Get ‘HATCHED’ with ‘CRAFT.Bakery.Cafe’.


It’s all about Eggs at Hatched. Do you like your eggs fried, poached, boiled??

On a fine Thursday evening, Jason made a decision to bring me for an EGG-citing dinner. Boy, You have no idea how much I was looking forward for it! 

Located all the way at the famous eatery place, Holland Village, there stood a two level storey building named, HATCHED.
‘Hatched’ is pretty well known among the youngsters and I, myself had always wanted to give this place a try.


The exterior.


Cute concept within. With all the distinct, funny characters drawn on a chalk board. 

DSC01199 DSC01200True enough, EGGS are indeed the main dishes listed in the catalog. You’ve got to love eggs to love this place. 


The ambiance of this dining place feels like a normal cafeteria. Lighted with orange lights to make it more cosy, I suppose?


DSC01204 DSC01205 DSC01207
My cheeks are shooo Fatt.. >.<
While waiting for our food…DSC01210 DSC01211 DSC01213

Okay, so the waiting time for the food was only about 10 minutes? So I guess the service crew is rather efficient.


Ice ROSE Latte — Ain’t too bad of a blend of sweet rose syrup with the bitter caffeine 



Beef Potpie.




WE ARE SO HAPPY TO SEE FOOD! #hungryhungry



Yes, I sure do look happy from the picture. But, hell no.


The Food: No doubt. It taste absolutely yummy. But, as for my order: Papillote, it looks as if it is something I can easily whip out from my own kitchen. The real dish does not even look like the picture provided in the menu, which is obviously much more appetizing. Disappointed. See menu image:

The Price: Call me judgy, budget or stingy, I don’t care. Because, I don’t think it is worth the price to dine here. It is kinda over priced. I can spend at a much more high end place at a much more affordable price.

Ask me if I will ever come back? Nope. Considering the distance, no. Considering the food, no. Considering the price, no. Considering the ambiance, maybe yes.
But still, my conclusion is Not worth it.  Been there, done that. So, nope.
One word to describe: OVER-rated.

Okay, so we cafe-hopped to another ‘known’ good reviewed cafe, CRAFT.

Brightly lighted with white lights, mirror planked onto the walls as decorations and grass carpeted ground– This, I give a Thumbs up for effort. 

I was rather upset to see the menu that the dessert they offered are just too little to choose from. Maybe this ain’t a dessert place?  Brunch would be a better option. 

DSC01228 DSC01229 DSC01230

The interior somehow looks similar to all other typical cafes. Nothing special after awhile.

DSC01231 DSC01236

I was seriously having a hard time choosing a dessert! Because, there isn’t any nice ones to choose except their significant molten lava cake. 

DSC01237 DSC01238 DSC01240


Ordered the original chocolate molten lava cake.

DSC01252 DSC01253

The Dessert: Not too bad. The chocolate does melts in the mouth. But I wouldn’t recommend one person devouring it. Sharing it will be a better choice.

Ambiance: As mentioned above, Thumbs up for effort. But still, too standard.

The Price: Average.

My final conclusion/ word to describe this cafe: ‘Nothing special’. Why not you guys go try it and draw your own conclusion? 

We ended this peaceful night at Hendersons waves.
‘Looking at Diamonds in the sky….’


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