Everyone can FLY: iFLY Singapore


I believe I can fly. I believe I can touch the sky. – R.Kelly

21 October 2013, Kicking away Monday Blues.

Discovering a more than 30% discount groupon deal online had made this date a wonderful and memorable ‘flying experience’ day.

I had purchased the deal about 3 months ago immediately when I saw it and had scheduled our ‘boarding flight’ to be on a Monday, right after Jason’s 21st bday party. Post-bday celebration? 

DSC01819-001 DSC01822-001 DSC01823-001 DSC01824-001 DSC01883-001 DSC01825-001


So we were instructed to wait for our boarding time which is about an hour later. Hence, we went up to walk around and manage to see the instructors flying inside the glass capsule. Man, They were good! 

Well, I did mention it was an hour wait before we ‘fly’ right? So, of course some #selfie. 🙂

DSC01834-001 DSC01836-001 DSC01839-001 DSC01843-001 DSC01847-001

The procedure when we board the flight is simple.

  • 1. Enter the entrance.
  • 2. Sit in a dark room and watch an introductory video ad that basically tells u the rules. (in the form of animation)
  • 3. Proceed to the second room where your instructor of the day will show u the correct position of flying.— you bend your body like a ‘U’ shape. And some hand signs that we must understand in order to fly correctly.
  • 4. Go on to the next level to get your gears and equipments.—outfit, ear plugs, goggles
  • 5. You are ready to fly!:

Before I forget to mention, my groupon deal includes two sky dives, a DVD and an official cert from ifly, which costs only $65. (usual price: $134)

To share my experience on iFLY: Well, it is fun and more towards FUNNY?! The strong wind pushing you up to ‘fly’, it tickles me! I am literally laughing throughout, showing my straight teeth to everyone. No fail. LOL!

DSC01849-001 DSC01851-001 DSC01852-001

We are official iFLY-ers!

iFLY is indeed a SPORT, meaning to say it was an EXTREME 2 minute WORKOUT!!!
We were damn tired and body-aching all over. UNBELIEVABLE right?! 

Dine at Malaysia food street as I just want to eat the Penang Chendol there. —the only dessert there to die for. 


Claypot Chicken Rice.

DSC01892-001 DSC01895-001

The famous black Hokkein Mee


Review on iFLY SG:

Is it worth it?
For this deal, yes. But for the usual price, HELL NO!

Reason: To start off, it is only damn 2 minutes! iFLY has been known as the closest stimulation to SKY DIVING. However, in fact, it does not even feel that way. I have not sky dive in my life but I am pretty much sure that you are not ‘flying’ in the sky but instead, you will have gravity pulling you down to earth, screaming your lungs out and enjoying the feel of strong adrenaline rush.
Simply said, iFLY is just a stimulator to let you feel that you can ‘fly’ but certainly not sky dive. period. 

You can say that I am wrong, but I assure you that I am at least 70% right about iFLY. 


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