The Bravery— Aroma Therapy from a Lavender Latte.

This ‘unknown’ cafe is probably one of the hits in Singapore now.

FLASHBACK: Visited the Bravery on CNY day 3. My lovely cousin from Hongkong came to visit us again and this time, we just had to bring her around to see and have a taste of what Singapore really has to offer! 

So, my sister, being a super FOODIE herself, brought us to this cafe—The Bravery.

Honestly, from the exterior, there is no way this is a cafe. It just looks like an old building standing alone, preparing to be demolished.
as I make my way in, the interior design was also categorized as ‘dodgy-looking’.— No ambience nor any sorts of nice displays at all. Just a counter and tables and chairs. That’s it.

The usual statement: “Do not judge a book by its cover.”— this statement is totally made for this cafe.

I swear Salmon is one of God’s best creation. ❤


  • Lavender Latte- Their Significant piece, which is also my favourite ‘dish’ of all. The aroma from the latte was marvelous. LOVE@FIRSTSIP.
  • Smoked Salmon with Poached Egg and Toast- Excellent choice of wholemeal grain baguette! The eggs were cooked just right– ozzing egg yolks, topped with smoked salmon. Man, I am in food heaven.
  • Banana and crumbles Pancakes- Tiny it may seem, but this is indeed filling! Sharing would be a wiser choice if this is ordered. I love the maple syrup and the dough of the pancake was perfect!

Nothing much to comment, you pay for what you eat. Quality of food, all depends on the cost isn’t it?

As mentioned, Sh*ty! But it is not a big issue as long as the food is good!! Agree?

The Bravery

8:00 AM – 8:00 PM


S.Phie and Co. go Ita-liano at La Pizzaiola!


11 October 2013, that day when we gather after a long time to celebrate a joyous occasion.— dedicated solely to my dearest Mumsie, Sophie.
An occasion that I had missed out for the past 2 years. :/ 


Look at her smiling widely as she is happy with our present to her! She can hang her beautiful bridal gown with it!

DSC01342-001 DSC01344-001

Its been awhile since I last met these talented, gorgeous babes I have in my life. 🙂 So, Thankful to God~

DSC01346-001 DSC01350-001 DSC01365-001

Two best vocals in the house~

Initial plan of going to Wimbly Lu was scraped off due to the overwhelming queue outside. MADD!
So, we went next door instead, La Pizzaiola— Italian restaurant that has a really funny waiter.  



The interior.

After much waiting time, our food is finally served!
You can check out their menu at :



Mushroom Fettucine Fusili


Burratina con Prosciutto Crudo


This ‘ball’ is actually a burrata cheese! Not an ice cream. Interesting eh?

It taste heavenly with the ham.


This appetiser is really odd yet interesting. Hence, we have no idea how to eat it except Sophie.


Sophie giving her ‘cooking class’ to us on –how-to-eat-the-parma-ham-salad. LOL !


DSC01376-001 DSC01379-001 DSC01381-001

There! Just roll it all up and put it in your mouth!


If I am not wrong, this is a Napoletana pizza.


Cannelloni con Riccotta e Spinaci.

Risotto ai Funghi Poreini

Their specialty— Pizzoccheri Della Valtellina

As I mentioned above, I had never celebrated Sophie’s birthday.
Hence, I decided to put my heart into baking a customized cake for her with Fondant. (1st attempt with it)

and TA-DA!! *Thumbs up for appearance* 🙂 Birthday girl actually thought that I bought it from a bakery or the restaurant itself. LOL!



Birthday girl smiling with the cake by yours truly! *pats back*DSC01397-001 DSC01398-001 DSC01399-001 DSC01402-001

Blow blow and make a wish~

DSC01406-001 DSC01404-001

Group photo to end the happy day!
Nigel and Alex… Seriously -.-


From strangers to dancemates to crewmates to ex-crewmates to FRIENDS FOR ETERNITY. 

Yes, even though we don’t:

  • Meet up that often
  • Chill and talk cock as always
  • Train and dance and sing together on that platform where we are all shining stars
  • Grow fat together with supper after dance and many more..

    All these doesn’t matter, because we all knows that we are still friends forever. This is how social-networking works and I love how it gives me the chance to meet wonderful people around me.


Just cant help it but to flaunt the inside pink ombre colours of my cake! Success! Phew!
Guess my baking skills improved. Tee-hee ^^


I will share a tutorial of this cake on my next post. OR, you guys can always youtube or google to learn the easy way of whipping your own cake!

‘Great bakes come from anyone that has a heart.’ -Faith

Genuine taste of Italian food. My favourite was the cheese and parma ham. That, you must give it a try!

Average I suppose? The norm price that you pay for restaurant food. It’s pretty worth eating here. But my advice for those that eat alot, is you might not like it here as the food portion is rather small.

Absolutely terrific! I like the wooden furniture and feel of the place, giving it a scent of homey feel. Also, located in a rather secluded area, surrounded by private housings. This place is indeed a gem found within! 

La Pizzaiola— Located Next to Wimbly Lu.

Have a Cup of Macchiato—-‘FIVE and DIME’ eatery.


Macchiato- simple means: ‘marked’ or ‘stained’. 

