Food and Shopping Paradise: HONG KONG III + Shen Zhen II


Putting on that casual Abecrombie and Fitch uniform and traveling with a happy heart.

To end off my HK travelogue from Part 2

#Day 6. A day to Pamper from the stressful City Life.

Since Ocean Park had been, unfortunately, cancelled from our itinerary due to the bad weather condition, we decided to add on with another day to Mainland China, Shen zhen.

However, this time, with a different purpose, we are going to enjoy a day at the SPA and MASSAGE place.–known as ‘Shui Li Fang‘.


Before we take the public transport to the gateway of Shenzhen, we had a sumptuous lunch.— ‘ Che Zai Mian’. Basically, its a small vendor that sells noodles with pig organs, intestines, sausages… etc. EVERYTHING THAT GOES WITH YOU NOODLE! The chili is awesome! #foreverchildhoodfood

Oh, Look. We are already at the SPA place.


All changed into robes and ready for a FULL BODY MASSAGE!

IMG_6131 IMG_6132

Messy hair and bare faces. — we don’t look that horrible eh.

IMG_6134 IMG_6137

Massage and SPA sure feels great, but we did not have enough!
Headed back to the awesome hair salon to have our hair washed for the last time! More of head massage, if you read chapter 1.


Time sure fly pass quickly when visiting Mainland China. Our day literally ended in a blink of an eye.
But, just look at our happy faces. ^^

#Day 7. Visit to the City Lights of Hong Kong.

Today’s Lunch Menu: Authentic Hainanese Chicken Rice


Best Chicken rice on Earth! — by my best chef, Daddykins. 🙂


#ootd to City- Tsim Tsa Tsui


Thank God for the Sunny weather! No more rain!!

The city is all about High-end Brands and Boutiques. Looking for Chanel, Prada, Hermes, LV? This is the best place for you.– Habour City.


At one of my favourite brand, Agnes B! Bought a birthday shirt for my bro!

We did so much shopping especially from H&M! Our last stop was at Uni Qlo.

IMG_6187 IMG_6188 IMG_6189 IMG_6193 IMG_6194

After hours of shopping, time to hit the LIGHTS!


The world- known night scene of Hong Kong. Guess it never gets boring. 


All of us, ‘ACTING’ as tourists, I mean Come on, we’ve been here countless times!
The lightings were indeed beautiful.


After the breathe-taking view by the sea, we walked almost 30 minutes to finally locate, ‘CHROMEHEARTS’.— super overwhelmed and mainstream brand that many guys yearn to get it. Seriously, you MADD bro? 


Trying to show off to the world that: ‘Yes, I am at chromehearts, how you wish you were here right?”
Bitch, I might be… 

As much as I dislike this brand, I just had to take a picture with it and post in IG!
You have no idea how many people said, “Cass, you at CHROMEHEARTS?!?!??! Help me buy…..”

I am a Bitch, so I’ll reject that request! >.<

This ends our trip to HK. We will be back again in 2014!

Everyone can FLY: iFLY Singapore


I believe I can fly. I believe I can touch the sky. – R.Kelly

21 October 2013, Kicking away Monday Blues.

Discovering a more than 30% discount groupon deal online had made this date a wonderful and memorable ‘flying experience’ day.

I had purchased the deal about 3 months ago immediately when I saw it and had scheduled our ‘boarding flight’ to be on a Monday, right after Jason’s 21st bday party. Post-bday celebration? 

DSC01819-001 DSC01822-001 DSC01823-001 DSC01824-001 DSC01883-001 DSC01825-001


So we were instructed to wait for our boarding time which is about an hour later. Hence, we went up to walk around and manage to see the instructors flying inside the glass capsule. Man, They were good! 

Well, I did mention it was an hour wait before we ‘fly’ right? So, of course some #selfie. 🙂

DSC01834-001 DSC01836-001 DSC01839-001 DSC01843-001 DSC01847-001

The procedure when we board the flight is simple.

