Potato Head Folks— Entering into the wonderland of Alice’s.

Judging from the appearance of the building itself, it looks like an ordinary shophouse. What you expect is probably a one level cafe where the bulldog face indicates. But, hell no!
I was superbly amazed to realise it is more than just that. People, don’t judge a book by its cover.

Potato Head Folks has been highly rated and had attained countless positive comments and compliments from many cafehoppers and foodies in Singapore.
This large three level shophouse is enticingly entertaining with its unique hand drawn/ painted murals.

 With the spiral staircase and checkered boxes flooring, I felt like I had entered the wonderland of Alice’s.

The staircase leads you to their rooftop level which is open for nightlife/ bar purposes.— so guys, new hideout for a beer/cider night! 

We ordered their infamous chips, chicken wings and burgers.


  • Smokin B-Boy— Burger with prime beef patty, doubled smoke cheese, bacon, BBQ ketchup, smoky mayo and crisp onions in a demi brioche bun. (Y) Although small in size, but with the multiple piling and stacking of ingredients in between the buns were just the right portion to fill up your famished stomach. Indeed, it does stimulate salivation by just staring at it. 🙂
  • Naughty Fries— Spiced with hot beef chilli, crisp shallots, parmasan and sesame seed. This was my favourite ‘kicks’, or rather one of the best chips I had tasted my life. The meticulous slicing of the potatoes to even thickness and  deep frying are a perfect replacement to the usual fat fries-shape. Two words: Must TRY!
  • Wings-it— This was good, but it is just good. If you know what I mean.


To be honest, the price offered for just burgers, wings and fries could be or possibly be a tad expensive. I would recommend once in a while visit is sufficient to satisfy sudden cravings . Too frequent visits would not only make you feel sick of their food and also burn a big hole in your pocket.  #thinkbudget
The Ambience 
 I think I made myself clear in the beginning that the cafe’s interior is equivalent to the wonderland of Alice’s. ❤
Potato Head Folks
36 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089143

+65 6327 1939
Opening Hours
Open Tuesday – Sunday
11am – Midnight
Visit http://www.pttheadfolk.com/ for more details. 


 Oh, I just want to post this picture because I just got my hair dyed— Black Ash green. It finally came out the way I wanted!! 😀 Teehee~


BREWTOWN.— The Art of Coffee Culture.

Well known for their cronuts, Brewtown is yet another beautifully designed coffeehouse that is usually lined up with long trains of people waiting to have a taste of their signature dishes.

The Interior

The cafe has installed a brew bar for patrons to sit and enjoy their meal while watching the friendly baristas working behind the espresso machine, blending the perfect latte/mocha/capuccino/flat white, etc.

Brewtown is built with two floors as they have a collaboration with O’Connell Street Merchants— where browsing of  unique household goods, designer apparels and even getting an affogato ice cream as dessert after brunch is made possible! 

Flat White.—the happiest moment when having a cup of coffee is getting to enjoy the piece of art seen on the milkfoam from bird’s eye view.

Elvis burger. ground beef, savory cronut, canadian bacon, gruyere and mayo served with chips and relish

Meatball, tomato, basil sauce and mozzarella baguette
Beetroot cured ocean trout, avocado smash, rye sour dough toast, dill, persian feta & beetroot relish. 
Brewtown Newtown
6-8 O’Connell Street
Newtown 2042
Official website,  http://brewtownnewtown.com/

For more detailed reviews on Brewtown, Check out this person’s blog: http://heneedsfood.com/2013/12/brewtown-newtown

P.S. Sorry, but I am just too lazy to write my usual ‘theFOOD, thePRICE and theAMBIANCE’ critique part! But overall, this cafe is worth second visit!

21st Polka Dots and Stripes Party: Just Black, Blue and Pink Please~

In exactly one week’s time.—– Dawn’s 21st; second party of the year.

