‘Remember only God can Judge you
Forget the haters cause somebody loves you’

Eccentric. Nonsensical. Travelers’ mind. Adventurous. Wanderlust.  

Someday, I will conquer Disneyland all over the world.

A typical Gemini, a Horoscope believer.

Got Happy Feet, Can Dance.

A nerd in disguise. Your future Mad Scientist.

Baking and experimenting CookBooks.

—”I am a food person. There is always space for desserts.

A Coffee and a Tea SNOB. Discovering and finding new cafes wherever. #FOODDIARY.

Seeing the whole world is life. Paris. London. New York.” #TRAVELDIARY.—

Follow me at Instagram @cassandrafaithTwitter @nonsensicalady .


You can  Contact Me  here. 🙂

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