2042 CAFE and DELI — Unique Cafe Concept.

Introducing: 2042, Cafe and Deli.  Named after the postal code of Newtown, it makes it so much easier to locate them on google map!

This was my second time visiting this cafe, because their all-day breakfast were so addictive that I can’t even resist!
I just had to bring myself and my friends here to experience the ‘semi-alfresco’ concept of the cafe.

When you first enter, the space is so wide that it feels empty. Like a cafe that could only be flooded with houseflies or mozzies…. Do not be deceived by its outlook! 

Unique Cafe Concept.– Why?

For many cafes that I had went in Singapore, usually they are under one roof, air conditioned because of the crazy/ blazing hot weather. However, many cafes in Sydney is different, they embrace the sun. In fact, they Love It! Sun bathing is prolly one of their favourite hobbies~

2042, utilise as an OPEN AIR concept cafe. No air conditioner. You can choose to be seated indoors or outdoors. Totally based on personal preferences.

And what’s appealing is their wide selection of different seats available. When I meant different, it is literally different.—- Wooden Chairs, to Pillow Seats, to Sofa Seats…

Their wall decorations were indeed fascinating, whereby many funny words are used and framed. They even have ‘world map’ kind of canvas. Vintage and Classic… mmmm… that’s my kind. Me like!

For instance, I could not get my eyes off this part of the cafe. As much as it is just the kitchen, but there is white-brownish shelves set up and nicely decorated.

A desk that is filled with tourists’ brochures, updates of Sydney Events and even donation drive. Aww,,, Ain’t they sweet? 

Seated neatly on the stacks of shelves were Honey, Jams and etc. They sell these spreads along side as a cafe itself.

Honey, can I buy you home? ^^

Comfy Sofa seats available to suit your mood of the day. Relax much?

More interior pictures…


  • Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon—I must say that in my whole life, this is the #1 Eggs Benedict I ever had! The two poached eggs were perfectly heated whereby, the egg yolk oozes out when you slice it. Topped with the special creamy, cheese sauce, it makes the usual Eggs Benedict, seem like it is no longer just an ordinary Eggs Benedict!  Besides smoked salmon, you can state your preference for other sides as well.
  • Turkey bacon Wrap— After having it for once, I re-visted this cafe for twice! It was so good! The dough that wraps it was so intact! Meaning to say, the usual messy wraps that when you slice it and all the insides will just splatter all over, it does not apply to this particular wrap. In fact, it stays the way it is and you can slowly savour the BBQ sauce and turkey bacon along with the wrap. Seriously, it taste so heavenly. 

Jaw-dropping price!! For such a big-fat portion of eggs benedict ($14.50) and Turkey bacon wrap ($10), it is hard to find in Singapore or probably other cafes. Super Affordable. (Y) Trust me, you can even share your wrap with a friend and you will still feel full! 

Super friendly staffs that stirs up the Bubbly mood and atmosphere! Did I not mention that they grind peppers on your food right in front of you?! That’s indeed good customer service. Open air concept makes the whole cafe much more refreshing and captivating. In addition, I really love their SEATS~

403-405 King Street
Newtown NSW 2042

Mon – Thur: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm 
Fri – Sat: 8:00 am – 10:00 pm 
Sun: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

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