Date: Saturday, 11 January 2014
Theme: Polka Dots and Stripes
Dress Code: What’s stated above and just in black, blue or pink
Venue: Pasir Ris Aloha Loyang, Bungalow 9 


Just about a fortnight before the actual party day….
The making of the backdrop.— this is very important to me.
Spent almost half a day cutting and pasting these circles up into a realistic curtain-like back drop and also, painting and writing those ’21s’ and ‘dawn’ on each of it.  

IMG_7188 IMG_7190

Sacrificing almost all my time of the day, I did it. Not that I did this backdrop, but the fact that I did my part as a best friend to make the event venue absolutely to the THEME. ^^ As much as it was time consuming, I enjoy putting up all these little artpieces of mine up (especially for such birthday events).

Well, if your notice, my role/ job during Dawn’s party was pretty much similar to that of Hweemay’s. Make up & Decorations…. That’s what I am good at!


Aloha Loyang, one of the most common chalet in Singapore that one would open a party at. However, Dawn’s BUNGALOW 9— it’s my virgin moment there. It is a HUGE-ASS place!

The Exterior- gorgeously decorated with the helium balloons.

The Interior.

#FLASHBACK>>>>Hweemay’s Party: BRILLIANT Idea of outdoor LED lightings.

Dawn’s? Super COOL and INNOVATIVE of outdoor tent-age! Like Literally, out at the backyard/ BBQ area.

DSC04640 DSC04641

A wide spread of home cooked food by her mum! Well, no Dessert table this time.

DSC04649 1922000_10153766662615456_113672087_n

So-called ‘MODEL’ pose with the birthday girl.

And, goofing around with the other two members of SUPERCUTIES.

DSC04657 DSC04660DSC04661

Cake-cutting time.– the most important moment of the whole event.


What’s the most memorable part of this special day?
I’m not embarrassed (LOL!) but to admit to the fact that I fell down twice on this day. I  was clumsy and ridiculous. Trust me.

Scenario 1:
I was having a great time catching up with my Awesome clique of guys (the image above). My butt was on a chair while I was laughing so hard over the most embarrassing and stupidest joke ever in my life. So hard that my stomach hurts, so hard that my eyes start to tear and lastly, so hard that I fell backwards of the chair and tumbled/ flip over like a somersault on the hard grounds of pebbles.  

Scenario 2:
Because I just had the thought of wanting to talk to Jason at the BBQ pit and the night was dark. After conversing for almost three sentences, nature calls. Thus, I did a 180 degrees turn, lift my left foot up, followed by my right foot, where it lands no where but an endless ground (it felt endless at that point of time)—– a HIDDEN DRAIN. Yes, I fell into a drain!

Embarrassing much? But, I am not afraid to share it, because it is this mishap that makes the occasion worth remembering. ^^



Love this Moment: Being buried by the fluffy, powder-like snow.

#Day 3: Public Affection towards ‘SNOW WHITE’  

I yearn for nothing else but this moment.—where I am able to see with my own naked eyes, the fall of snow flakes that covers every ground bits into the colour of blank white papers. 
I brave through the negative degrees, cold shivers and icy feel on my hands, to just lie on the thick sheets of snow and get buried with piles and piles…

DSC03464 DSC03465

The  heavy snow piled up on my toes, to my fat tummy, to my shoulders and chest, disabling my abilities to move and wiggle.–I feel like I’m a happy fat snow man just sitting there waiting for cameras to come snap a picture of me. 


Having a quick bite on onigiri as lunch before we ski! Omnomnom….


We pretty much acquired the basic skills from the day before and hence, we are ski-ing all by ourselves today. This is the ABC Family ski lift, which is open for beginners.-— more kids around

DSC03472Catch me on action on my IG: http://instagram.com/p/hdQG7AByEy/


We are definitely enjoying this season, this activity, or rather sport that doesn’t seem to bore me at all.
I had bad falls along the way, so bad that I felt I had a short brain concussion. Even so, I still pick myself up and ride my way down the mountain.



I’m on the ski lift! Credits to Maxine, which I remember clearly that after this picture was taken, her gloves fell off!!
Well, I did manage to retrieve it back after climbing up a trail on the mountain. Tough job.

