AHOY! Sail Onboard a NAUTICAL-themed Party!

AHOY! Anchor designer cake— by afternoonsinthekitchen

Check out her bakes at: http://afternoonsinthekitchen.wordpress.com/

20 October 2013, this date: it’s the big celebration for Jason as he turns 21 in exactly a weeks time!

Birthdays are always a joyous occasion to celebrate someone’s birth. It is an important annual date. The date that you Thank God and Your Mother for giving you life.

As for Jason, this is not just an ordinary birthday celebration, it is his 21st Birthday party—what’s more special? IT’s THEMED! NAUTICAL THEMED!!!!

And as co-host for his big day, I had planned all the decorations and sweets bar to ensure that they are all themed.
Also, his family and friends are all spontaneous enough to dress up accordingly.—RED, NAVY BLUE, WHITE AND STRIPES.


Besides the usual BBQ-ing, ‘cooking your own meat or chicken wings’, stinking yourself up with all the smoke from the black char coals, Buffet Catering is another option to go for.

Fortunate for Jason, his uncle does catering so all these delicious food are practically HOME-MADE by his mum, uncle and aunt.— starting from 7am!

From Fried rice> Char siew> Chicken wing>

Spicy fishballs> Otah> Veggies> Fruits>



Kuehs> Angry Birds SOUP (which is the best!)


OH! and the ‘Popcorn’ Hashbrowns!


Even the Cups are themed!


These Jello Sailboats are the most prettiest dessert ever! ^^

IMG_4459-001 DSC01810Some mints for you freshen up your breathe ?


Aww.. Jake is so dressed up the party too! Look! It’s a tie with stripes on him! ^^

At his door step, right there, stood the backdrop, firmly held by gold painted rope, which was capable in withstanding the strong and heavy rain that day.—- Solely Handcrafted
I am so proud of that anchor in the middle—- made out of Styrofoam, newspaper and toilet rolls. (especially out of <3)

And yes, the pictures turned out great!
Below are pictures of the Birthday boy with his family and friends 🙂

IMG_4419-001 IMG_4422-001 IMG_4431-001

My bro seems to be showcasing the backdrop to everyone!

IMG_4440-001 IMG_4478-001 IMG_4503-001 IMG_4505-001 IMG_4506-001 IMG_4516-001 IMG_4521-001 IMG_4523-001 IMG_4528-001 IMG_4537-001


Some candid pictures on what’s happening in the house party!!

IMG_4471-001 IMG_4475-001 IMG_4483-001 IMG_4490-001 IMG_4535-001

IMG_4595-001 IMG_4597-001

Cake cutting time was at 4.30pm. The time where everyone gathers together to sing and celebrate…. *Happy Birthday to you*

IMG_4544-001 IMG_4552-001 IMG_4557-001

Birthday Boy making his Birthday wish.

And just like all birthdays…

The mandatory group photos of different cliques with the birthday boy.—all waiting for their turn.

IMG_4545-001 IMG_4555-001 IMG_4572-001 IMG_4574-001 IMG_4577-001 IMG_4579-001 IMG_4580-001

Despite the horrible, heavy weather, I am glad his birthday turns out to be successful. The numerous amount of unexpected guests…. On behalf of Jason, I thank you! 🙂

Now, I can’t wait to attend more birthdays and also my 21st birthday party which will happen in 2014!


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