When the moon rises…


When the moon rises, instead of staying at home, we seek for an adventurous night…

My first ever trip in my life to the NIGHT SAFARI. Eggcited~ But towards the end of the trip, AM NOT.

Why is this even my virgin trip there? many may wonder… I mean, come on, who hasn’t been to the zoo or night safari when they are young? Well ,that would be, ME! Because my mother had always told me that in night safari, the only thing you can see are sleeping animals, or worst, barely even any animals as it was pitch dark.
I am so agreeing with her after I went there. The only thing that is considered ‘fun’ is the TRAM RIDE. Duhh? You don’t say.


Fortunately, we managed to get 50% discount after 9pm entry for the tickets as me and Joyce still have our ‘student’ card with us. If not, it will be a total What a scam!

The entrance was the ‘wallaby trail- the so-called baby kangeroo’. However, we didnt go to that trail first as the show was about to start. So, yea we got to watch some cute animals performing.
After the usual animal show, it’s time for the tram ride!
I would say that it was indeed a relaxing ride, plus the fact that it was rather windy that night. A stormy weather was rushing to us, I swear. Well, I was pretty impressed on how well-trained the herbivores were! They are not caged but yet they remain at their own spot. My favourite animal that day was the majestic REINDEER!

Sometimes I wish I was Santa Claus so that I can ride on that thing~ haha. >.<


Entrance of the wallaby walkthrough! 

OH well, the tram ride lasted about 30 minutes, it basically covers the whole of night safari. However, the night was still young. Despite the rainy weather, we went on to the ‘wallaby trail’. True enough, those so-called baby kangaroos were so up-close and personal to us! We can just touch it, literally. Reminds me of how I cuddled kangaroos at sydney!  

The souvenir stop over! This was definitely the last station of all tourists attractions. I love to take photos of those souvenirs sold. They are always cute but over pricey -.- So guess only photos are enough for them to be souvenirs.


Out cute little bag that has all the tiny animal plushies inside.

The bag wasn’t the only cute stuff! Until we came across the hats and claws! Just got to snap some photos!


hey! We are part of the Night safari team! 


Cass says, ‘Hello world, I am the fierce white tiger! Roar! ‘


Joyce says.’ Hello, I am the gentle long necked Giraffe! ‘

IMG_7871 IMG_7869

Not to forget the cute, cuddly plushie bags! Michael was actually saying,’ Time to book in!’

Seriously, which NS man will do this?? Can‘t even fit an underwear inside. 

IMG_7874 IMG_7875


Massive collections of polaroid films to end the adventurous night!


We will venture out for more exciting journeys ahead…. till then~ 

Seek for a path, that leads you to an end of wonders. -Cassandrafaith




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