The Bravery— Aroma Therapy from a Lavender Latte.

This ‘unknown’ cafe is probably one of the hits in Singapore now.

FLASHBACK: Visited the Bravery on CNY day 3. My lovely cousin from Hongkong came to visit us again and this time, we just had to bring her around to see and have a taste of what Singapore really has to offer! 

So, my sister, being a super FOODIE herself, brought us to this cafe—The Bravery.

Honestly, from the exterior, there is no way this is a cafe. It just looks like an old building standing alone, preparing to be demolished.
as I make my way in, the interior design was also categorized as ‘dodgy-looking’.— No ambience nor any sorts of nice displays at all. Just a counter and tables and chairs. That’s it.

The usual statement: “Do not judge a book by its cover.”— this statement is totally made for this cafe.

I swear Salmon is one of God’s best creation. ❤


  • Lavender Latte- Their Significant piece, which is also my favourite ‘dish’ of all. The aroma from the latte was marvelous. LOVE@FIRSTSIP.
  • Smoked Salmon with Poached Egg and Toast- Excellent choice of wholemeal grain baguette! The eggs were cooked just right– ozzing egg yolks, topped with smoked salmon. Man, I am in food heaven.
  • Banana and crumbles Pancakes- Tiny it may seem, but this is indeed filling! Sharing would be a wiser choice if this is ordered. I love the maple syrup and the dough of the pancake was perfect!

Nothing much to comment, you pay for what you eat. Quality of food, all depends on the cost isn’t it?

As mentioned, Sh*ty! But it is not a big issue as long as the food is good!! Agree?

The Bravery

8:00 AM – 8:00 PM

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