It’s Friday, Bytches.

Say, “Hoooray!” Because, it is FRIDAY!

And of course, this calls for… #ootd time!
Well, had to try some several poses.

1, 2, 3, SNAP!

Three shots and this is my favourite.


Swagger Jagger. I got the swag.
Photo credits to Jessilyn Tan.

We just had to take more photos while waiting for that 15mins bus, rather than just sitting/ standing impatiently at the bus stop. ^^

Here goes nothing…. but US~



Girls night out!
We decided to dine at the ‘Pique Nique’! Yet, another #foodporn place! Yums!
Located at B1 of Takashimaya. Good place to Brunch!




The food are god damn delicious and the portion is huge!!! Affordable price too and I just got to intro this dessert of theirs… (see image below).


With the caption, I meant it literally. Maxine said, “PREGNANCY BOMB”. LOL!
You know what that means right?

Group photo to end another Friday
Group photo to end another Friday

Max had to leave early tho.
Shoes shopping at Charles and Keith were our last stop.
Whee~ I finally got my neon yellow heels! It was on 20% discount! #regretornot

All good things come to an end in a speed of light. -Agree?ย 



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