DSC03485 DSC03491


We ski-ed for 2 hours and our energy for the day pretty much got drained out from it.
We had snowball fights along the way back home.

But before resting back at our crib, we had to satisfy our tummy with their local ramen store for the last time!

DSC03515 DSC03527

Fried pork rice= sex! 


Hokkaido, one of the best countries to experience snow and I am looking forward to travel back here once again. 🙂

Check out previous post : https://cassandrafaith.wordpress.com/2014/01/07/a-powdery-white-christmas-hokkaido-niseko-village-ii/

A Powdery, White Christmas— HOKKAIDO, NISEKO VILLAGE I.

IMG_6542Appearance of ‘Snow White’ —- I finally get to meet and feel her.

Hokkaido, a desired country in one of my holiday check list.—- Now, it is definitely checked with a tick at the side and not just a white blank box.

On 26 Dec 2013, I scoot off to Tokyo and this is when my ‘336 hours in Japan’ holiday, or rather, JOURNEY begins. In this well-planned, budget holiday, I had included Hokkaido to be one of the state land of Japan that I will visit. (This trip is two weeks, obviously it has to be EPIC!) 

Airline: Jetstar Airways

Accommodation: Shinsetsu Apartment (2 bedroom, 1 bathroom)—- by Holiday Niseko

Check out what housings they offer here: http://holidayniseko.com/  *Best travel agency I had encountered.

Duration: 4 Day 3 Nights


#Day 1: A not-so-dreadful Travelling route to PowderLand. 

This is in fact our 6th day in Japan.

We got our ass up early from the comfy bed to take the Shinjuku highway bus back so as to transfer to the express train, NEX (which takes about 1hr and 30 mins long) to reach Narita Terminal 2 Airport.

To be specific, we had our eyes wide open at 6am.

DSC03309 DSC03312 DSC03318

I’m surprisingly not that tired or sleepy. LOL


By the time we reached the airport, it’s about 11am.

So, the same procedure of airport check in. Did some last minute souvenir shopping before we head off to take the bus ride to our small plane.


Did I not mentioned that Japanese are extremely welcoming and courteous?! Despite the cold weather, this guy still stood there and greeted each and everyone of us. *Salute*

The short haul flight to Hokkaido took about 2hours.

To think we had finally reach powderland, there was still another 3hours of bus ride up to the mountain, Niseko Village. #dreading

We sat the plane and bus seats till our asses got all numbed.


Welcome centre of Niseko Village.

As soon as we got off the bus, the ground was SLIPPERY! My boots were drowning in the white, powdery substance called SNOW. My feet are stepping on them that left marks of my boot prints and each of my steps, forming a path. I could sense shivers down my spines. Excited, elated, fascinated– heart jumping in joy. For God’s sake, I am feeling SNOW! For the very first time in my lifetime, SNOW!!!

And something magical happened, my face starts to feel ice. Initially, I thought I was just cold. My face was probable just freezing. But no, white soft flakes like feather were falling from the dark endless ceiling. It did not stop. It was so beautiful.

I am in Winter Wonderland. Indeed.  

We waited for the mini white van to pick us to our accommodation. Surprisingly, the driver speaks English. Okay, finally someone that speaks our language. What’s more surprising is the fact that, HOLIDAY NISEKO are established by Australians! #wowfact

Australians are really nice people. Polite and Fun. I love Australians. 🙂

Our accommodation, Shinsetsu apartment—- FANCY, COSY, CLEAN, ATAS. (beats 5 star hotels!) And the rate of the room aint’t expensive at all.

Here’s some pictures to prove my words ain’t exaggerating:


Wide space living room connected with an open kitchen.


Staircase that leads to a platform of 2 bedrooms and bathroom.

DSC03342 DSC03343

Toilet bowl room is separated from Shower room.


Bathroom interior.


We settled down in our rooms for an hour before stepping out to find food! Highly recommended by our driver (also person in charge of us), we decided to listen to him and dine at this RAMEN shop.