On a Saturday, I had brunch.— Nothing is more pleasing than this.  Jason and I settled in FIVE and DIME for peaceful brunch before my work. yes, Brunch together. That’s all we ask for. I had always assumed that Five and Dime is located at Clarke Quay. Well, it is, but not exactly. It is better to drive your way there. DSC01628-001 Standing alone as a 2 storey level building, I would say it is pretty established. The concept of the cafe is terrific too.  DSC01629-001 Oh, and when I say it is better to drive your way there, I meant it! Because, parking is free behind the eatery! Hassle-free eh? And there is likely to have parking spaces as most people walks here. Trust me, I surveyed. 🙂 DSC01630 DSC01590-001

Back door of Five and Dime. — Which leads to a staircase and a glass door.  DSC01591-001

I thought this was the main door to its eatery. But no.


 Apparently, the eatery locates just another level below the toilets. How mysterious ? 

So, this is how it looks like inside this mystery place. Friendly staffs and cosy ambiance. Hmm.. but rather typical tho.  DSC01594-001 DSC01595-001 DSC01600-001 DSC01599-001 DSC01596-001

This ‘style’ of Menus made of paper and clipped on wooden board are seen practically in most Sgcafes.— Norm.  DSC01597-001

DSC01613-001Macchiato- Espresso topped with cream

— High caffeine to make me stay awake for the long day ahead 🙂

DSC01604-001 DSC01605-001

Egg Mayo and Bacon Panini. ($12)  DSC01620-001

Buttermilk Pancakes with pork Bacon. ($15)

DSC01618-001 DSC01617-001 DSC01625-001 DSC01611-001

Time to NOMNOMx!! DSC01623-001 DSC01626-001

Jason was obviously having a great time munching on the Panini! LOLDSC01627-001

Okay, so here comes the critiques.


1. Buttermilk Pancakes

It was fluffy indeed. I love their butter tho! Odd, it may sounds but it just tasted different from ordinary. Wonder if there is some kind of secret recipe to it.

2. Egg Mayo and Bacon Panini Just like all sandwiches, it tasted nothing special. Something that I can make out of my own kitchen. However, I do love their bacon– crispy!

The PRICE Average pricing for average meals.– Yeah, that’s How I feel about it. 

The AMBIANCE It was cosy and lovely. A good hideout place to chill and get rid of those dreadful weekdays. A place that can kick away any MONDAY BLUES!  The concept of having two storeys– eatery and school hall. I will come here to study or read a good book.

In conclusion to my above comments, this is a place worth re-visiting! So why not give it a try? 🙂 New found BRUNCH PLACE. xD

Located at : 297 River Valley Road. Singapore 238338

Get ‘HATCHED’ with ‘CRAFT.Bakery.Cafe’.


It’s all about Eggs at Hatched. Do you like your eggs fried, poached, boiled??

On a fine Thursday evening, Jason made a decision to bring me for an EGG-citing dinner. Boy, You have no idea how much I was looking forward for it! 

Located all the way at the famous eatery place, Holland Village, there stood a two level storey building named, HATCHED.
‘Hatched’ is pretty well known among the youngsters and I, myself had always wanted to give this place a try.


The exterior.


Cute concept within. With all the distinct, funny characters drawn on a chalk board. 

DSC01199 DSC01200True enough, EGGS are indeed the main dishes listed in the catalog. You’ve got to love eggs to love this place. 


The ambiance of this dining place feels like a normal cafeteria. Lighted with orange lights to make it more cosy, I suppose?


DSC01204 DSC01205 DSC01207
My cheeks are shooo Fatt.. >.<
While waiting for our food…DSC01210 DSC01211 DSC01213

Okay, so the waiting time for the food was only about 10 minutes? So I guess the service crew is rather efficient.


Ice ROSE Latte — Ain’t too bad of a blend of sweet rose syrup with the bitter caffeine 



Beef Potpie.




WE ARE SO HAPPY TO SEE FOOD! #hungryhungry



Yes, I sure do look happy from the picture. But, hell no.


The Food: No doubt. It taste absolutely yummy. But, as for my order: Papillote, it looks as if it is something I can easily whip out from my own kitchen. The real dish does not even look like the picture provided in the menu, which is obviously much more appetizing. Disappointed. See menu image:

The Price: Call me judgy, budget or stingy, I don’t care. Because, I don’t think it is worth the price to dine here. It is kinda over priced. I can spend at a much more high end place at a much more affordable price.

Ask me if I will ever come back? Nope. Considering the distance, no. Considering the food, no. Considering the price, no. Considering the ambiance, maybe yes.
But still, my conclusion is Not worth it.  Been there, done that. So, nope.
One word to describe: OVER-rated.

Okay, so we cafe-hopped to another ‘known’ good reviewed cafe, CRAFT.

Brightly lighted with white lights, mirror planked onto the walls as decorations and grass carpeted ground– This, I give a Thumbs up for effort. 

I was rather upset to see the menu that the dessert they offered are just too little to choose from. Maybe this ain’t a dessert place?  Brunch would be a better option. 

DSC01228 DSC01229 DSC01230

The interior somehow looks similar to all other typical cafes. Nothing special after awhile.

DSC01231 DSC01236

I was seriously having a hard time choosing a dessert! Because, there isn’t any nice ones to choose except their significant molten lava cake. 

DSC01237 DSC01238 DSC01240


Ordered the original chocolate molten lava cake.

DSC01252 DSC01253

The Dessert: Not too bad. The chocolate does melts in the mouth. But I wouldn’t recommend one person devouring it. Sharing it will be a better choice.

Ambiance: As mentioned above, Thumbs up for effort. But still, too standard.

The Price: Average.

My final conclusion/ word to describe this cafe: ‘Nothing special’. Why not you guys go try it and draw your own conclusion? 

We ended this peaceful night at Hendersons waves.
‘Looking at Diamonds in the sky….’