It’s Never too old to celebrate.


Birthdays– The day that you Thank God and your mother for the chance to live in this world.

September had just passed and now we had no choice but to welcome October.
2013 indeed flies like a breeze, or rather, fast forward way too quickly that you could hardly catch a breathe.

So in the month of September, I had three special dates to celebrate.— THE SEPTEMBER BABIES.

1. 11 September—– always a date remembered, due to the loss of many loved ones, deaths of many because of the horrible terrorism of 911. And on this date itself, it is the birth of a child that had given me life and everything ever since.


We went to Kiseiki Japanese Buffet restaurant to celebrate and feast. We are all suckers for Sashimis so a Japanese buffet would be best choice for all.

This restaurant located at orchard central offers a wide variety of Japanese food and also dessert.



Well, but if you were to ask me, will I go back again? I would give this place a second thought. For the price its worth it and affordable, ONLY  if you are a SASHIMI lover. If you are looking for authentic Japanese food tasting, this is not the place for you. Not to forget, the massive crowd they have, its literally like a market that everyone is ‘fighting’ for food.


But all in all, we did enjoy ourselves. And I am glad my dad came back for my mother’s birthday. 🙂

2. 19 September— Another birth of a child that I had met 3 years ago. MAXINE.
Its her birthday and I had lined out a list of plans and surprises for her. Initially wanted to give her a BIG SURPRISE TO GMAX, but unfortunately, it is under maintenance for a month?! Holy shit.  

Jess and I had to crack our brains to solve this last minute issues.  


‘Surprise’ Fruit tart/ cake! 

We dined at a Lil’ French House, Ma Maison.
Review: Good ‘House/ Homie’ ambiance that gives the feeling that you are really in another country or state.


I love how this Huge key is the key to our bills. ;/

Some images on how the restaurant inside looks like…

DSC00930 DSC00897 DSC00896 DSC00881 DSC00880 DSC00879

Pastas are no doubt delicious. I would say you get to taste for how much you pay.

DSC00874 DSC00868 DSC00857


Birthday girl trying to dig her present out!

DSC00883 DSC00885

Tada! We got her an URBAN DECAY SMOKE EYE PALLETTE. Just as she wished. 


Opps >.< I just had to take an #ootd by Jess! Think my outfit is pretty cute that day. 😛

Movie was up next on the birthday celebration list. And I have to say, ‘The Bling Ring’— another genre of ‘Spring Breakers‘.
Conclusion:  Sucks. Do not waste your time and money to watch it.

As soon as the movie ends, we had to rush for the Last Surprise…. Maxine’s house. Literally, had to get to her place before she does  and hide at the third level. 


It was a success! (Y)



Group photo to end the day off.

Great friends are hard to come by. So, treasure every moments. And I can’t help but to Thank God for every joyous day I had.  

3. 27 September—– Girl I met an international known themed park. Maz.

Decided to dine at Fish and Co. because I remembered them having this ‘Fishy surprise’ for bday people. But, this particular outlet was a disappointment. 313 Somerset. 

Lack in manpower = Service to customers were bad. Fishy surprise was lead to a not so enthusiastic surprise.



Danish fish and chip

Maz was embarrassed by the birthday shout out and surprise. But like I just said, it was NOT GOOD at all!



I got Maz a new company, PAUL.


Tgif with a bunch of awesome people I met from USS.


Have a taste of Paul’s Macaroons.

Red velvet white chocolate cheese cake. #orgasmicfood

September: Hectic shits and thoughts.
Lots of adventurous LifeHappenings. Be it bad or good. 

‘Live like there is no tomorrow.’ —- dailyquotetomotivatemyself


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