It is a two storey building that sells delicious ramen and rice at the bottom and a souvenir shop of Hokkaido at the top.


The exterior and interior of the ramen shop.


Been travelling for more than half a day, we were famished!

So here’s what we ordered:





This is a RAMEN shop, so what’s famous should be the RAMEN right? But no, for me, I would recommend any of you to try their FRIED PORK RICE. That’s right, the image above. #It’ssoyummythatIthinkIamgonnadie. Period.

The stroll back home was long, tiring and slippery.

Even so, I can’t wait for sunrise to let me see the  appearance of ‘SNOW WHITE’. 

( Continue on the next post)…

Food and Shopping Paradise: HONG KONG III + Shen Zhen II


Putting on that casual Abecrombie and Fitch uniform and traveling with a happy heart.

To end off my HK travelogue from Part 2

#Day 6. A day to Pamper from the stressful City Life.

Since Ocean Park had been, unfortunately, cancelled from our itinerary due to the bad weather condition, we decided to add on with another day to Mainland China, Shen zhen.

However, this time, with a different purpose, we are going to enjoy a day at the SPA and MASSAGE place.–known as ‘Shui Li Fang‘.


Before we take the public transport to the gateway of Shenzhen, we had a sumptuous lunch.— ‘ Che Zai Mian’. Basically, its a small vendor that sells noodles with pig organs, intestines, sausages… etc. EVERYTHING THAT GOES WITH YOU NOODLE! The chili is awesome! #foreverchildhoodfood

Oh, Look. We are already at the SPA place.


All changed into robes and ready for a FULL BODY MASSAGE!

IMG_6131 IMG_6132

Messy hair and bare faces. — we don’t look that horrible eh.

IMG_6134 IMG_6137

Massage and SPA sure feels great, but we did not have enough!
Headed back to the awesome hair salon to have our hair washed for the last time! More of head massage, if you read chapter 1.


Time sure fly pass quickly when visiting Mainland China. Our day literally ended in a blink of an eye.
But, just look at our happy faces. ^^

#Day 7. Visit to the City Lights of Hong Kong.

Today’s Lunch Menu: Authentic Hainanese Chicken Rice


Best Chicken rice on Earth! — by my best chef, Daddykins. 🙂


#ootd to City- Tsim Tsa Tsui


Thank God for the Sunny weather! No more rain!!

The city is all about High-end Brands and Boutiques. Looking for Chanel, Prada, Hermes, LV? This is the best place for you.– Habour City.


At one of my favourite brand, Agnes B! Bought a birthday shirt for my bro!

We did so much shopping especially from H&M! Our last stop was at Uni Qlo.

IMG_6187 IMG_6188 IMG_6189 IMG_6193 IMG_6194

After hours of shopping, time to hit the LIGHTS!


The world- known night scene of Hong Kong. Guess it never gets boring. 


All of us, ‘ACTING’ as tourists, I mean Come on, we’ve been here countless times!
The lightings were indeed beautiful.


After the breathe-taking view by the sea, we walked almost 30 minutes to finally locate, ‘CHROMEHEARTS’.— super overwhelmed and mainstream brand that many guys yearn to get it. Seriously, you MADD bro? 


Trying to show off to the world that: ‘Yes, I am at chromehearts, how you wish you were here right?”
Bitch, I might be… 

As much as I dislike this brand, I just had to take a picture with it and post in IG!
You have no idea how many people said, “Cass, you at CHROMEHEARTS?!?!??! Help me buy…..”

I am a Bitch, so I’ll reject that request! >.<

This ends our trip to HK. We will be back again in 2014!

Food and Shopping Paradise: HONG KONG II + Shenzhen


One of the best buffet I ever had in my life— miraculously found in the not-so famous town.

Continuing my trip to Hong kong from Part 1

#Day 3. FoodPORN in Mainland China- SHEN ZHEN 

Every visit to Hong Kong, we will definitely go over to China. Why?
Because they got good food, good massage and at cheap cheap low prices.