  • 1. Enter the entrance.
  • 2. Sit in a dark room and watch an introductory video ad that basically tells u the rules. (in the form of animation)
  • 3. Proceed to the second room where your instructor of the day will show u the correct position of flying.— you bend your body like a ‘U’ shape. And some hand signs that we must understand in order to fly correctly.
  • 4. Go on to the next level to get your gears and equipments.—outfit, ear plugs, goggles
  • 5. You are ready to fly!:

Before I forget to mention, my groupon deal includes two sky dives, a DVD and an official cert from ifly, which costs only $65. (usual price: $134)

To share my experience on iFLY: Well, it is fun and more towards FUNNY?! The strong wind pushing you up to ‘fly’, it tickles me! I am literally laughing throughout, showing my straight teeth to everyone. No fail. LOL!

DSC01849-001 DSC01851-001 DSC01852-001

We are official iFLY-ers!

iFLY is indeed a SPORT, meaning to say it was an EXTREME 2 minute WORKOUT!!!
We were damn tired and body-aching all over. UNBELIEVABLE right?! 

Dine at Malaysia food street as I just want to eat the Penang Chendol there. —the only dessert there to die for. 


Claypot Chicken Rice.

DSC01892-001 DSC01895-001

The famous black Hokkein Mee


Review on iFLY SG:

Is it worth it?
For this deal, yes. But for the usual price, HELL NO!

Reason: To start off, it is only damn 2 minutes! iFLY has been known as the closest stimulation to SKY DIVING. However, in fact, it does not even feel that way. I have not sky dive in my life but I am pretty much sure that you are not ‘flying’ in the sky but instead, you will have gravity pulling you down to earth, screaming your lungs out and enjoying the feel of strong adrenaline rush.
Simply said, iFLY is just a stimulator to let you feel that you can ‘fly’ but certainly not sky dive. period. 

You can say that I am wrong, but I assure you that I am at least 70% right about iFLY. 

AHOY! Sail Onboard a NAUTICAL-themed Party!

AHOY! Anchor designer cake— by afternoonsinthekitchen

Check out her bakes at:

20 October 2013, this date: it’s the big celebration for Jason as he turns 21 in exactly a weeks time!

Birthdays are always a joyous occasion to celebrate someone’s birth. It is an important annual date. The date that you Thank God and Your Mother for giving you life.

As for Jason, this is not just an ordinary birthday celebration, it is his 21st Birthday party—what’s more special? IT’s THEMED! NAUTICAL THEMED!!!!

And as co-host for his big day, I had planned all the decorations and sweets bar to ensure that they are all themed.
Also, his family and friends are all spontaneous enough to dress up accordingly.—RED, NAVY BLUE, WHITE AND STRIPES.


Besides the usual BBQ-ing, ‘cooking your own meat or chicken wings’, stinking yourself up with all the smoke from the black char coals, Buffet Catering is another option to go for.

Fortunate for Jason, his uncle does catering so all these delicious food are practically HOME-MADE by his mum, uncle and aunt.— starting from 7am!

From Fried rice> Char siew> Chicken wing>

Spicy fishballs> Otah> Veggies> Fruits>



Kuehs> Angry Birds SOUP (which is the best!)


OH! and the ‘Popcorn’ Hashbrowns!


Even the Cups are themed!


These Jello Sailboats are the most prettiest dessert ever! ^^

IMG_4459-001 DSC01810Some mints for you freshen up your breathe ?


Aww.. Jake is so dressed up the party too! Look! It’s a tie with stripes on him! ^^

At his door step, right there, stood the backdrop, firmly held by gold painted rope, which was capable in withstanding the strong and heavy rain that day.—- Solely Handcrafted
I am so proud of that anchor in the middle—- made out of Styrofoam, newspaper and toilet rolls. (especially out of <3)

And yes, the pictures turned out great!
Below are pictures of the Birthday boy with his family and friends 🙂

IMG_4419-001 IMG_4422-001 IMG_4431-001

My bro seems to be showcasing the backdrop to everyone!

IMG_4440-001 IMG_4478-001 IMG_4503-001 IMG_4505-001 IMG_4506-001 IMG_4516-001 IMG_4521-001 IMG_4523-001 IMG_4528-001 IMG_4537-001


Some candid pictures on what’s happening in the house party!!

