For all Themed Park Lovers– Osaka III


‘Disneyland is the at the tippy-Top, Universal studios will definitely be the next climber.’ –#internationalwolrdknownthemedparks

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We were all set for this EGG-CITING and THRILLING day!

Fyi on Universal Studios Japan, the official website :

IMG_5865 IMG_5872

This is like a dream come true. I conquered yet another famous themed park in the world.



The map of Universal Studios Osaka. –the one back home definitely can’t win the fight. 

IMG_5881Look! The queue was massive, and it was only about 9am in the morning.

But I like how they can queue up in such an orderly manner.

First step into the park and we were welcome by Elmo and friends! Lucky~ ^^



Even Woody woodpecker was all dressed up for the season.

Who wants some Popcorn?!
Who wants some Popcorn?!


Me and Maxine went to take our first ride. – Hollywood Dream.

Its a thrilling roller coaster that you can have a choice to choose your favourite music to play. –Trust me, end up, you only hear screams. And it is a super long ride as it goes up and down, all around the whole park! #thrilling


Such a Fancy Pharmacy!
Such a Fancy Pharmacy!


Pink Panther cafe!
Pink Panther cafe!


Well, Jess and Jo didn’t dare to take on the rides so they waited for us at the pink panther cafe.


We managed to catch some glimpse of the Parade, but other than that, we were actually heading off rides to rides.


So, the next ride in line was ‘The Amazing Adventures of SpiderMan’.

IMG_1755 IMG_1756 IMG_1761

As you can see, the design and features of the ride are similar to the one in USS. – The Transformers ride

I would say its exactly the same, except the fact that the 3D images is Spiderman instead.



We walked to the Sesame Street and spotted Elmo and Cookie Monster! Oh, Dream Factory is literally loaded with Sesame Street Items. Well, this is special initially, but now that USS has it as well, it’s just too over-rated. IMG_5980 IMG_0325

Subsequently, we took on more rides such as ‘Back to the Future’ and ‘Jaws- boat ride’.

We're on the boat ride!
We’re on the boat ride!

The last station was Snoopy’s world, more for the kids but Jo was already screaming on their mini roller coaster! LOL!

Friends of Snoopy.
Friends of Snoopy.

We were limited to 6 hours in the park only, considering the fact that we managed to take all the rides… we were pretty fast eh?


When you visit a foreign country, what’s the place you die die must go? SOUVENIR BOUTIQUES- Duhh! Typical tourists here.

And of course, some picture shopping.  A photo of the items are good enough to be considered as bought. 

1 Cookie Monster, 2 Elmos
1 Cookie Monster, 2 Elmos
Sick Toy Soldiers.
Sick Toy Soldiers.

I was pretty fortunate to bump into the toy soldiers and betty boop!

With Betty Boop!
With Betty Boop!

I prefer this Betty Boop than the one back home! This one is more real, to me.


Snoopy BAO!

It’s kinda sad that because it is winter, we cant take the Jurassic Park ride. The water will prolly freeze us. Oh well~


Yet another long haul bus ride to a shopping centre. WE reached our destination in the evening when the sky was almost turning dark.

There was a pets’ shop at the end of the shopping centre, and grooming the pets’ was actually open to public to view!


Look at the professional groomers, handling the dogs at ease!


The cutest moment came when all the dogs on sale were PUPPIES!!!!!

IMG_1876 IMG_1875 IMG_1880 IMG_1885 IMG_1887 IMG_1888

So I managed to buy some souvenirs back home.

Best buy: The stitch dog house.


For the last night, we stayed at Washington hotel. Kimono was provided and they had a 24/7 Family mart.

Wearing Traditional Kimono to sleep~
Wearing Traditional Kimono to sleep~

A mini party was thrown in Jo and Jess’s room, where we end up drinking and talking cock through the night before our morning flight the next day.

#Day 7: We’re coming Home. 

It was a dreading morning flight back home. Had a tiff but peace after.

Transfer flight at Hong Kong makes me wanna just get out of the Arrival Hall and meet dad! So near yet so far. :/

Memories of this trip live forever. 

As we seek for more from the world, till then~ Sayonara! 

For the Nightlife lovers– Osaka II


‘Shopping is just an option, Exploring is more than just an option.’

#Day 4: Japan’s culture and belief. Mazda exhibition and Shinsaibashi-suji Shopping Street.

To continue from 2011: Osaka, Japan Chapter 1 …..

We were all set for an early morning to discover more of Osaka. We were heading for Serenity, the temple that was well known for wish-makers.



Entrance of the temple, where we gathered to enjoy the magnificent view of the architecture =. 



The ‘fortunate’ well, located just outside the temple was said to be blessed and that a handful sip of it can make your wishes come true.

Holy blessed water.
Holy blessed water.


Yes, of course I had to give it a try. Chilly water~  so? 


Taking a sip while my brain goes, ‘ May all my wishes come true!’IMG_5453 IMG_0942


These are zodiac-styled handicrafts and were believed to bless family and friends that would receive them as a gift.


A variety of meaningful ways to make wishes and pray for good luck.

Paper knots of wishes.
Paper knots of wishes.
Wood blocks of wishes from all over the world.
Wood blocks of wishes from all over the world.



