 7 zones in total. They are positioned accordingly:

-Pretty in Pink
– Free Sun Tan with Orange
– Welcome to Blue Smurf Village
– Purple that never rhymes with anything
– Snow Foam
– More Green Grassy color ahead
– Bubbles all over

Oh, we took a break after purple zone to camwhore!!

What’s color run without #colorselfie !


These three man were just too cute! Thumbs up for their enthusiasm and the well coordinated sunglass and tutu skirt colours!!


It was so fun!! It almost felt like Zoukout in the day!!

The music was so damn good! I could just dance all day~~ and the color throws look so fantastic !

One of the best day of my life in Sydney.—24 August 2014.
Party for a cause! Party for health! Party for dance! Party for music! 


Like what you see? Hurry sign up for the next color run in Feb 2015 then!! What are you waiting for!!

21st Polka Dots and Stripes Party: Just Black, Blue and Pink Please~

In exactly one week’s time.—– Dawn’s 21st; second party of the year.

Date: Saturday, 11 January 2014
Theme: Polka Dots and Stripes
Dress Code: What’s stated above and just in black, blue or pink
Venue: Pasir Ris Aloha Loyang, Bungalow 9 


Just about a fortnight before the actual party day….
The making of the backdrop.— this is very important to me.
Spent almost half a day cutting and pasting these circles up into a realistic curtain-like back drop and also, painting and writing those ’21s’ and ‘dawn’ on each of it.  

IMG_7188 IMG_7190

Sacrificing almost all my time of the day, I did it. Not that I did this backdrop, but the fact that I did my part as a best friend to make the event venue absolutely to the THEME. ^^ As much as it was time consuming, I enjoy putting up all these little artpieces of mine up (especially for such birthday events).

Well, if your notice, my role/ job during Dawn’s party was pretty much similar to that of Hweemay’s. Make up & Decorations…. That’s what I am good at!


Aloha Loyang, one of the most common chalet in Singapore that one would open a party at. However, Dawn’s BUNGALOW 9— it’s my virgin moment there. It is a HUGE-ASS place!

The Exterior- gorgeously decorated with the helium balloons.

The Interior.

#FLASHBACK>>>>Hweemay’s Party: BRILLIANT Idea of outdoor LED lightings.

Dawn’s? Super COOL and INNOVATIVE of outdoor tent-age! Like Literally, out at the backyard/ BBQ area.

DSC04640 DSC04641

A wide spread of home cooked food by her mum! Well, no Dessert table this time.

DSC04649 1922000_10153766662615456_113672087_n

So-called ‘MODEL’ pose with the birthday girl.

And, goofing around with the other two members of SUPERCUTIES.

DSC04657 DSC04660DSC04661

Cake-cutting time.– the most important moment of the whole event.


What’s the most memorable part of this special day?
I’m not embarrassed (LOL!) but to admit to the fact that I fell down twice on this day. I  was clumsy and ridiculous. Trust me.

Scenario 1:
I was having a great time catching up with my Awesome clique of guys (the image above). My butt was on a chair while I was laughing so hard over the most embarrassing and stupidest joke ever in my life. So hard that my stomach hurts, so hard that my eyes start to tear and lastly, so hard that I fell backwards of the chair and tumbled/ flip over like a somersault on the hard grounds of pebbles.  

Scenario 2:
Because I just had the thought of wanting to talk to Jason at the BBQ pit and the night was dark. After conversing for almost three sentences, nature calls. Thus, I did a 180 degrees turn, lift my left foot up, followed by my right foot, where it lands no where but an endless ground (it felt endless at that point of time)—– a HIDDEN DRAIN. Yes, I fell into a drain!

Embarrassing much? But, I am not afraid to share it, because it is this mishap that makes the occasion worth remembering. ^^

21st ‘MEOW’ Party: It’s a Black and Yellow Affair!


nhmay’s 21st party— the first one in 2014

Babies of year 1993, Heads up! 
It’s finally our turn to hit the age of 21—- key to freedom.
Yes, we are officially an adult now. No more messing and fooling around. Time for big decisions— such as degree, career, bf/gf, engagement, marriage….. All our life decisions are piling up one by one. Burden. :/

This year as everyone is getting excited to attend 21st parties (also broke at the same time), I do not have such luxury as I am currently moving on to my next phase of life—- pursuing degree in University of Sydney.
Hence, I am quite pleased that I still get to attend two members of my Supercuties parties, and even be part of their party host/ event decorator (mostly handmade)/ make up artist.

