Here’s to Never Growing up.

Do you want to stay as a baby forever too?
Do you want to stay as a baby forever too?

As each year passes, have you stopped for a moment, block yourself out from the entire world and just think, ‘How you wish you could just stay forever young?’ In fact, just be a baby forever. Why? You would ask.

Here are the reasons to why:

1. Stress FREE! -which everyone yearns for.

Being a baby, you don’t have to face the bullshits at work as an adult or rather, as a student. Student get stress over exams, over their future and even for some unfortunate ones, financial issues. For adults, you practically stress every single day! Stress from home and stress from work, that’s definitely a double anxiety issue you are going through. And of course, all these stress from school and work will just lead to DEPRESSION.

2. No such thing as horrible EYE BAGS!

Shh.. I'm having a sweet dream.
Shh.. I’m having a sweet dream.

Being a baby, you can just sleep. No worries at all. That’s basically your job. You will never be called as ‘LAZY’. In fact, sometimes you get to lie on boobs and be pat and even hear a lullaby to sleep. Unlike when you grow up, you will never get sufficient rest. So this is where alot of Pandas are developed and increasing in the Human Race.

3. Never be called or teased as ‘FAT’.

I'm not fat, I'm just Chubby.
I’m not fat, I’m just Chubby.

Being a baby, you get the luxury of being fed non stop. You don’t have to face the harsh society of being despised as ‘aFATKID’. In contrast, you will probably be pinched on the face and called ‘CUTE’. While for teenagers and adulthood, being classified in the ‘FAT’ category is nonetheless the most unwanted descriptive word that you will ever want to hear about yourself.

4. Get loads of Kisses.

More kisses please~
More kisses please~

Being a baby, you are so cute that you will just get kisses from any hot mamas, or even better, hot bods ladies. You don’t even have to attempt or initiate a kiss. It just comes naturally. Many men will probably be jealous of you as if they want a kiss, they’ll end up… Bitch slapped!

Everyone wishes to never grow up. Always be a baby.ย 


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