Standing from above 550 feet ~


You can only see ‘beautiful’ from above.


Blessed, we have Ben, whom had obtained 5 tickets for each of us to get our feet on the Singapore Flyer.

It was a Sunday (28 July 2013), which explained the overwhelming passengers we had to share our capsule with. Sucks, especially with annoying running kids.


It was my third time on the flyer and this time, there was a vast improvement, in terms of ‘going-on board’ experience.

Well, as for the others, that day, they were all virgins. I was literally, surprised! Like, who hasn’t been on the flyer? LOL!


We were specific with the time of ‘flight’. Sun set, that’s the most beautiful time of all.

Besides, you get best of both worlds- day and night scenary. 


We managed to get a snap shot of the 5 of us.


Dawn complained she has height phobia, that’s why she was on a seat. Whereas for me, I am just too lazy to stand. LOL.




Singapore’s night scenery -mark as one of the best views in Asia.  



Some tourists are just far too nice than expected. 🙂 Because it was already dark and the lighting was quite bad, they used their Canon DSLR to capture for us! Not bad eh!


Ben’s Blackberry ain’t that useless after all.

We had dinner at Saboten –my superb recommendation. ^^ That everyone agreed it was GOODFOOD.

The night was still young, and the boys complained that it wasn’t that easy to meet me up anytime soon. Since I was always busy.


Hence, we need a chill out place, which I suggested to go LOLA’S CAFE. Had always wanted to try this new cafe in Kovan whenever I drove past it.

In addition to the reviews I had read online before, the tarts are pretty well recommended by many.


So, when we first stepped into the cafe, indeed, it was a small typical cafe, which could not accommodate many. But, it has its own unique interior design giving off the feel of being in the 70s’ era.


Their tables are old sewing machines!



The walls are filled and decorated with glass frames. –Artistc much? 


Menu was ‘clipped-board’ styled and they serve breakfast, brunch and dinner too.

What’s great is the fact that the price are affordable with no GST or Service charge!



For drinks, we ordered:  green matcha latte (served in a milk bottle), cappuccino, mocha latte

For desserts, we ordered: Honey Panna Cotta (my favourite among all), Chocolate brownie with ice cream, Caramelised Banana with Early Grey tea tart (if you are a tea lover, you’ll love this. Its a love it or hate it choice.) 

Well, I am glad I found a new place to hang out. Plus, it is located near my suite!

Cafe Hopping, always one of my favourite hobbies in life.  🙂 Till then~ 

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