Taste Baguette —— A French love affair.












Hmmmm…. Well, honestly if you want me to give my opinions on the three dishes that I had ordered—- pepperoni pizza, leg ham pizza and linguine, I am not able to give a genuine answer. They taste Norm. However, probably one of the best cafe in Usyd I suppose?

It is probably a little more expensive than usual but still affordable for that big portion offered.

Quaint, Comfortable and soothing. Best place for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Love how they arranged the tables and chairs outside the cafe.  You can totally feel the breeze. Furthermore, I absolutely love their effort in having those pretty plates! You don’t really get to see cafes using such plates, usually they serve white plates instead. I guess this is one unique fact about Taste Baguette.

Taste Baguette

Sydney Uni Law Building
City Rd. Law Building. The University of Sydney

Darlington, NSW 2008
P: (02) 9518 8778

FYI: http://www.tastebaguette.com/SydneyUni-Home

21st Polka Dots and Stripes Party: Just Black, Blue and Pink Please~

In exactly one week’s time.—– Dawn’s 21st; second party of the year.

Date: Saturday, 11 January 2014
Theme: Polka Dots and Stripes
Dress Code: What’s stated above and just in black, blue or pink
Venue: Pasir Ris Aloha Loyang, Bungalow 9 


Just about a fortnight before the actual party day….
The making of the backdrop.— this is very important to me.
Spent almost half a day cutting and pasting these circles up into a realistic curtain-like back drop and also, painting and writing those ’21s’ and ‘dawn’ on each of it.  

IMG_7188 IMG_7190

Sacrificing almost all my time of the day, I did it. Not that I did this backdrop, but the fact that I did my part as a best friend to make the event venue absolutely to the THEME. ^^ As much as it was time consuming, I enjoy putting up all these little artpieces of mine up (especially for such birthday events).

Well, if your notice, my role/ job during Dawn’s party was pretty much similar to that of Hweemay’s. Make up & Decorations…. That’s what I am good at!


Aloha Loyang, one of the most common chalet in Singapore that one would open a party at. However, Dawn’s BUNGALOW 9— it’s my virgin moment there. It is a HUGE-ASS place!

The Exterior- gorgeously decorated with the helium balloons.

The Interior.

#FLASHBACK>>>>Hweemay’s Party: BRILLIANT Idea of outdoor LED lightings.

Dawn’s? Super COOL and INNOVATIVE of outdoor tent-age! Like Literally, out at the backyard/ BBQ area.

DSC04640 DSC04641

A wide spread of home cooked food by her mum! Well, no Dessert table this time.

DSC04649 1922000_10153766662615456_113672087_n

So-called ‘MODEL’ pose with the birthday girl.

And, goofing around with the other two members of SUPERCUTIES.

DSC04657 DSC04660DSC04661

Cake-cutting time.– the most important moment of the whole event.


What’s the most memorable part of this special day?
I’m not embarrassed (LOL!) but to admit to the fact that I fell down twice on this day. I  was clumsy and ridiculous. Trust me.

Scenario 1:
I was having a great time catching up with my Awesome clique of guys (the image above). My butt was on a chair while I was laughing so hard over the most embarrassing and stupidest joke ever in my life. So hard that my stomach hurts, so hard that my eyes start to tear and lastly, so hard that I fell backwards of the chair and tumbled/ flip over like a somersault on the hard grounds of pebbles.  

Scenario 2:
Because I just had the thought of wanting to talk to Jason at the BBQ pit and the night was dark. After conversing for almost three sentences, nature calls. Thus, I did a 180 degrees turn, lift my left foot up, followed by my right foot, where it lands no where but an endless ground (it felt endless at that point of time)—– a HIDDEN DRAIN. Yes, I fell into a drain!

Embarrassing much? But, I am not afraid to share it, because it is this mishap that makes the occasion worth remembering. ^^

21st ‘MEOW’ Party: It’s a Black and Yellow Affair!


nhmay’s 21st party— the first one in 2014

Babies of year 1993, Heads up! 
It’s finally our turn to hit the age of 21—- key to freedom.
Yes, we are officially an adult now. No more messing and fooling around. Time for big decisions— such as degree, career, bf/gf, engagement, marriage….. All our life decisions are piling up one by one. Burden. :/

This year as everyone is getting excited to attend 21st parties (also broke at the same time), I do not have such luxury as I am currently moving on to my next phase of life—- pursuing degree in University of Sydney.
Hence, I am quite pleased that I still get to attend two members of my Supercuties parties, and even be part of their party host/ event decorator (mostly handmade)/ make up artist.

For the first 21st birthday party I had attended: HWEEMAY KAYE’S

Date: Saturday, 4 January 2014
Theme: Black and yellow Kitties
Dress Code: Black (Birthday girl: Yellow, Host: Black or yellow or both)
Venue: NSRCC, Tanah Merah 

For full album of photos please view at: https://www.facebook.com/pinguo/media_set?set=a.10152182380266276.1073741839.637996275&type=1


Preparations had to be done before the day of the event. Decorations were done two weeks before.


As mentioned, I am so proud to make my girlfriend into THE PRETTIEST LADY and also THE HIGHLIGHT of the day.

DSC04533 DSC04534 DSC04535 DSC04537

The dessert table arrived at approximately 5.30pm.
Credits to @handbaked.

DSC04542 DSC04546 DSC04550 DSC04559 DSC04567 DSC04568

The exterior of her party is the most BRILLIANT IDEA among all decorations.—- LED lights with hanging written cards.

DSC04569 DSC04570 DSC04581 DSC04592 DSC04603 DSC04606 DSC04620 DSC04623 DSC04631 DSC04632


Certainly, it was a night to remember.
We had lots of fun and it was a great start of the year.
The party was pretty much a success! *claps*

Next up, Dawn’s Polka dots and Stripes Party…. 🙂

‘You only turn 21 once, so make it a memorable one.’— c.Faith’s.

Dean and Deluca—- a Cafe in a Marketplace.

Green Tea Cheese Cake x Salted Caramel Cheese Cake x Choc Fudge Cake










  • Green Tea Cheese Cake- The appearance of the cake attracted me first! As I am a sucker for Green Teas, I just had to give this unique dessert a try! Well, it turns out pretty good! The texture is just fine and the green tea taste is not as rich to cover the cheese cake taste. What’s best is, the sugar level taste just right!
  • Salted Caramel Cheese Cake- This taste like all ordinary cheese cakes except there was a semi-solid caramel coating on top. Well, like I said, it’s ordinary.
  • Chocolate Fudge Cake- To start off, I am not a very big chocolate fudge fan as chocolate gives the idea of ‘getting sick and yucky’ if you indulge too much of it. Surprisingly, this ain’t that bad and what I like about it is the fact that this cake was served WARM!

Each slice of cake was an average price of at least $7 and above. Pricey indeed. For such a cake quality, I would say you can find better cakes at other cafes that are priced much reasonable. So, my recommendation is that you only eat cakes here that are not found in other places or cafes.


One word: EXCELLENT. The concept of combining a cafe in a market— now, that’s a marvelous idea!

Dean and Deluca
#04-23/24 Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road
Singapore, Singapore 238896
Opening hours: 11:00 am – 10:00pm