Chur Burgers— Voted one of the Best burgers in Sydney.

#1. Thursday Dinner Club by Urbanest Cleveland Street. 
@ Churs Burger

This was a great night to mingle and meet new people and make new friends, which I did! Credits to The Urbanest Team for planning this weekly event. 🙂 Kudos!

What’s more? As a major Foodie myself, It was an additional bonus for me to be able to discover the existence of this new place for dining.

So,  as the name of the place speaks itself, this is non other than a BURGER cafeteria. What do they serve? Burgers! Duhh. But also some sides to go along with it– French Fries were Terrific! 


  • Beef with Cheese Burger- For this particular burger, it wasn’t as fantastic that I expected it to be. The beef was quite a disappointment as it ain’t that juicy. But, Thumbs up to the cheesy on top, it feels like a lava practically flowing in your tongue down your throat. Well, I only had one burger so it  is not really fair for me to just critique the overall food quality over here. Maybe I’ll give the pork burger a try the next time round, it looks Fab! After all, it is still voted one of the best burger place in Sydney! There’s got to be something that is orgasmic!
  • Sides- I did not get a chance to take pictures of the side dishes but I had a good try on their French Fries and Sweet Potato Fries? It was Terrific!!! Hot and Crispy— taste just absolutely perfect. 

Average. $10 for a burger that is probably the size of your hand? It would be more comparable to a man’s hand size tho. Pretty Big I would say? Sides were at $5 each. So yea, average. 

Hmmmm… not too nice for a place to hangout for long tho. The space was limited and compac. The place was so packed and crowded that you could hardly hear the person you are talking to. Maybe it is more suitable for– eating a burger and just get out of here.

Chur Burgers
48 Albion St, Surry Hills, NSW 2010, 

Operating Hours:
Monday 11.30am- 5pm/ Tues-Sat 11.30am-10pm/ Sunday Closed.
FYI: eat@

Looking Forward to next week’s dinner club? Where do you think we are going? 

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