121 days in Sydney— KOALAs and KANGAROOs.

Purple Flower trees.— one of Sydney’s nature beauty, only seen during SPRING.

Australia is best known for their Koalas and Kangaroos. I had always wanted to meet one of these fluffy hug-gables!

But did you know? Fact: Even tho Kangaroos are cute big ‘bunnies’ to most young ones, they are seen as pests in Australia and most wild ones are often knocked down and ran over by vehicles. 😦 Ironically, people eat Kangaroo meat too!   

Instead of going through the hassle of taking ferry to far away Taronga zoo, we went to KOALA PARK. ( Since my main point was just to see Koalas and Kangaroos.)



Inside the park, some animals are set free to roam around.– Like the pretty Peacock.

IMG_7307 IMG_7154

At the extreme, they have a big farm of Kangaroos, of all different sizes and age.


IMG_7357 IMG_7243
I love this picture the most! So CUTE!

IMG_7213 IMG_7211

The Talking PARROT!


Besides just playing with the Kangaroos, we had fun exploring the other animals.

IMG_7350 IMG_7334 IMG_7323


Our last animal to visit is the famous KOALA. We watched it perform!

IMG_7300 IMG_7171 IMG_7413

He’s so Fat and Fluffy! — I can’t even.

For more details: http://www.koalapark.com.au/myweb2/default.htm

Koala Park Sanctuary
84 Castle Hill Road, West Pennant Hills
NSW Australia 2125.

Phone: (02) 9484 3141
Fax: (02) 9484 8009 – 24 hours
email: info@koalaparksanctuary.com.au


How and why I came to Sydney, the vibrant city.—– https://cassandrafaith.wordpress.com/2013/11/25/121-days-in-sydney-the-university-of-sydney/

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