Definition of Pieces of Shattered Glass.


‘Dear Bad Luck, Let’s Break Up.’

A broken mirror, 7 years of bad luck. —- Do you believe this Myth, or rather, Superstition? 

A series of unfortunate events. Literally, happened over the weekend,

A broken car mirror, then a shattered LCD screen, followed by a lost in memory.

Each event was worst than the one before. To think each was settled and resolved, the next one just had to happen consecutively. Is this all planned out by God? Destiny? I wonder. #ShitHappens,nodoubt

Consequence of being Judged at. Failure in responsibility— written all over the face.
What else can I do. Shameless, it is.

A search warrant was triggered, made and done. But still no sign of the missing memory. Lost in the dark woods, lost in closets, and it is even possible to be lost in dreams.

No one knows where it is, except someone. GOD.

3 unfortunate events happened at once. Bad luck, that’s it.
When will this last? Hopefully, not 7 years. 


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