121 days in Sydney— Sydney Fish Market; Fresh Seafood and Annoying Seagulls.

At present, I am back in this unfamiliar city. No longer do I feel that I am a 100% tourist.

FLASHBACK: Two years ago, I was here at Sydney Fish Market.
There, I stood under the pouring dark clouds with an umbrella, smiling and snapping the mandatory tourist shot.

And I was here, with my girlfriend, Jessilyn Tan. She’s way better at navigating than me. >.<


The Exterior


As we enter the fish market, we were appalled by the arrangement of the fish market. Unexpectedly, it was a clean and dry market whereby there is no signs of ‘wet’ in their environment.
It is arranged in a Retailer manner.

A warm welcome by all the fresh seafoods: fishes, sashimi, Lobsters, crabs, oysters….. *Drools*

IMG_8675 IMG_8677 IMG_8678

This, so-called ‘fish market’ turns out to be a large tourist eatery instead.

IMG_8680 IMG_8682

A wide selection of seafood to choose from! Even if you are a fussy/ picky eater, this place will certainly satisfy your cravings.

IMG_8683 IMG_8686 IMG_8687 IMG_8688

There are cold and hot platters to choose from and also, the retailers available area variety.
We decided to eat at ‘PETER’s’ because they offer a wide range of seafood/ sashimis and prices were pretty affordable.
Eg. You can eat like 100g of salmon sashimi at only $7?! 100g, is alot.

IMG_8695 IMG_8697




Want to get your hands on these fresh seafood? Then you better visit the SYDNEY FISH MARKET.
And the best part, you won’t get FAT easily with seafood because they provides (example: Salmon) omega 3 fatty acids which are really good for health!

Sydney Fish Market
Bank Street 
NSW 2009

Sydney, Australia

Operating Hours:
Retailers opens 7am-4pm everyday except Christmas Day.
(Some may close later for convenience purposes.)

How to get to Sydney Fish Market: http://www.sydneyfishmarket.com.au/AttheMarket/GettingtoSFM/tabid/79/Default.aspx

‘Oyster-lovers, be ready to SLURP at their fresh, big and chilly oysters here!’- c.Faith’s

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