Love this Moment: Being buried by the fluffy, powder-like snow.

#Day 3: Public Affection towards ‘SNOW WHITE’  

I yearn for nothing else but this moment.—where I am able to see with my own naked eyes, the fall of snow flakes that covers every ground bits into the colour of blank white papers. 
I brave through the negative degrees, cold shivers and icy feel on my hands, to just lie on the thick sheets of snow and get buried with piles and piles…

DSC03464 DSC03465

The  heavy snow piled up on my toes, to my fat tummy, to my shoulders and chest, disabling my abilities to move and wiggle.–I feel like I’m a happy fat snow man just sitting there waiting for cameras to come snap a picture of me. 


Having a quick bite on onigiri as lunch before we ski! Omnomnom….


We pretty much acquired the basic skills from the day before and hence, we are ski-ing all by ourselves today. This is the ABC Family ski lift, which is open for beginners.-— more kids around

DSC03472Catch me on action on my IG: http://instagram.com/p/hdQG7AByEy/


We are definitely enjoying this season, this activity, or rather sport that doesn’t seem to bore me at all.
I had bad falls along the way, so bad that I felt I had a short brain concussion. Even so, I still pick myself up and ride my way down the mountain.



I’m on the ski lift! Credits to Maxine, which I remember clearly that after this picture was taken, her gloves fell off!!
Well, I did manage to retrieve it back after climbing up a trail on the mountain. Tough job.

DSC03485 DSC03491


We ski-ed for 2 hours and our energy for the day pretty much got drained out from it.
We had snowball fights along the way back home.

But before resting back at our crib, we had to satisfy our tummy with their local ramen store for the last time!

DSC03515 DSC03527

Fried pork rice= sex! 


Hokkaido, one of the best countries to experience snow and I am looking forward to travel back here once again. 🙂

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A pleasant sight at 6am.—- I wish to open up my window in the daylight for this view everyday. 

#Day 2: Virgin SKII-ers. 

As mentioned in my previous post, I lived in a pretty luxurious apartment named, Shinsetsu.
Seriously, life here will be great. Boring as it seems, but there was a hell loads of leisure activities available. Not to forget, ultimate relaxation and spa one could yearn for.– Soaking in the hot onsen in a cold, snowy weather. Now, that is indeed life in paradise. 


The exterior of Shintsetsu.

The trail that we walk out of Shinsetsu to the mart and around the village.


And just outside this wooden cottage, lies a pile or rather, a pool of powder snow.

Ever since I was a child, living in a one season country makes me desire for a day to see what makes christmas a jolly season.— Snow. 

Just like all kids on TV shows, they played Snowball fights, makes Snow angels and also, their very own SNOWMAN.
I want to do all that! And I am proud to say, Yes. I did it. 
I’ve waited 20 years of life to finally chance upon this magical season. Dreams do come true. 


So, here I am, standing alone on the walking trail at the time of 8am. I couldn’t sleep at all since the last night. Not that I am scared or nervous, but more of the fact that I am too excited and I can’t wait to turn myself into a 3 years old kid to play in the snow.

Ski lessons only starts in the afternoon but already wide awake and ready for the day of excitement and fun!

After 30 mins, I build my own snowman. Because there wasn’t any props around except those lying sticks on the ground. The facial expression of my snowman turns out like this. (see image below).


Well, it’s pretty cute isn’t it? >.<

It’s so cute!! My creation! I am so proud of myself.
One of my lifetime wish.– Fufiled.

OH! Have I forgot to mention that winter is also the best season because it makes your skin flawless! I swear I was on minimal make up only and my face still looks damn clean and fresh.


Attempting to feel snow in my face as it was snowing non-stop again.
Caution: Selfie Spam below, can’t help it, but my skin really look so damn good! Flawless!

DSC03395 DSC03397 DSC03399 IMG_6563

Crazy it may sound, but I love falling down, especially onto these powder white snow.

Lying down on the snow like an idiot, ignoring all the weird stares from passer-bys, I am trying to form my snow angels.

IMG_6538 DSC03391
Whee~ I was having so much fun just by lying on them.
DSC03394 IMG_6566
My ‘sad’ face because annoying Jason keep pushing me down.
It’s snowing! snowing! Just had to snap a picture before these beautiful sight are gone!


One of this best trip was to spot this lovely snow dog. It is so friendly and it lives in the Australian house— that explains why it is so friendly since his owners are too!


The ‘struggling’ stroll up the mountain and renting of skiis and boots took an hour plus before leading us to this magnificent snow mountain!


Because we took an hour to reach the mountain, we were late for our ski lesson but our instructor was so nice to allow us to extend the time. He is from England. Amazing man, he only lives during the winter season with snow. — What does this mean? He travels to different countries for snow throughout the year to teach and to live. Amazing. 