IMG_4471-001 IMG_4475-001 IMG_4483-001 IMG_4490-001 IMG_4535-001

IMG_4595-001 IMG_4597-001

Cake cutting time was at 4.30pm. The time where everyone gathers together to sing and celebrate…. *Happy Birthday to you*

IMG_4544-001 IMG_4552-001 IMG_4557-001

Birthday Boy making his Birthday wish.

And just like all birthdays…

The mandatory group photos of different cliques with the birthday boy.—all waiting for their turn.

IMG_4545-001 IMG_4555-001 IMG_4572-001 IMG_4574-001 IMG_4577-001 IMG_4579-001 IMG_4580-001

Despite the horrible, heavy weather, I am glad his birthday turns out to be successful. The numerous amount of unexpected guests…. On behalf of Jason, I thank you! 🙂

Now, I can’t wait to attend more birthdays and also my 21st birthday party which will happen in 2014!

S.Phie and Co. go Ita-liano at La Pizzaiola!


11 October 2013, that day when we gather after a long time to celebrate a joyous occasion.— dedicated solely to my dearest Mumsie, Sophie.
An occasion that I had missed out for the past 2 years. :/ 


Look at her smiling widely as she is happy with our present to her! She can hang her beautiful bridal gown with it!

DSC01342-001 DSC01344-001

Its been awhile since I last met these talented, gorgeous babes I have in my life. 🙂 So, Thankful to God~

DSC01346-001 DSC01350-001 DSC01365-001

Two best vocals in the house~

Initial plan of going to Wimbly Lu was scraped off due to the overwhelming queue outside. MADD!
So, we went next door instead, La Pizzaiola— Italian restaurant that has a really funny waiter.  



The interior.

After much waiting time, our food is finally served!
You can check out their menu at :



Mushroom Fettucine Fusili


Burratina con Prosciutto Crudo


This ‘ball’ is actually a burrata cheese! Not an ice cream. Interesting eh?

It taste heavenly with the ham.


This appetiser is really odd yet interesting. Hence, we have no idea how to eat it except Sophie.


Sophie giving her ‘cooking class’ to us on –how-to-eat-the-parma-ham-salad. LOL !


DSC01376-001 DSC01379-001 DSC01381-001

There! Just roll it all up and put it in your mouth!


If I am not wrong, this is a Napoletana pizza.


Cannelloni con Riccotta e Spinaci.

Risotto ai Funghi Poreini

Their specialty— Pizzoccheri Della Valtellina

As I mentioned above, I had never celebrated Sophie’s birthday.
Hence, I decided to put my heart into baking a customized cake for her with Fondant. (1st attempt with it)

and TA-DA!! *Thumbs up for appearance* 🙂 Birthday girl actually thought that I bought it from a bakery or the restaurant itself. LOL!



Birthday girl smiling with the cake by yours truly! *pats back*DSC01397-001 DSC01398-001 DSC01399-001 DSC01402-001

Blow blow and make a wish~

DSC01406-001 DSC01404-001

Group photo to end the happy day!
Nigel and Alex… Seriously -.-


From strangers to dancemates to crewmates to ex-crewmates to FRIENDS FOR ETERNITY. 

Yes, even though we don’t:

  • Meet up that often
  • Chill and talk cock as always
  • Train and dance and sing together on that platform where we are all shining stars
  • Grow fat together with supper after dance and many more..

    All these doesn’t matter, because we all knows that we are still friends forever. This is how social-networking works and I love how it gives me the chance to meet wonderful people around me.


Just cant help it but to flaunt the inside pink ombre colours of my cake! Success! Phew!
Guess my baking skills improved. Tee-hee ^^


I will share a tutorial of this cake on my next post. OR, you guys can always youtube or google to learn the easy way of whipping your own cake!

‘Great bakes come from anyone that has a heart.’ -Faith

Genuine taste of Italian food. My favourite was the cheese and parma ham. That, you must give it a try!