This time, it was kinda different as my dad decided to bring us to the awesome buffet place that he and my bro had been mentioning ever since their first visit there.

Before we get to the Food part….
We did 3hours of shopping at the usual shopping centre of Shenzhen, where we bargain like a boss. >.<

After that 3 hours of shopping, we went to have our hair washed. Hair wash? Does this sound ridiculous to you? I mean, who the hell goes to China to wash their hair? Well, we do!

Priced at as low as 30RMB = SGD$6, you get a hair wash, rather, a hair, head  and hand massage of 30 minutes long. Unlike Singapore where we sit and wash our hair, over in China, it’s like lying on a bed instead. You can fall asleep cause that is how shiok it was!

So of course the washing and blowing of hair took quite a few hours.. and very soon, it was dinner time.

This buffet restaurant literally has everything. When i say everything, it means really everything!

Definition of Everything:

  • Free flow of Fruit juice, alcohol, beer, milk shakes, soft drinks
  • Teppanyaki foo of all kinds
  • Fresh sushi and sashimis
  • Fried tempuras
  • Scallops

And many more…. Doesn’t all these just makes you go ‘SLURP and DROOLS’?!



We were all seated in front a teppanyaki chef. He cooks right in front of us, fresh meats!


The Food

Definitely one of the most heavenly place I ever visited in my life. It’s Godly. EVERYTHING YOU WANT, YOU FIND IT HERE.

The Price

Super worthwhile. Priced at about 200+RMB for so much variety? Where to find in Singapore?

The Ambiance

Thumbs up! Its exactly like a Chinese well established high class restaurant. Nothing sloppy at all.

Such good food… located and hidden at one corner. Holy.

#Day 4. MONGKOK, best shopping district!

Written on my happiness project book, it was a rainy day in Hong Kong.

But we did not let the rain dampened our holiday spirit, we still go on with the plan of shopping!
So as usual, morning routine, I will go to grammy’s place to visit her and greet her ‘ Good morning!’ (cantonese version)


Yea, it was raining alright.

Bring that pairs of slippers and umbrella..eh eh eh….

Walked out or my house to Dim sum restaurant with gramps!
Scrumptious, mouth watering meal as always. FEAST!  Come on, It is Hong Kong we are talking about, where dim sum originated! 
IMG_6032 IMG_6033 IMG_6034
Drunkard prawns! IMG_6035

Har gau!

Char Siew Bao.IMG_6037 IMG_6038

Siew Mai.


And of course, us and gramps — everlasting health! IMG_6105

After that serious Burping-ly FULL  meal of dim sums, we head off to Mong kok!
Taking the public bus— when you travel, you need to take public transport in order to know the city better.

IMG_6048 IMG_6058Selfie session in the bus!


Oh, and did I not mention, on that day, I just had this strong urge to give centre parting a try.. And God, I sure do resemble my sister almost 90%. Creepy -.-

Our shopping starts immediate, on the dot as soon as our feet touch the grounds of Mong Kok.

Agryle Shopping centre. Toy Mart. Chic Mall. Ladies Street.— we covered almost every bits of Mong Kok.


This poodle belongs to one of the shop owners in Agryle Shopping Centre.

IMG_6081Curry fishballs— MY LOVE!
Located just outside Toy Mart. That is where we get all out street food!


Almost about 6 hours of non stop shopping. Tired and exhausted, most of us fell asleep in the one hour bus ride home.

And I am so happy with my LOOTS~
But damn, I bought less than expected.


Yet another tiring but super worthwhile day.


#Day 5. Bad weather. Ocean Park got strike off the Itinerary.

Ever Since the day before, the rain in HK never stopped.
Hence, we had to cancel our plan to Ocean Park.

But we were all pretty tired from shopping long hours ytd, so we decided to just stay in Yuen Long and rest.

Bought some stuffs from Yuen Long.

 am very happy with my BUYS! Heehee!

And we had awesome steak that night at ANNA’s!

I love food and shopping in HONG KONG!! Do you? 🙂

To be continued darlings…. Stay tune 🙂