For the Nightlife lovers– Osaka, Japan I

Cherry tree on top.
Cherry tree on top.

In the December period, expect the best chilly weather in Japan!

This trip was 2 years ago, organised by school, under a CDS course.

We were lucky to grab this impromptu, yet last minute opportunity by Olivia to see beautiful OSAKA!

Airline: Cathay Pacific. Transfer flight at Hong Kong.

Accommodation: Stayed at a variety of hotel. Travel packaged by school. One of it was:

Duration: 7 days 6 Nights


We took the night plane to Osaka, Japan. Up in the sky for about 10hours, obviously a night flight was much more time conserving and feasible. Besides, we can get to sleep on the plane, which was one of my favourite to be on air!

I remembered how bad ass one teacher was, as he wanted to restrict us from going to DFS to purchase our cosmetics. Like hello, we ain’t 16 years old kiddo.

Me, max, jess and jo were the earliest group compared to the others, so we left for DFS. Who cares about that meanie?

blogger-image--437918990 blogger-image-278028780

I was so elated! My first time onboard with my LGs! Plus, the fact that we were heading to Autumn season of beautiful Osaka, what else were better than that? We were all set for the flight!

As mentioned, it was a super late night flight there. Me and Max were pretty much fast alseep, which I believed everyone was….


Except for these two young ladies~ Cam-whoring all the way! >.<

Food on plane!
Food on plane!

Oh, Thanks to Cathay pacific’s ever pleasant service, Supper was served! Delicious! And I love the fact that Haagen Daaz always comes along as dessert! ^^

We had a transfer flight at Hong Kong, or rather, to take a break for our ass off those seats.


Good morning!
Good morning!

Finally, after that long hours of anticipation….

Greetings and a chilly welcome from lovely, Osaka!

As soon as we stepped out of the comfy airport, we could totally feel the strong COLD wind blowing at us! For God’s sake, it was about 4 degrees Celsius! 

Everyone literally just ran towards the coach to catch some warm.

BBrr… shivers down the spine…

We adapted and got used to the weather quite fast tho. Human Beings, we were MADE to adapt.

Despite that long haul flight, everyone managed to catch that few hours of nap and here we were at Ni-jo castle after 2 hours of bus ride.


We are at Ni-Jo castle!
We are at Ni-Jo castle!

As many of us know, Japan is a modern yet traditional and cultural country as they keep and maintains lots of old, classic and vintage sculptures and buildings Their tradition can live up to 100 years old and still counting…. That’s a pretty amazing fact to know yea?

Entrance of Ni-Jo castle.
Entrance of Ni-Jo castle.

The castle was magnificent! I am a nature lover, thus, stopping me from capturing all those nature images was practically, impossible.  

IMG_5001 IMG_5005


IMG_5008 IMG_5014

Pretty maple leaves!
Pretty maple leaves!

Autumn! Maple leaves season. The flash light made the picture look fake, but it’s REAL people~ One of my favourite picture!

Cotton candies in the sky!
Cotton candies in the sky!

To be able to stand and breathe this fresh atmosphere, it’s a blessing indeed. #Blissfulthoughts

As we walk through the paths and enjoying the scenic views and ancient, antique sculptures, we chanced upon the odd-looking tree. Yes, ODD. It own grows out roots-like leaves! Funny right?

The roots-only tree.
The roots-only tree.

Amazingly, it still looks good even though it is ‘bald’. #naturelover

We strolled our way through and finally reached the GRAND GOLDEN PAVILION, KYOTO also known as  Kikakujin- a Zen Temple.


Grand golden pavilion!
Grand golden pavilion!

Interesting Fact: The top two levels of the pavilion is covered by gold leaves. You can read more about this enchanting temple at:


Jo- the red riding hood >.<

Oh! Did I forget that the crowd there was massive! Hundreds of cameras up high to capture the gold pavilion. Of course, we were one of the few people that adds on to the crowd. But, we attempted to selca instead. Girls, that’s how we roll~ 

Continuing our walk through the garden took us to the Temple side, where you see people pray and hold joss sticks– FUDO hall.

In the process of praying...
In the process of praying…

Clapped both hands together twice, Pray, toss a coin into the ‘BIG BOX’ and lastly, shook that big ass bell! Just like all anime on TV yea?


I got this amulet for my parents. May the Japanese God bless us~ ^^

IMG_5061 IMG_5062

The Exit path. See how high we had climbed and walked!


This is the end of our first tour and off we head for Brunch!

Alighted the bus and just across the street, we saw this ‘Big Boy’ restaurant. Cute~


So, What’s for lunch? Local delights- Tempura!

IMG_5082 IMG_5083

Nothing else taste better than the original. It’s fried in this manner that the only sound you hear is “crisp*!

Brunch was super filling and it was time for us to move on to our next destination!


This picture speaks our location.

In this particular museum, we got to try the simulators of the natural disasters in Japan, such as typhoon and earthquakes.

The typhoon simulator was damn fun! The strong wind blowing at us was so huge that you can barely grab firmly on the grip bar provided. I swear, you can literally fly away with the real typhoon!

Earthquake simulator.
Earthquake simulator.

Then, we tried on the earthquake simulator as well. This simulator has a concept and making and letting the people feel the real earthquake in a room setting. This explains why there are dining tables and all. So, we entered this ‘room’ and was told to switch off necessary electrical appliances in it and hide under the table. I felt that I was in some sort of game.

Seriously, after the earthquake simulator, we felt so damn dizzy. The shaking was too powerful. To be frank, I was rather scared. It felt damn real.

The afternoon was well spent! Very soon, the sky turns dark, night fall. Time for dinner.


