Potato Head Folks— Entering into the wonderland of Alice’s.

Judging from the appearance of the building itself, it looks like an ordinary shophouse. What you expect is probably a one level cafe where the bulldog face indicates. But, hell no!
I was superbly amazed to realise it is more than just that. People, don’t judge a book by its cover.

Potato Head Folks has been highly rated and had attained countless positive comments and compliments from many cafehoppers and foodies in Singapore.
This large three level shophouse is enticingly entertaining with its unique hand drawn/ painted murals.

 With the spiral staircase and checkered boxes flooring, I felt like I had entered the wonderland of Alice’s.

The staircase leads you to their rooftop level which is open for nightlife/ bar purposes.— so guys, new hideout for a beer/cider night! 

We ordered their infamous chips, chicken wings and burgers.


  • Smokin B-Boy— Burger with prime beef patty, doubled smoke cheese, bacon, BBQ ketchup, smoky mayo and crisp onions in a demi brioche bun. (Y) Although small in size, but with the multiple piling and stacking of ingredients in between the buns were just the right portion to fill up your famished stomach. Indeed, it does stimulate salivation by just staring at it. 🙂
  • Naughty Fries— Spiced with hot beef chilli, crisp shallots, parmasan and sesame seed. This was my favourite ‘kicks’, or rather one of the best chips I had tasted my life. The meticulous slicing of the potatoes to even thickness and  deep frying are a perfect replacement to the usual fat fries-shape. Two words: Must TRY!
  • Wings-it— This was good, but it is just good. If you know what I mean.


To be honest, the price offered for just burgers, wings and fries could be or possibly be a tad expensive. I would recommend once in a while visit is sufficient to satisfy sudden cravings . Too frequent visits would not only make you feel sick of their food and also burn a big hole in your pocket.  #thinkbudget
The Ambience 
 I think I made myself clear in the beginning that the cafe’s interior is equivalent to the wonderland of Alice’s. ❤
Potato Head Folks
36 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089143

+65 6327 1939
Opening Hours
Open Tuesday – Sunday
11am – Midnight
Visit http://www.pttheadfolk.com/ for more details. 


 Oh, I just want to post this picture because I just got my hair dyed— Black Ash green. It finally came out the way I wanted!! 😀 Teehee~

CUPS N CANVAS—– Appreciating Arts at a different angle.

Omega Fatty Acids, that’s an essential.— c.Faith 
Last seen at a cafe: Nov 2013
It has been quite awhile since I last visited a cafe. (Even tho I still have a long list of it to complete. LOL!) 
CUPS AND CANVAS, the idea of having a cup of tea of coffee  in an atmosphere of appreciating arts. This can be seen when you first step into the cafe as it is decorated with canvas everywhere. The creativity of different paintings through minds and hands that had put together marvelous pieces of art just hanging around. —- the original thoughts of c.Faith.
ART- the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.— Google definition
My presence in the cafe that day (actually, its yesterday), was to celebrate my dear, Dawn’s 21st birthday.
A piece of her favourite cake— oreo cheesecake


  • Smoked Salmon Sandwich— healthy, no fat meal. Best for those on diet and still want to eat. There isn’t anything fatty or unhealthy because its mainly tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce with a thin layer of smoked salmon. Think Subway.
  • Blanc Bacon— Super creamy! The taste is thick. Delicious, but best to share.
  • Vermillion Prawn—- Norm tomato based pasta.
  • Olive Room—- Did not get to try this, but if you are a aglio olio fan, you might just fall in love with it
  • Potato Wedges with Cheese— Apparently, this is the signature side dish of Cups N Canvas. To be honest, I feel that it tasted just like all other potato wedges. Nothing special at all.
  • Oreo Cheesecake— The outer layer of the cheesecake is slightly crisp. It’s pretty obvious that it was baked a little to give it such a texture. Sweetness level just alright. I love it!


NO GST AND SERVICE CHARGE! This is the best part. Their prices are all NETT. I like. I really really like. You pay for whatever that is stated in the menu. This is good. No hidden charges. (Y) The price ranges from $10 onwards, but definitely less than $20 for a main, such as pasta. Norm Price. 


  • I’m an artsy person. I love canvas. Be it painted, or photo printed, I just love canvas. Being able to be situated at this pleasant surrounding of craftsmanship, it’s indeed perfect.
Verdict: This cafe is good for people that want a quiet place to study, to have coffee with your girlfriends and desserts while resting those exhausted feet after a long day of shopping. 
Words from Cups N Canvas:

Welcome to “Cups N Canvas”, a humble art space that celebrates the peculiar friendship between art, food and coffee. Do drop by, be merry, you can always have a cup, a canvas, or both at our place.

For more information:
139 Selegie Road, Singapore 188309
(Opposite Rochor Beancurd)
Contact: 6884 6855
Tues to Thurs: 10.30am – 10pm 
Fri to Sat: 10:30am – 11pm
Sun: 10am – 8pm
Mon: cafe closed

Let’s Mingle and Meet New PetsNFrenz!


On an early Sunday morning, me, Jason and my bro brought our babies out to play and meet new friends!
Organised by the people’s association head quarters at Leng Kee Community Club.


Bailey’s signature ‘Motion Sickness’ face.



Upon our arrival, we were pleased to be greeted with a massive crowd of dogs!!

There were many booths set up as well, along with obedience and training classes. (see images below)

DSC02083 DSC02086 DSC02087 DSC02088 DSC02093 DSC02094

Adorable apparels for the little ones!
DSC02096 DSC02097 DSC02101 DSC02117 DSC02098

*Screammms!!!!!* I saw this Q-T pie! Apparently, it’s an Australian breed. Like, ARE YOUR FREAKING SERIOUS? I DID NOT SAW ANYTHING LIKE THAT WHEN I WAS IN AUSTRALIA?!

Introducing this EXTRAORDINARY family of 6 animals! Yes, 6!— no kidding!


DSC02105 DSC02106 DSC02107 DSC02110 DSC02109

Specifically, they own a Corgi, a Chinchilla, a Hamster, a Lovebird, a rabbit and a Fluffy white cat. What’s amazing, is the fact that these animals are tame and friendly towards each other. Strange, it is but I got to admit I am impressed.  


Jake says’ “hello! I want my treat!”

DSC02115 photo 1

We took a mandatory group photo which rewarded us with three free movie tickets to the Cathay! — Hunger games! 

photo 2

photo 3

I wish I could laze like her.

Definition of Pieces of Shattered Glass.


‘Dear Bad Luck, Let’s Break Up.’

A broken mirror, 7 years of bad luck. —- Do you believe this Myth, or rather, Superstition? 

A series of unfortunate events. Literally, happened over the weekend,

A broken car mirror, then a shattered LCD screen, followed by a lost in memory.

Each event was worst than the one before. To think each was settled and resolved, the next one just had to happen consecutively. Is this all planned out by God? Destiny? I wonder. #ShitHappens,nodoubt

Consequence of being Judged at. Failure in responsibility— written all over the face.
What else can I do. Shameless, it is.

A search warrant was triggered, made and done. But still no sign of the missing memory. Lost in the dark woods, lost in closets, and it is even possible to be lost in dreams.

No one knows where it is, except someone. GOD.

3 unfortunate events happened at once. Bad luck, that’s it.
When will this last? Hopefully, not 7 years.