Work ain’t no Bitch: #F1SG GrandPrix Crew


Once an F1s crew, always an F1s crew. — Hope to keep this annual membership forever.  

Yet another hectic weekend for me, specifically 20, 21 and 22 september.  Three consecutive days of more than 10 hours of work. Perspiring and getting sticky all over. But, it is all worth it.


My greatest enemy is the SUN. Fighting with the Sun is never easy. I almost died. Trust me, the bright light was so harsh that you could barely open your eyes!

DSC01101 DSC01102 DSC01103

I am proud to introduce myself as the crew member of OFFICIAL TEAM MERCHANDISE. — Meaning, we cater all teams not just only on Ferrari, redbull, vodafone… but EVERYTHING.


Just had to play around with all these cutesy bears. All dressed up as the individual teams, my favourite is the grey bear! DSC01110 DSC01111 DSC01112

So of course, new year, new crew members, new friends, new bonds are forged. Meeting up with different people is always the best gift in life. I Thank GOD for my eyes to see and meet these awesome and fun people! 


Yes fun, but we also worked our ass off the whole three days. All the way till the Sun sets, and the Moon rise.

DSC01117 DSC01122

Finally a break time from the massive crowds to take this picture of us together. 🙂

DSC01123 DSC01125

Everyone, meet BART. — Holland man.

DSC01128 DSC01129

And Carlos.— Spanish man, with ridiculously long eye lashes that I am so jealous of! >.<

DSC01131 DSC01133

Also, these bunch of babes that attracted all the customers over!


Lastly, the whole crew that made this exhausting night, a fun and memorable one! All the awkz dancing, singing and joking around made the lethargic days so much better.

Good times always have an ending and I will definitely see them when I see them. —That’s how the world revolves right?

Work aint no bitch. 

Definition of Pieces of Shattered Glass.


‘Dear Bad Luck, Let’s Break Up.’

A broken mirror, 7 years of bad luck. —- Do you believe this Myth, or rather, Superstition? 

A series of unfortunate events. Literally, happened over the weekend,

A broken car mirror, then a shattered LCD screen, followed by a lost in memory.

Each event was worst than the one before. To think each was settled and resolved, the next one just had to happen consecutively. Is this all planned out by God? Destiny? I wonder. #ShitHappens,nodoubt

Consequence of being Judged at. Failure in responsibility— written all over the face.
What else can I do. Shameless, it is.

A search warrant was triggered, made and done. But still no sign of the missing memory. Lost in the dark woods, lost in closets, and it is even possible to be lost in dreams.

No one knows where it is, except someone. GOD.

3 unfortunate events happened at once. Bad luck, that’s it.
When will this last? Hopefully, not 7 years. 

One Foot to Stardom: CLEO Star


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt

So, on 14 September, Saturday, me and Maxine decided to go for an event: CLEO Star Search.

We didn’t have much thoughts on it initially. Just wanted to feel like a princess and get the Free Hair and Makeup makeover done professionally by Sunsilk and Laneige, plus the Goodie Bag— Typical. In addition, I am a regular CLEO reader and had always knew about this competition. However, I never had the time and courage to take this opportunity.

Apart from Teensmodel Search 2011, I had not taken part in any other modelling compeitions due to time constraints. Hence, this time, with a GAP year, I should just do it! #YOLO 


So of course, we went there with a pretty much “BLANK-ed” face as it was too early for me to get up and put on make up anyway. I am just lazy. Whatever. 


Before our makeover starts, Maxine was asked to be Hair Model and they were trying to tie waterfall braids for her!


The hair and make up booths set up!


So, basically the sequence is to get your makeup done first, followed by your desired hair do.



It’s my turn! Finally, after 30 minutes of wait.


I didn’t had any ‘desired’ hairdos. Hence, I asked my stylist to do her ‘magic.’ –– well, I trust her alright.


And so, within an hour… ‘Poof’, we got our make over done and we each got out individual photoshoot.



While waiting for out turn to enter ‘judgement hall’, one of the CLEO crew is nice to offer to take a snap shot for us! 🙂

My audition/ interview went off pretty smooth and I even danced a little choreography. Hopefully, I can hear good news from them. *Fingers crossed* >.<


The lovely goods! So much hair products! 


Souvenir for us, to mark this special date that we took our courage to give CLEO Star search a try!

It was a fun experience!
There is another round of selection/ audition this coming weekend.

So girls, have you give yourself a chance and pick up the courage and give this a GO? ^^

HOMEMADE Tutorial on How-To-Make-A-Greentea-Snowskin-Mooncake.


Savour Mooncakes- Rainbow colours make me happy 🙂

Mooncakes, the traditional food offerings only done on an annual special occasion- MoonCake Festival, also when the Moon is at its fullest and roundest time of the year.

