Let’s Mingle and Meet New PetsNFrenz!


On an early Sunday morning, me, Jason and my bro brought our babies out to play and meet new friends!
Organised by the people’s association head quarters at Leng Kee Community Club.


Bailey’s signature ‘Motion Sickness’ face.



Upon our arrival, we were pleased to be greeted with a massive crowd of dogs!!

There were many booths set up as well, along with obedience and training classes. (see images below)

DSC02083 DSC02086 DSC02087 DSC02088 DSC02093 DSC02094

Adorable apparels for the little ones!
DSC02096 DSC02097 DSC02101 DSC02117 DSC02098

*Screammms!!!!!* I saw this Q-T pie! Apparently, it’s an Australian breed. Like, ARE YOUR FREAKING SERIOUS? I DID NOT SAW ANYTHING LIKE THAT WHEN I WAS IN AUSTRALIA?!

Introducing this EXTRAORDINARY family of 6 animals! Yes, 6!— no kidding!


DSC02105 DSC02106 DSC02107 DSC02110 DSC02109

Specifically, they own a Corgi, a Chinchilla, a Hamster, a Lovebird, a rabbit and a Fluffy white cat. What’s amazing, is the fact that these animals are tame and friendly towards each other. Strange, it is but I got to admit I am impressed.  


Jake says’ “hello! I want my treat!”

DSC02115 photo 1

We took a mandatory group photo which rewarded us with three free movie tickets to the Cathay! — Hunger games! 

photo 2

photo 3

I wish I could laze like her.


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