Average I suppose? The norm price that you pay for restaurant food. It’s pretty worth eating here. But my advice for those that eat alot, is you might not like it here as the food portion is rather small.

Absolutely terrific! I like the wooden furniture and feel of the place, giving it a scent of homey feel. Also, located in a rather secluded area, surrounded by private housings. This place is indeed a gem found within! 

La Pizzaiola— Located Next to Wimbly Lu.


A random post on what-to-do-when-you-are-bored-in-a-camry, chauffeured by the best ‘driver’ in town. Tee-hee. xD



I am noob when it comes to photography-shits, unless I know how to use that particular camera.
Yea, so people that know me, I just got a new camera-Sony nex 3n.

Was typically attracted to the flip up screen. Vain much? Oh well, I am girl, for GOD’s Sake.

So here goes ME IN ACTION.










hat’s up. SWAGGER. 


















Picture effect: POP,  in mode of Aperture priority


Have a Cup of Macchiato—-‘FIVE and DIME’ eatery.


Macchiato- simple means: ‘marked’ or ‘stained’. 

On a Saturday, I had brunch.— Nothing is more pleasing than this.  Jason and I settled in FIVE and DIME for peaceful brunch before my work. yes, Brunch together. That’s all we ask for. I had always assumed that Five and Dime is located at Clarke Quay. Well, it is, but not exactly. It is better to drive your way there. DSC01628-001 Standing alone as a 2 storey level building, I would say it is pretty established. The concept of the cafe is terrific too.  DSC01629-001 Oh, and when I say it is better to drive your way there, I meant it! Because, parking is free behind the eatery! Hassle-free eh? And there is likely to have parking spaces as most people walks here. Trust me, I surveyed. 🙂 DSC01630 DSC01590-001

Back door of Five and Dime. — Which leads to a staircase and a glass door.  DSC01591-001

I thought this was the main door to its eatery. But no.


 Apparently, the eatery locates just another level below the toilets. How mysterious ? 

So, this is how it looks like inside this mystery place. Friendly staffs and cosy ambiance. Hmm.. but rather typical tho.  DSC01594-001 DSC01595-001 DSC01600-001 DSC01599-001 DSC01596-001

This ‘style’ of Menus made of paper and clipped on wooden board are seen practically in most Sgcafes.— Norm.  DSC01597-001

DSC01613-001Macchiato- Espresso topped with cream

— High caffeine to make me stay awake for the long day ahead 🙂

DSC01604-001 DSC01605-001

Egg Mayo and Bacon Panini. ($12)  DSC01620-001

Buttermilk Pancakes with pork Bacon. ($15)

DSC01618-001 DSC01617-001 DSC01625-001 DSC01611-001

Time to NOMNOMx!! DSC01623-001 DSC01626-001

Jason was obviously having a great time munching on the Panini! LOLDSC01627-001

Okay, so here comes the critiques.


1. Buttermilk Pancakes

It was fluffy indeed. I love their butter tho! Odd, it may sounds but it just tasted different from ordinary. Wonder if there is some kind of secret recipe to it.

2. Egg Mayo and Bacon Panini Just like all sandwiches, it tasted nothing special. Something that I can make out of my own kitchen. However, I do love their bacon– crispy!

The PRICE Average pricing for average meals.– Yeah, that’s How I feel about it. 

The AMBIANCE It was cosy and lovely. A good hideout place to chill and get rid of those dreadful weekdays. A place that can kick away any MONDAY BLUES!  The concept of having two storeys– eatery and school hall. I will come here to study or read a good book.

In conclusion to my above comments, this is a place worth re-visiting! So why not give it a try? 🙂 New found BRUNCH PLACE. xD

Located at : 297 River Valley Road. Singapore 238338

Food and Shopping Paradise: HONG KONG II + Shenzhen


One of the best buffet I ever had in my life— miraculously found in the not-so famous town.

Continuing my trip to Hong kong from Part 1

#Day 3. FoodPORN in Mainland China- SHEN ZHEN 

Every visit to Hong Kong, we will definitely go over to China. Why?
Because they got good food, good massage and at cheap cheap low prices.

