Food and Shopping Paradise: HONG KONG III + Shen Zhen II


Putting on that casual Abecrombie and Fitch uniform and traveling with a happy heart.

To end off my HK travelogue from Part 2

#Day 6. A day to Pamper from the stressful City Life.

Since Ocean Park had been, unfortunately, cancelled from our itinerary due to the bad weather condition, we decided to add on with another day to Mainland China, Shen zhen.

However, this time, with a different purpose, we are going to enjoy a day at the SPA and MASSAGE place.–known as ‘Shui Li Fang‘.


Before we take the public transport to the gateway of Shenzhen, we had a sumptuous lunch.— ‘ Che Zai Mian’. Basically, its a small vendor that sells noodles with pig organs, intestines, sausages… etc. EVERYTHING THAT GOES WITH YOU NOODLE! The chili is awesome! #foreverchildhoodfood

Oh, Look. We are already at the SPA place.


All changed into robes and ready for a FULL BODY MASSAGE!

IMG_6131 IMG_6132

Messy hair and bare faces. — we don’t look that horrible eh.

IMG_6134 IMG_6137

Massage and SPA sure feels great, but we did not have enough!
Headed back to the awesome hair salon to have our hair washed for the last time! More of head massage, if you read chapter 1.


Time sure fly pass quickly when visiting Mainland China. Our day literally ended in a blink of an eye.
But, just look at our happy faces. ^^

#Day 7. Visit to the City Lights of Hong Kong.

Today’s Lunch Menu: Authentic Hainanese Chicken Rice


Best Chicken rice on Earth! — by my best chef, Daddykins. 🙂


#ootd to City- Tsim Tsa Tsui


Thank God for the Sunny weather! No more rain!!

The city is all about High-end Brands and Boutiques. Looking for Chanel, Prada, Hermes, LV? This is the best place for you.– Habour City.


At one of my favourite brand, Agnes B! Bought a birthday shirt for my bro!

We did so much shopping especially from H&M! Our last stop was at Uni Qlo.

IMG_6187 IMG_6188 IMG_6189 IMG_6193 IMG_6194

After hours of shopping, time to hit the LIGHTS!


The world- known night scene of Hong Kong. Guess it never gets boring. 


All of us, ‘ACTING’ as tourists, I mean Come on, we’ve been here countless times!
The lightings were indeed beautiful.


After the breathe-taking view by the sea, we walked almost 30 minutes to finally locate, ‘CHROMEHEARTS’.— super overwhelmed and mainstream brand that many guys yearn to get it. Seriously, you MADD bro? 


Trying to show off to the world that: ‘Yes, I am at chromehearts, how you wish you were here right?”
Bitch, I might be… 

As much as I dislike this brand, I just had to take a picture with it and post in IG!
You have no idea how many people said, “Cass, you at CHROMEHEARTS?!?!??! Help me buy…..”

I am a Bitch, so I’ll reject that request! >.<

This ends our trip to HK. We will be back again in 2014!

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