One Foot to Stardom: CLEO Star


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt

So, on 14 September, Saturday, me and Maxine decided to go for an event: CLEO Star Search.

We didn’t have much thoughts on it initially. Just wanted to feel like a princess and get the Free Hair and Makeup makeover done professionally by Sunsilk and Laneige, plus the Goodie Bag— Typical. In addition, I am a regular CLEO reader and had always knew about this competition. However, I never had the time and courage to take this opportunity.

Apart from Teensmodel Search 2011, I had not taken part in any other modelling compeitions due to time constraints. Hence, this time, with a GAP year, I should just do it! #YOLO 


So of course, we went there with a pretty much “BLANK-ed” face as it was too early for me to get up and put on make up anyway. I am just lazy. Whatever. 


Before our makeover starts, Maxine was asked to be Hair Model and they were trying to tie waterfall braids for her!


The hair and make up booths set up!


So, basically the sequence is to get your makeup done first, followed by your desired hair do.



It’s my turn! Finally, after 30 minutes of wait.


I didn’t had any ‘desired’ hairdos. Hence, I asked my stylist to do her ‘magic.’ –– well, I trust her alright.


And so, within an hour… ‘Poof’, we got our make over done and we each got out individual photoshoot.



While waiting for out turn to enter ‘judgement hall’, one of the CLEO crew is nice to offer to take a snap shot for us! 🙂

My audition/ interview went off pretty smooth and I even danced a little choreography. Hopefully, I can hear good news from them. *Fingers crossed* >.<


The lovely goods! So much hair products! 


Souvenir for us, to mark this special date that we took our courage to give CLEO Star search a try!

It was a fun experience!
There is another round of selection/ audition this coming weekend.

So girls, have you give yourself a chance and pick up the courage and give this a GO? ^^


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