I got a chicky for myself, and a full set for my family! Wishing for everlasting happiness and good health to the Leung family.

The visit to the temple did not take too long as we arrived at our next destination, Mazda exhibition.

Mazda exhibition.
Mazda exhibition.
Briefing before the exploration begins.
Briefing before the exploration begins.

Greeted with a warm welcome by the fellow Japan workers and they even hosted a short story telling to us on how Mazda was developed and later came alive!

Here we were at the exhibition, where we get an eye opener on the great development and creation of Mazda vehicles.




A huge variation and different types. From lorry to bus to even mini displayed ones~






This figure shows how ‘safe’ Mazda cars are, as a a damage to it is just SURFACE.

Now, I am introducing to you the two world’s (so far) most environmental-friendly, yet chic vehicle. 

These vehicles do not require petrol to roll, they work with hydrogen gas instead! Cool isn’t it? 

And the design of the cars are just too cute and pretty! I’ll purchase one if its avail in the market, but also if I’m loaded. Teehee~ ^^



Talk about technology- the prodigious creations and innovations of human beings. Be inspired. 

Morning fest passed by like a flash of lightning, and lunch was served in a midst of time.


Western buffet for lunch!


With only 1000yen, you get to eat til your heart’s content. Varying from all sort of food, meat, vegetables and dessert. Not much photos were taken as we were all too famished and were busy digging in.


Our next destination is Shinsaibashi-suji Shopping Street! 

At last, we were at the famous shopping district of Osaka! One thing I love about the Xmas season are the fascinating lightings. 

The long dreading hours of bus ride was immediately waived off as this particular night scene is certainly worth it.

IMG_5570 IMG_5573


Dinner’s menu: OMU-RICE. *Yums* -The eggs are just so smooth and soft, like a tofu in disguise. 


After dinner (a quick one in fact as everyone can’t wait to hit the lights of  Shinsaibashi-suji shopping street) , we rushed off to grab as many photos as we can. Also, to see as much cutsie stuffs as possible. The time given to us was short, so we need to make use of every minute!

IMG_5574 IMG_5600 IMG_5594 IMG_5593

Sexy Lingerie Boutique- selling all sorts of kinky sex toys – guess they are pretty open minded here 

This is one of the famous Crepe house in Osaka. So, if travelling to Osaks is in your wishlist, remember to visit this special one! (image below)

IMG_5595 IMG_5604

My last stop was PET PARADISE!

IMG_2505Disney costumes for dogs!
This pet shop is indeed, PARADISE. Every little things are just too cute and irresistible. I literally feel like buying the whole shop for my dogs back home! Eventually, I got the ducky diapers and toys for Amen! 


As mentioned, time spared for shopping is short. Today, instead of taking the bus, we were told to experience the common train ride back to our hotel. Apparently, it is just located a few stations away from here. Well, it wasn’t the shinkansen we took, just a normal one.

Ticketing machine.

what a complicated ticket machine -.-

IMG_1177 IMG_1176


Courtesy of Japanese- they follow rules strictly.

at the Subway.
at the Subway.



Oh, and one of their rules, phones are not allowed in trains.

Starbucks green tea latte!
Starbucks green tea latte!

Another tiring yet well spent day at Osaka. Stopped by the convenience store to grab this guy! (image above). Seriously, it taste exactly the same! Cheap too! Why can’t 7eleven sell this!

#Day 5.Chuou Oroshiuri Market Honjyou, Kobe Motachi and Chinatown 

Rise and Shine! Woke up exceptionally early because we were going to the fish market! Fresh sashimis! 

IMG_5621 IMG_5624

Fresh Veggis and Fruits!!

IMG_5634 IMG_5636 IMG_5655 IMG_5670 IMG_5662

Maxine :” Mmmmm…” IMG_5677 IMG_5680

Photo-taking session! What else to do when  you are in a holiday! 

IMG_5686 IMG_5687

It was just a mini exploration at the Fish Market, or rather man slaughtering fishes area…


Yet another favorite #potd! 


Ticking the to-go list, another museum was on the list. Here, we see ancient coins, lots of it.


Just at the entrance, a BIG ASS one!

IMG_5720 IMG_5729 IMG_5736 IMG_5744 IMG_5752

Seems like Maxine was having a hard time carrying this small bag of coins. INDEED. 


The walk through the museum didnt take long either.

The last learning journey was to the NHK BROADCASTING STATION.

IMG_5765 IMG_5776 IMG_5768 IMG_5777

There was nothing interesting except the fact that we learned how real television works and how they made the settings for hosting shows. Just like another Mediacorp.

Here comes the long awaited, shopping time at Chinatown and Kobe Motomachi shopping street!

This time, dinner was settled by ourselves. But with such a short shopping time, we only bought some snacks to much on.

IMG_5788 IMG_5800

We’re at lovely Chinatown! Well, every country has one at least.

IMG_5790 IMG_5793 IMG_5795 IMG_5801 IMG_5803

So many Kawaii Shops and boutiques. If only I can steal back to Singapore! Their design and architecture are just way too Marvelous and Sophisticated. ❤

Its the season to be jolly~
Its the season to be jolly~

And Duhh~ Its December bitches, of course I need a picture with this good O’ Christmas Tree.

To be continued in Chapter 3…