This time, it was kinda different as my dad decided to bring us to the awesome buffet place that he and my bro had been mentioning ever since their first visit there.

Before we get to the Food part….
We did 3hours of shopping at the usual shopping centre of Shenzhen, where we bargain like a boss. >.<

After that 3 hours of shopping, we went to have our hair washed. Hair wash? Does this sound ridiculous to you? I mean, who the hell goes to China to wash their hair? Well, we do!

Priced at as low as 30RMB = SGD$6, you get a hair wash, rather, a hair, head  and hand massage of 30 minutes long. Unlike Singapore where we sit and wash our hair, over in China, it’s like lying on a bed instead. You can fall asleep cause that is how shiok it was!

So of course the washing and blowing of hair took quite a few hours.. and very soon, it was dinner time.

This buffet restaurant literally has everything. When i say everything, it means really everything!

Definition of Everything:

  • Free flow of Fruit juice, alcohol, beer, milk shakes, soft drinks
  • Teppanyaki foo of all kinds
  • Fresh sushi and sashimis
  • Fried tempuras
  • Scallops

And many more…. Doesn’t all these just makes you go ‘SLURP and DROOLS’?!



We were all seated in front a teppanyaki chef. He cooks right in front of us, fresh meats!


The Food

Definitely one of the most heavenly place I ever visited in my life. It’s Godly. EVERYTHING YOU WANT, YOU FIND IT HERE.

The Price

Super worthwhile. Priced at about 200+RMB for so much variety? Where to find in Singapore?

The Ambiance

Thumbs up! Its exactly like a Chinese well established high class restaurant. Nothing sloppy at all.

Such good food… located and hidden at one corner. Holy.

#Day 4. MONGKOK, best shopping district!

Written on my happiness project book, it was a rainy day in Hong Kong.

But we did not let the rain dampened our holiday spirit, we still go on with the plan of shopping!
So as usual, morning routine, I will go to grammy’s place to visit her and greet her ‘ Good morning!’ (cantonese version)


Yea, it was raining alright.

Bring that pairs of slippers and eh eh….

Walked out or my house to Dim sum restaurant with gramps!
Scrumptious, mouth watering meal as always. FEAST!  Come on, It is Hong Kong we are talking about, where dim sum originated! 
IMG_6032 IMG_6033 IMG_6034
Drunkard prawns! IMG_6035

Har gau!

Char Siew Bao.IMG_6037 IMG_6038

Siew Mai.


And of course, us and gramps — everlasting health! IMG_6105

After that serious Burping-ly FULL  meal of dim sums, we head off to Mong kok!
Taking the public bus— when you travel, you need to take public transport in order to know the city better.

IMG_6048 IMG_6058Selfie session in the bus!


Oh, and did I not mention, on that day, I just had this strong urge to give centre parting a try.. And God, I sure do resemble my sister almost 90%. Creepy -.-

Our shopping starts immediate, on the dot as soon as our feet touch the grounds of Mong Kok.

Agryle Shopping centre. Toy Mart. Chic Mall. Ladies Street.— we covered almost every bits of Mong Kok.


This poodle belongs to one of the shop owners in Agryle Shopping Centre.

IMG_6081Curry fishballs— MY LOVE!
Located just outside Toy Mart. That is where we get all out street food!


Almost about 6 hours of non stop shopping. Tired and exhausted, most of us fell asleep in the one hour bus ride home.

And I am so happy with my LOOTS~
But damn, I bought less than expected.


Yet another tiring but super worthwhile day.


#Day 5. Bad weather. Ocean Park got strike off the Itinerary.

Ever Since the day before, the rain in HK never stopped.
Hence, we had to cancel our plan to Ocean Park.

But we were all pretty tired from shopping long hours ytd, so we decided to just stay in Yuen Long and rest.

Bought some stuffs from Yuen Long.

 am very happy with my BUYS! Heehee!

And we had awesome steak that night at ANNA’s!

I love food and shopping in HONG KONG!! Do you? 🙂

To be continued darlings…. Stay tune 🙂