International PLAY-mates.


‘Friends come and go, only the true ones stay with you till eternity.’ 

People meet strangers, strangers meet people. Strangers turn into colleagues, colleagues turn into Friends. —the cycle goes on, that’s how friends are found and made. #socialnetwork

And I would say I am blessed to meet so many people in my life. Many of them are keepers.

Some of these keepers comes from OVERSEAS. I had friends from all over the world. — Bath, Italy, Australia, Taiwan…

As for this particular post, I am introducing my Taiwan Friends that I had met from USS.

They came to Singapore for a year of internship and that is how our friendship begins.

But sad to say, all happy occasions come with an end. 1 year passed really quickly and they had to leave for their home. Hence, before that day of departure, we planned a mini outing to Jcube, where the only interesting activity over there is ICE SKATING!


Diva has her super cool cam that we can camwhore without even clicking on any button!

So, we just SPAM!




1000115_513593118712714_801195576_n 999379_513593915379301_837723546_n



999085_513592782046081_1174949629_n 1003733_513593735379319_1745434008_n (1)

1009833_513593892045970_2066257447_n 1012254_513593435379349_1755241516_n IMG_8090

Its been years since I last skate. So, I had difficulty initially, which Eden claimed that I was ‘walking’ instead of skating. LOL.

Clearly, we had so much fun that day! We woke up super early to catch the earliest session. Guess it was all worth it!

Oh, wait. Where are my manners? I forgot to officially introduce them!

*Drum rolls* Introducing….. DIVA AND EDEN! Best Taiwan playmates!

We had lunch at Jem. -we decided to check out this new shopping centre, which obviously is a disappointment.

Specifically, we had ICHIBAN BOSHI. MMMmmm.. Salmon bento was yums! #Ilovejapanesefood

Now that they are back in their homeland, I miss them loads!!

When will I ever see them again? We are literally 5hours apart. Hope to fly to Taiwan soon to play with them again. Not to forget, stay under one roof together over there!

‘In Life, you meet people of all kinds. And you get the privilege to choose who you want to keep.’ 


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