Food and Shopping Paradise: HONG KONG II + Shenzhen


One of the best buffet I ever had in my life— miraculously found in the not-so famous town.

Continuing my trip to Hong kong from Part 1

#Day 3. FoodPORN in Mainland China- SHEN ZHEN 

Every visit to Hong Kong, we will definitely go over to China. Why?
Because they got good food, good massage and at cheap cheap low prices.

This time, it was kinda different as my dad decided to bring us to the awesome buffet place that he and my bro had been mentioning ever since their first visit there.

Before we get to the Food part….
We did 3hours of shopping at the usual shopping centre of Shenzhen, where we bargain like a boss. >.<

After that 3 hours of shopping, we went to have our hair washed. Hair wash? Does this sound ridiculous to you? I mean, who the hell goes to China to wash their hair? Well, we do!

Priced at as low as 30RMB = SGD$6, you get a hair wash, rather, a hair, head  and hand massage of 30 minutes long. Unlike Singapore where we sit and wash our hair, over in China, it’s like lying on a bed instead. You can fall asleep cause that is how shiok it was!

So of course the washing and blowing of hair took quite a few hours.. and very soon, it was dinner time.

This buffet restaurant literally has everything. When i say everything, it means really everything!

Definition of Everything:

  • Free flow of Fruit juice, alcohol, beer, milk shakes, soft drinks
  • Teppanyaki foo of all kinds
  • Fresh sushi and sashimis
  • Fried tempuras
  • Scallops

And many more…. Doesn’t all these just makes you go ‘SLURP and DROOLS’?!



We were all seated in front a teppanyaki chef. He cooks right in front of us, fresh meats!


The Food

Definitely one of the most heavenly place I ever visited in my life. It’s Godly. EVERYTHING YOU WANT, YOU FIND IT HERE.

The Price

Super worthwhile. Priced at about 200+RMB for so much variety? Where to find in Singapore?

The Ambiance

Thumbs up! Its exactly like a Chinese well established high class restaurant. Nothing sloppy at all.

Such good food… located and hidden at one corner. Holy.

#Day 4. MONGKOK, best shopping district!

Written on my happiness project book, it was a rainy day in Hong Kong.

But we did not let the rain dampened our holiday spirit, we still go on with the plan of shopping!
So as usual, morning routine, I will go to grammy’s place to visit her and greet her ‘ Good morning!’ (cantonese version)


Yea, it was raining alright.

Bring that pairs of slippers and eh eh….

Walked out or my house to Dim sum restaurant with gramps!
Scrumptious, mouth watering meal as always. FEAST!  Come on, It is Hong Kong we are talking about, where dim sum originated! 
IMG_6032 IMG_6033 IMG_6034
Drunkard prawns! IMG_6035

Har gau!

Char Siew Bao.IMG_6037 IMG_6038

Siew Mai.


And of course, us and gramps — everlasting health! IMG_6105

After that serious Burping-ly FULL  meal of dim sums, we head off to Mong kok!
Taking the public bus— when you travel, you need to take public transport in order to know the city better.

IMG_6048 IMG_6058Selfie session in the bus!


Oh, and did I not mention, on that day, I just had this strong urge to give centre parting a try.. And God, I sure do resemble my sister almost 90%. Creepy -.-

Our shopping starts immediate, on the dot as soon as our feet touch the grounds of Mong Kok.

Agryle Shopping centre. Toy Mart. Chic Mall. Ladies Street.— we covered almost every bits of Mong Kok.


This poodle belongs to one of the shop owners in Agryle Shopping Centre.

IMG_6081Curry fishballs— MY LOVE!
Located just outside Toy Mart. That is where we get all out street food!


Almost about 6 hours of non stop shopping. Tired and exhausted, most of us fell asleep in the one hour bus ride home.

And I am so happy with my LOOTS~
But damn, I bought less than expected.


Yet another tiring but super worthwhile day.


#Day 5. Bad weather. Ocean Park got strike off the Itinerary.

Ever Since the day before, the rain in HK never stopped.
Hence, we had to cancel our plan to Ocean Park.

But we were all pretty tired from shopping long hours ytd, so we decided to just stay in Yuen Long and rest.

Bought some stuffs from Yuen Long.

 am very happy with my BUYS! Heehee!

And we had awesome steak that night at ANNA’s!

I love food and shopping in HONG KONG!! Do you? 🙂

To be continued darlings…. Stay tune 🙂

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