The Green Lovers went on a date.


Last Sunday, we had a moment at the park… 

1069799_10201143669087605_1726355673_nThis way, dude! 


Well, I need to emphasize that she had joined the 20th member club last saturday. So, instead of the usual dinner treats, I chose SUNDAY BRUNCH @the Canopy, Garden dining.

Its located at Bishan park, and hence the greeneries~

It is actually a three combination restaurant known as canopy, the green room and middle rock bar. I had been to middle rock bar twice to chill and drink so that is how I discovered the CANOPY.

999657_10201143667087555_1611185947_n 1000730_10201143657567317_161394290_n 943660_10201143665447514_725310387_n 945730_10201143658247334_1731230455_n

Such a breathe-taking place to dine in…

If you are afraid of the merciless heat, you can opt for an air conditioned dining table. Another star given to this place is the fact that it is a pet-friendly place! You can bring your dogs to enjoy with you too!
998557_10201143660647394_922892311_n 1006276_10201143657007303_1114648884_n

Instagram instagram….



&Thanks to Ladyironchef’s reviews and recommendations, I came here especially to feast on the smoked salmon!


Just look at the big fat Fish roes!

Egg Oyako- Scrambled eggs topped with smoked salmon
Egg Oyako- Scrambled eggs topped with smoked salmon

Yirong had carbonara pasta. It is surprising that instead of the usual spaghettis, they enticed the food with the use of Spiralis.

Giving the pasta a different kind of feel. Maybe I shall try this in Pastamania next time. Hmmm..


Carbonara pasta, this time, it ain't no spag!
Carbonara pasta, this time, it ain’t no spag!

Lastly, another Ladyironchef’s great recommendation, THIS FLUFFY PANCAKE! YES, I MEAN IT! ITS BIG, ROUND AND FLUFFY!

Fluffy Buttermilk Pancake!! -Big Ass size at only $6!
Fluffy Buttermilk Pancake!! -Big Ass size at only $6!

We had loads of fun catching up, like always! heehee.



And obviously, we had to take photos to remember this date!



Yirong got a new canon camera from her mummy and we are totally making full use of it!


Self timer lets go!


If you are a nature and outdoor lover, this is definitely one of the places that you should give it a try! *THUMBS UP*

You can check out their official website to learn more about what good food they serve:

“Live, love and laugh, for food.”

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