Snow flakes falling from the sky again!



And so, to end this tiring yet exciting day, a group photo! Of course! 


Ski, one of my favourite sport. For a first timer, I can proudly say I do ski pretty well! Even tho, the boots are heavy and seriously challenging my leg muscles, but still, it’s worth the muscle ache and pains for this wonderful experience. Marked vividly in my mind. 

Maybe I should be a Ski instructor one day and just live in the winter season… Idea? ^^

‘Dear Snow, you are so gorgeous that I want to marry you now.’ – C.fatih 

Continued from [ Hokkaido, Japan Chapter 1 ]

A Powdery, White Christmas— HOKKAIDO, NISEKO VILLAGE I.

IMG_6542Appearance of ‘Snow White’ —- I finally get to meet and feel her.

Hokkaido, a desired country in one of my holiday check list.—- Now, it is definitely checked with a tick at the side and not just a white blank box.

On 26 Dec 2013, I scoot off to Tokyo and this is when my ‘336 hours in Japan’ holiday, or rather, JOURNEY begins. In this well-planned, budget holiday, I had included Hokkaido to be one of the state land of Japan that I will visit. (This trip is two weeks, obviously it has to be EPIC!) 

Airline: Jetstar Airways

Accommodation: Shinsetsu Apartment (2 bedroom, 1 bathroom)—- by Holiday Niseko

Check out what housings they offer here: http://holidayniseko.com/  *Best travel agency I had encountered.

Duration: 4 Day 3 Nights


#Day 1: A not-so-dreadful Travelling route to PowderLand. 

This is in fact our 6th day in Japan.

We got our ass up early from the comfy bed to take the Shinjuku highway bus back so as to transfer to the express train, NEX (which takes about 1hr and 30 mins long) to reach Narita Terminal 2 Airport.

To be specific, we had our eyes wide open at 6am.

DSC03309 DSC03312 DSC03318

I’m surprisingly not that tired or sleepy. LOL


By the time we reached the airport, it’s about 11am.

So, the same procedure of airport check in. Did some last minute souvenir shopping before we head off to take the bus ride to our small plane.


Did I not mentioned that Japanese are extremely welcoming and courteous?! Despite the cold weather, this guy still stood there and greeted each and everyone of us. *Salute*

The short haul flight to Hokkaido took about 2hours.

To think we had finally reach powderland, there was still another 3hours of bus ride up to the mountain, Niseko Village. #dreading

We sat the plane and bus seats till our asses got all numbed.


Welcome centre of Niseko Village.

As soon as we got off the bus, the ground was SLIPPERY! My boots were drowning in the white, powdery substance called SNOW. My feet are stepping on them that left marks of my boot prints and each of my steps, forming a path. I could sense shivers down my spines. Excited, elated, fascinated– heart jumping in joy. For God’s sake, I am feeling SNOW! For the very first time in my lifetime, SNOW!!!

And something magical happened, my face starts to feel ice. Initially, I thought I was just cold. My face was probable just freezing. But no, white soft flakes like feather were falling from the dark endless ceiling. It did not stop. It was so beautiful.

I am in Winter Wonderland. Indeed.  

We waited for the mini white van to pick us to our accommodation. Surprisingly, the driver speaks English. Okay, finally someone that speaks our language. What’s more surprising is the fact that, HOLIDAY NISEKO are established by Australians! #wowfact

Australians are really nice people. Polite and Fun. I love Australians. 🙂

Our accommodation, Shinsetsu apartment—- FANCY, COSY, CLEAN, ATAS. (beats 5 star hotels!) And the rate of the room aint’t expensive at all.

Here’s some pictures to prove my words ain’t exaggerating:


Wide space living room connected with an open kitchen.


Staircase that leads to a platform of 2 bedrooms and bathroom.

DSC03342 DSC03343

Toilet bowl room is separated from Shower room.


Bathroom interior.


We settled down in our rooms for an hour before stepping out to find food! Highly recommended by our driver (also person in charge of us), we decided to listen to him and dine at this RAMEN shop.

It is a two storey building that sells delicious ramen and rice at the bottom and a souvenir shop of Hokkaido at the top.


The exterior and interior of the ramen shop.


Been travelling for more than half a day, we were famished!

So here’s what we ordered:





This is a RAMEN shop, so what’s famous should be the RAMEN right? But no, for me, I would recommend any of you to try their FRIED PORK RICE. That’s right, the image above. #It’ssoyummythatIthinkIamgonnadie. Period.

The stroll back home was long, tiring and slippery.

Even so, I can’t wait for sunrise to let me see the  appearance of ‘SNOW WHITE’. 

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