For the first 21st birthday party I had attended: HWEEMAY KAYE’S

Date: Saturday, 4 January 2014
Theme: Black and yellow Kitties
Dress Code: Black (Birthday girl: Yellow, Host: Black or yellow or both)
Venue: NSRCC, Tanah Merah 

For full album of photos please view at: https://www.facebook.com/pinguo/media_set?set=a.10152182380266276.1073741839.637996275&type=1


Preparations had to be done before the day of the event. Decorations were done two weeks before.


As mentioned, I am so proud to make my girlfriend into THE PRETTIEST LADY and also THE HIGHLIGHT of the day.

DSC04533 DSC04534 DSC04535 DSC04537

The dessert table arrived at approximately 5.30pm.
Credits to @handbaked.

DSC04542 DSC04546 DSC04550 DSC04559 DSC04567 DSC04568

The exterior of her party is the most BRILLIANT IDEA among all decorations.—- LED lights with hanging written cards.

DSC04569 DSC04570 DSC04581 DSC04592 DSC04603 DSC04606 DSC04620 DSC04623 DSC04631 DSC04632


Certainly, it was a night to remember.
We had lots of fun and it was a great start of the year.
The party was pretty much a success! *claps*

Next up, Dawn’s Polka dots and Stripes Party…. 🙂

‘You only turn 21 once, so make it a memorable one.’— c.Faith’s.

121 days in Sydney— KOALAs and KANGAROOs.

Purple Flower trees.— one of Sydney’s nature beauty, only seen during SPRING.

Australia is best known for their Koalas and Kangaroos. I had always wanted to meet one of these fluffy hug-gables!

But did you know? Fact: Even tho Kangaroos are cute big ‘bunnies’ to most young ones, they are seen as pests in Australia and most wild ones are often knocked down and ran over by vehicles. 😦 Ironically, people eat Kangaroo meat too!   

Instead of going through the hassle of taking ferry to far away Taronga zoo, we went to KOALA PARK. ( Since my main point was just to see Koalas and Kangaroos.)



Inside the park, some animals are set free to roam around.– Like the pretty Peacock.

IMG_7307 IMG_7154

At the extreme, they have a big farm of Kangaroos, of all different sizes and age.


IMG_7357 IMG_7243
I love this picture the most! So CUTE!

IMG_7213 IMG_7211

The Talking PARROT!


Besides just playing with the Kangaroos, we had fun exploring the other animals.

IMG_7350 IMG_7334 IMG_7323


Our last animal to visit is the famous KOALA. We watched it perform!

IMG_7300 IMG_7171 IMG_7413

He’s so Fat and Fluffy! — I can’t even.

For more details: http://www.koalapark.com.au/myweb2/default.htm

Koala Park Sanctuary
84 Castle Hill Road, West Pennant Hills
NSW Australia 2125.

Phone: (02) 9484 3141
Fax: (02) 9484 8009 – 24 hours
email: info@koalaparksanctuary.com.au


How and why I came to Sydney, the vibrant city.—– https://cassandrafaith.wordpress.com/2013/11/25/121-days-in-sydney-the-university-of-sydney/



Love this Moment: Being buried by the fluffy, powder-like snow.

#Day 3: Public Affection towards ‘SNOW WHITE’  

I yearn for nothing else but this moment.—where I am able to see with my own naked eyes, the fall of snow flakes that covers every ground bits into the colour of blank white papers. 
I brave through the negative degrees, cold shivers and icy feel on my hands, to just lie on the thick sheets of snow and get buried with piles and piles…

DSC03464 DSC03465

The  heavy snow piled up on my toes, to my fat tummy, to my shoulders and chest, disabling my abilities to move and wiggle.–I feel like I’m a happy fat snow man just sitting there waiting for cameras to come snap a picture of me. 


Having a quick bite on onigiri as lunch before we ski! Omnomnom….


We pretty much acquired the basic skills from the day before and hence, we are ski-ing all by ourselves today. This is the ABC Family ski lift, which is open for beginners.-— more kids around

DSC03472Catch me on action on my IG: http://instagram.com/p/hdQG7AByEy/


We are definitely enjoying this season, this activity, or rather sport that doesn’t seem to bore me at all.
I had bad falls along the way, so bad that I felt I had a short brain concussion. Even so, I still pick myself up and ride my way down the mountain.



I’m on the ski lift! Credits to Maxine, which I remember clearly that after this picture was taken, her gloves fell off!!
Well, I did manage to retrieve it back after climbing up a trail on the mountain. Tough job.