After such an exhausting first day in Osaka, nothing beats a nice warm place for dinner. Once again, local delights!

We had sushi on trays!! Everyone was limited to 1000 yen of plates. It sounds little, but trust me, we were all so full after.

Sushi tray!
Sushi tray!


Fresh salmon sushi!
Fresh salmon sushi!

IMG_5107 IMG_5110

They have exquisite sushis that looks peculiar and adorable! Not found or seen in Singapore!

Looks as if Maxine ate all of these!
Looks as if Maxine ate all of these!

Yes, and these were how much 5 of us ate! *Burps*

What’s next? Hotel!

As mentioned, I don’t remember what hotel we stayed, except the last one.

But here are some pictures of the hotel.

small and compact toilet
small and compact toilet

IMG_5133 IMG_5132

Well, the rooms are not big, but it’s acceptable. 😀


Ohayo! It’s a road trip that we were going to experience on this marvelous morning. We were heading to Hiroshima, which is located a distance away from Osaka.

It was about 3 hours of long bus ride before we had a stop over at a small street.


At this street, small bites were sold. It’s also a place where lots of coaches and vehicles stop by for toilet!


We happen to bump into this cute little guy, BULLDOG. It was dressed up in pink dress. Super FAT and CUTE! Oh, it even came right in front of us and rolled over to let us touch it. Aww..

We didn’t had the chance to grab breakfast so we bought some food.

Tako yaki!
Tako yaki!

Jo bought tako yaki! *yums!*
As for me, I got myself a Hot Hokkaido Goat’s milk. Heavenly.

Best Milk I've ever tasted!
Best Milk I’ve ever tasted!


In a cold weather like this, nothing beats a warm milk in your tummy! Besides, I’m not a breakfast kind of person. So, it was the most suitable morning crave!

The stop over lasted about 30 minutes and our road trip continues for another 2 hours.

This time, we had another stop over for lunch!

Ramen for lunch
Ramen for lunch

Today’s lunch mene: Local delight- RAMEN and fried rice.


This place is like a foodcourt. But it had stuffs sold like souvenirs and cakes too! We ate as fast we could so as to go outside and walk to capture glimpse of the place.

IMG_5165 IMG_5168

It was the ‘HELLO KITTY FIESTA’, and also the GACHAPONS!

The toilet was located about 5 minutes away from the foodcourt. I love Japan toilet because they are always so clean and their toilet bowls have remote controls to clean your dirty assholes!


After lunch, it’s back to another hour of road trip before we reach Hiroshima. Apparently, we were heading to a place famous and full of paper cranes. Hence, we were each given colour papers to fold paper cranes!

IMG_0590 IMG_0611

Yet another cultural place to to experience and appreciate.

6 hours of bus ride, the longest road trip I had done so far in my life.


War memorial building.

We finally got our bottoms off the bus. The tour guide was so nice to explain every details of the place to us. But trust me, no one bothers.

As for us, it’s camera time!

IMG_0642 IMG_0663

Following the tour guide, we finally reached one of our destinations! The paper crane statue.


A story lies behind every art piece.

Colourful paper cranes!
Colourful paper cranes!

We contributed our paper cranes to these artefacts too! 

The tour didn’t stay long at the paper crane area. Our destination was the museum.

As the sun was about to set, we were rushed to head off quickly.


Epic JY's look!
Epic JY’s look!

Well, as much as we were rushed to our final destination, we still managed to take this group shoots of ourselves! 🙂


At last, we got here!

All the historical artefacts and stories about Japan’s war can be found here.


We were not exactly museum kind of persons, so we merely just look-see-look-see.

IMG_5312 396245_10150623029060330_654435329_11628321_1409932788_n

But of course, some photos of this place must be taken!


Burns that people get from WAR
Burns that people get from WAR

Jess managed to capture horrendous artefact. It shows how badly burned people were during the period of WAR. Sad isnt it? So, I pray for world peace.

I remembered clearly at the end of this trail in the museum, I managed to get Wifi. I had a FACETIME call from bro! It was so funny how we interacted and feel so proud showing him where exactly I am, OSAKA! Whee~

The sun had set by the time we walked out of the museum.

Today’s Dinner menu: Local delight, OKONOMIYAKI- fried pancake noodles with cabbage, eggs and yakitori sauce

Teppanyaki-style. Everyone sat before the chef and look at how cool he was, whipping and tossing those cabbages

Chef whipping out the food!
Chef whipping out the food!

IMG_0814 IMG_0824

Look at how much of it must he cook for all of us! 


We had a great time watching the chef! And did I forgot to mention, even though sun was set, dinner was only 6pm!

394439_243823529020529_100001786501037_558263_204192677_n IMG_0187

Just had to snap a picture with the awesome chef! 

Moved to another hotel, and this time I get to bunk with Maxine. Also, this hotel was so much bigger and nicer than the previous one.

Hello! This is our crib.
Hello! This is our crib.

The night was still young. Our desire to see more of Osaka brought us out of the hotel to discover more.


Yes, indeed it was the right choice to make! Look what we found! CREPES!! HOT CREPES! *screams*

Look what we found!
Look what we found!


Best CREPE ever! Best DESSERT ever! Get fat, we dont care!


Despite it was freezing in the low temperature atmosphere, I just had to purchase their green tea ice cream. It still feels damn shiok!

Freeze also must eat this godly Greent tea icecream!
Freeze also must eat this godly Greent tea icecream!

Our adventure didnt just stop here.

We walked further till the area with bars and pubs/club.

As what the title says, Osaka was certainly a place for night life. If this was a free and easy trip, I will definitely take that step into the pub/club. 

It’s never enough to see more.

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