HOMEMADE Tutorial on How-To-Make-A-Greentea-Snowskin-Mooncake.


Savour Mooncakes- Rainbow colours make me happy ๐Ÿ™‚

Mooncakes, the traditional food offerings only done on an annual special occasion- MoonCake Festival, also when the Moon is at its fullest and roundest time of the year.

Honestly, I am not a fan of this special dessert. But I fell in love with the GreenTea Snowskin Mooncake ever since my dad brought it back from HK a few years back. Yes, I repeat. A few years back. Means, I only had it for the ย first and last time!ย 

Well, this year we got loads of mooncakes as gift from our relatives. I especially love the ones from TCC– Thanks to Tommy and Adeline. The Lyhee Mojito~^.^

Okay, but I hate the super traditional ones that are baked with egg yolks kind. Yucks!ย There was simply no Green Tea Moon cakes this year, Expecting myself to be disappointed for another year,

However, surprisingly, Jason’s mother makes moon cakes! And she made some of the ‘ping pi matcha mooncakes’, mini sized for me! One bite and it taste heavenly! Just like the one my dad used to buy from HK! #childhoodcravings

She was nice enough to offer her ‘secret Recipe’ to me. So, I am sharing the basics of how-to-make-a-greentea-mooncake tutorial over here. ๐Ÿ™‚ It is easy and fun to make and also hassle free from oven baking!

Basically you need the following ingredients:

  1. Fried Glutinous Rice Flour
  2. Shortening
  3. Icing Sugar
  4. Cold water
  5. Colouring
  6. Banana essence
  7. Ready-made green Tea paste

You just have to mix all these ingredients and….


Tada! The Snowskin is done!


The dough should look like this.


You have to purchase a mold to make your desired mooncake shape.


Roll the Green tea paste in to a ball and wrap it up with the dough. Then push it into the mold.


Voila! The mooncake is made!



Found this image from Google. Apparently this guy uses the exact same mold as mine!

You can watch the steps of making these lovely Snowskin Green Tea Mooncakes on my IG @cassandrafaith!



Alright. Hope this tutorial helps.

Enjoy your mid Autumn Festival and have loads of fun with candles and lanterns! ^^


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