DSC03485 DSC03491


We ski-ed for 2 hours and our energy for the day pretty much got drained out from it.
We had snowball fights along the way back home.

But before resting back at our crib, we had to satisfy our tummy with their local ramen store for the last time!

DSC03515 DSC03527

Fried pork rice= sex! 


Hokkaido, one of the best countries to experience snow and I am looking forward to travel back here once again. 🙂

Check out previous post : https://cassandrafaith.wordpress.com/2014/01/07/a-powdery-white-christmas-hokkaido-niseko-village-ii/


A random post on what-to-do-when-you-are-bored-in-a-camry, chauffeured by the best ‘driver’ in town. Tee-hee. xD



I am noob when it comes to photography-shits, unless I know how to use that particular camera.
Yea, so people that know me, I just got a new camera-Sony nex 3n.

Was typically attracted to the flip up screen. Vain much? Oh well, I am girl, for GOD’s Sake.

So here goes ME IN ACTION.










hat’s up. SWAGGER. 


















Picture effect: POP,  in mode of Aperture priority


Food and Shopping Paradise: HONG KONG I


‘Above the ground, Hitting the skies to paradise. ‘

An annual traveler to Hong Kong.

This makes me ‘take advantage’ of the fact that I get to travel at least once a year.  Hong Kong has always been rated as ‘BORING’ to me. Used to, as I was a kid and I do not have any idea on what’s food and shopping to me. OR should I be specific, the chance to see the world.

However, now that I am so busy with my life. Holidays are essential to me. It is my only breaktime to be away from the shit loads of work always piling on to me every month.

Hence, Hon Kong doesn’t seem that boring to me anymore. I had planned this Hong Kong trip with Maxine long ago as our graduation trip. This time, I want to travel to Hong Kong with friends instead. But this mini trip ended as a Family and Friends trip.

Something new, but its still worth the experience and fun we can have together.

Airline: Jetstar Airways

Accommodation: MY SUITE IN YUEN LONG

Duration: 9 Days 8 Night


#Day 1: Ready, Set, GO!


It was a super early flight to Hongkong. I guess I have a thing for EARLY FLIGHTs– realised all my flights are always before sunrise.
Super tired yet excited us were all perked up!


oh, did I not mention that this trip was somehow my bro’s last trip as he was going to NS as soon as he comes back.

The three and half hours journey in the skies flew like a breeze. We were all too exhausted and just slept through.
Very quickly, we were welcomed by my relatives and my dad at the airport where we were picked to my second home, YUEN LONG.
SO, we managed to be greeted by DIM SUM and I finally get to taste my favourite bun on EARTH. CUSTARD BAO.


The first day was just a day of settling down and getting our rooms packed to sleep in.
We only walked around my home area and also to just keep eating. Come on, you are on a holiday. No dieting man,   


Curry fishballs and chee cheong fan!  Favourite supper dish okay! 


Oh, we visited a new dessert place and damn it was good! Especially love the pastry layered mango dessert, topped with ice cream.
God, it taste heavenly! 


Introducing my HK cousins ! 





Rise and Shine! We were all ready and packed for an exciting day ahead!

Travel like an adventurer, but play like a kid. Yes, that’s what we do.


Breakfast: At Sai Yuen. Offering the best french toast in the world.
Maxine couldn’t get enough of this.










Mandatory Tourist shot!






rying to do the GWIYOMI pose! Even the person taking for us knew about it and laughed at us! haha.




We are PRISONERS, for no apparent reason. LOL.








Sings *As we walk to the left as we walk to the right…. *
We reached the newly open area of TOY STORY LAND! But unfortunately, the most thrilling U SHAPED Kart ride was CLOSE!!!!!



So, we just took our own sweet time to goof around.

The only ALIEN deemed as Adorable to me.






Next up, at Fantasy Land, we have to take the mandatory tourist shot with our Favourite DISNEY CHARACTERS!!!
Okay, I’m not exactly a tourist, but just trying to be one. 😛






Ice Popsicle to take those HEAT off.

In Mad Hatters TEA CUP.. Spin spin away!!!!!!!

We are all ready for a 4D Magic Experience with Mickey Mouse!

Carousel! Love riding on them, makes me feels like a princess. >.<

o infinity, and Beyond! 

We are SWAG!

Cinderella- my childhood favorite classic. She’s so sweet in person.


To all Disney Fans: ‘ Disney land will never be completed as it will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.’ — Walt Disney
So, keep your imagination growing, and never stop fantasizing!