Bangkok, Thailand. One of Asia’s bustling city.


Our first ever trip together!

So, this trip was 3 years ago. I will only use my best memories to write this post.

Airline: Thai Airways

Accommodation: Baiyoke Sky hotel

Duration: 4 days 3 nights

#Day 1  Bad weather

I do not know if we are counted as fortunate or unfortunate, because it was FLOODING!



As soon as we touched down, settled down in the hotel, all ready to go shopping, we saw this! The water level was high all the way to the ankle. Best thing was, I was wearing jeans and the water is literally, FILTHY.

So, because of this ‘watery ground’, we are limited to the place that we can shop at. Instead of street shopping, we went to the famous Pratunum. Well, that’s the popular place in Bangkok that offers really cheap clothes. When I say cheap, its not ‘slut’ cheap but ‘looking-great’ cheap. We walked for hours before heading back to our hotel.

And duhh, we need to enjoy every minute of our stay here right? Lets go SWIMMING at its peak! Its located right at the tippy-tip-top of the hotel.

Oh! This was when I first encountered a human-dolphin, Tommy Tan.  Man, he sure swims like a dolphin, or rather, shark?! (Y)
Do not judge a book by its cover. Really. You will be surprised how capable people are.


After all the exhaustion from the pool, we went out to find the famous ‘shark fins’ of Bangkok.

P1140360See how large the pots are!

That is hell lots of Shark fins! But well, I am not exactly a big fan of it. Hence, I merely tasted just a whee~bit of it.

#Day 2 Authentic cooling coconut

Early morning, we were all EGG-CITED to be wide awake for COCONUTS! Yes! I repeat, coconuts!
Damn its super cooling and SHIOK!


We are totally enjoying it! SLURPZ!

Off we go! To the popular known temple, which sad to say, I don’t know whats the name of this temple except that it has this huge elephant buddha. *pray*


Oh! Did I forget to mention, we had a filling breakfast! Baiyoke Sky hotel offers great dining deals. Just look at the food and how they are so prettily garnished!


Makes me love breakfast more. TeeHee~


All time favourite, PANCAKES!



Bacon with scrambled eggs!

Alright, so back to where I stopped. Temple. We headed to MBK, another popular shopping mall of Bangkok.


Well, the clothes there are not really that nice, compared to Pratunum. Unfortunately, I dropped 1000baht! This, I will never ever forgot! Its like almost $50 in SGD.  *heartpain*

Seriously, I always lose my money when I’m in overseas. Seems like I’m innate with this issue of mine. -.-

#Day 3. The not-so-pain, THAI MASSAGE

To kick start the day, we went to this fancy cafe to have breakfast.

Nhmay, cant eat though as she is vegetarian.


Anyways, we just went to tat cafe to try the TOM YAM SOUP. Like, hey, I’m already in bangkok, Thailand, of course it is a must try it! P1140466

Super spicy but love it!

The last night was just some last minute shopping we had to do at pratunum. Me and nhmay literally went crazy shopping! We just buy straight without any considerations. Impulsive much?


Enjoying the breeze in the TUTU car ride!

Our very last stop is THAI MASSAGE. We walked into some random shop that seemed decent to try it. Well, its not that pain, but more soothing. I love it when they STEP on me! Sadist it may sound? But, that the most relaxed part!


Just trying to act like some kungfu fighters.

P1140497The pants was so gigantic that it fits two people!

#Day 4. Bye Bangkok. See you soon!

All good things come to an end in a blink of an eye.

Indeed, its time to pack up and go home!

P1140505We are all set and ready to go!


We left pretty early to catch our fligh. But yea, we did manage to eat some local delights in the airport before departure.



&yea, like all good memories, the best photo always comes in last. ❤

I’m glad this trip worked out. Its the first time travelling with friends and family. Through this trips, there were definitely some disagreements that came along. However, this is how we bond together.

Cheers for kinship and friendship.

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