Honestly, I am not a fan of this special dessert. But I fell in love with the GreenTea Snowskin Mooncake ever since my dad brought it back from HK a few years back. Yes, I repeat. A few years back. Means, I only had it for the  first and last time! 

Well, this year we got loads of mooncakes as gift from our relatives. I especially love the ones from TCC– Thanks to Tommy and Adeline. The Lyhee Mojito~^.^

Okay, but I hate the super traditional ones that are baked with egg yolks kind. Yucks! There was simply no Green Tea Moon cakes this year, Expecting myself to be disappointed for another year,

However, surprisingly, Jason’s mother makes moon cakes! And she made some of the ‘ping pi matcha mooncakes’, mini sized for me! One bite and it taste heavenly! Just like the one my dad used to buy from HK! #childhoodcravings

She was nice enough to offer her ‘secret Recipe’ to me. So, I am sharing the basics of how-to-make-a-greentea-mooncake tutorial over here. 🙂 It is easy and fun to make and also hassle free from oven baking!

Basically you need the following ingredients:

  1. Fried Glutinous Rice Flour
  2. Shortening
  3. Icing Sugar
  4. Cold water
  5. Colouring
  6. Banana essence
  7. Ready-made green Tea paste

You just have to mix all these ingredients and….


Tada! The Snowskin is done!


The dough should look like this.


You have to purchase a mold to make your desired mooncake shape.


Roll the Green tea paste in to a ball and wrap it up with the dough. Then push it into the mold.


Voila! The mooncake is made!



Found this image from Google. Apparently this guy uses the exact same mold as mine!

You can watch the steps of making these lovely Snowskin Green Tea Mooncakes on my IG @cassandrafaith!


Alright. Hope this tutorial helps.

Enjoy your mid Autumn Festival and have loads of fun with candles and lanterns! ^^

Experimenting on Cookbooks.


‘I am not a Glutton, but am an Explorer of food.‘- Erma Bombec

So Last Sunday, Chef Ong decided to join me in my food production fest!

We prepared brunch first before bread making for Tea session with nhMay.

DSC00474Well, I work best with pastas. Hence, under my supervision, Chef Ong managed to Whip out a pleasant meal for both of us. 🙂 (See image below) Not too bad for a first timer! 


Yummy fried macaroni! ^^

And yes, we were all set for Bread making!


I had always wanted to try making these rose buns after sawing the video. It looks damn easy!

You simply need the following ingredients:
– Yeast Extract

– All purpose flour

– Fine Sugar

– Warm water

Mix them all together thoroughly and uniformly then start kneading!


The kneading is the most tedious and important step among all. You need to use the correct technique. If the dough is not good, your bun will just suck, and also difficult to handle.


Dough should look something like this. 


And Voila!

Some roses are quite distorted. But well, I guess it is not bad for a first attempt right? 🙂

DSC00482 DSC00483 DSC00484


International PLAY-mates.


‘Friends come and go, only the true ones stay with you till eternity.’ 

People meet strangers, strangers meet people. Strangers turn into colleagues, colleagues turn into Friends. —the cycle goes on, that’s how friends are found and made. #socialnetwork

And I would say I am blessed to meet so many people in my life. Many of them are keepers.

Some of these keepers comes from OVERSEAS. I had friends from all over the world. — Bath, Italy, Australia, Taiwan…

As for this particular post, I am introducing my Taiwan Friends that I had met from USS.

They came to Singapore for a year of internship and that is how our friendship begins.

But sad to say, all happy occasions come with an end. 1 year passed really quickly and they had to leave for their home. Hence, before that day of departure, we planned a mini outing to Jcube, where the only interesting activity over there is ICE SKATING!


Diva has her super cool cam that we can camwhore without even clicking on any button!

So, we just SPAM!




1000115_513593118712714_801195576_n 999379_513593915379301_837723546_n



999085_513592782046081_1174949629_n 1003733_513593735379319_1745434008_n (1)

1009833_513593892045970_2066257447_n 1012254_513593435379349_1755241516_n IMG_8090

Its been years since I last skate. So, I had difficulty initially, which Eden claimed that I was ‘walking’ instead of skating. LOL.

Clearly, we had so much fun that day! We woke up super early to catch the earliest session. Guess it was all worth it!

Oh, wait. Where are my manners? I forgot to officially introduce them!

*Drum rolls* Introducing….. DIVA AND EDEN! Best Taiwan playmates!

We had lunch at Jem. -we decided to check out this new shopping centre, which obviously is a disappointment.

Specifically, we had ICHIBAN BOSHI. MMMmmm.. Salmon bento was yums! #Ilovejapanesefood

Now that they are back in their homeland, I miss them loads!!

When will I ever see them again? We are literally 5hours apart. Hope to fly to Taiwan soon to play with them again. Not to forget, stay under one roof together over there!

‘In Life, you meet people of all kinds. And you get the privilege to choose who you want to keep.’