OKINI: Random Sunday ‘Dinch’.

When Sunday’s original craving for Kenny Rogers become Japanese cuisine: Okini.

Okini wasn’t even on my list of cravings!
The reason is because we couldn’t locate where is Kenny Rogers in Suntec City mall. Damn the renovations!

So we literally walked and walked and walked like a few rounds, in search of ‘Kenny Rogers’. But, hell no. It’s totally locate-less. -.-
Frustrated and hungry… ‘A hungry man is an angry man‘… we gave up. *put up hands and surrender*

We walked away and passed by Food Republic when we came across these odd-looking Japanese cuisine: OKINI
We browsed through the menu and decided that we should just eat here since its already 3pm plus?! Famished. 



image[2]The Menu— totally deceived us with the look-damn-delicious-photos

image[3]Order form which scrapes off 10% of service charge.



The Food

1. Pork Cutlet Omu rice

Well, I can be certain and conclude that the Omu rice is only the best choice over here. Appealing and taste not that bad.
Flaws would be the fact that the sauce maybe a little too salty I feel.

2.  Udon and Salmon sushi Set

The Udon soup just taste like MSG. Salmon sushi— salmon is sliced too thin and doesn’t seem really fresh.
I’d rather I cook my own Udon soup at home. ;/

The Price

It’s affordable. Both the two sets of food is less than $20. For Japanese cuisine located in a town area, their price is certainly considered cheap. But, you eat what you pay for. Hence, the quality of the food to be OKAY only.

The Ambiance

Is there even a need to talk about this part? Food republic. What else ?

Oh well, it’s always good to give different eateries a try. Opinions are opinions. Personal ones it is, so you don’t have to agree with me exactly.

Yupp, there I’ve said it and done it. Till then. 


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