It’s Friday, Bytches.

Say, “Hoooray!” Because, it is FRIDAY!

And of course, this calls for… #ootd time!
Well, had to try some several poses.

1, 2, 3, SNAP!

Three shots and this is my favourite.


Swagger Jagger. I got the swag.
Photo credits to Jessilyn Tan.

We just had to take more photos while waiting for that 15mins bus, rather than just sitting/ standing impatiently at the bus stop. ^^

Here goes nothing…. but US~



Girls night out!
We decided to dine at the ‘Pique Nique’! Yet, another #foodporn place! Yums!
Located at B1 of Takashimaya. Good place to Brunch!




The food are god damn delicious and the portion is huge!!! Affordable price too and I just got to intro this dessert of theirs… (see image below).


With the caption, I meant it literally. Maxine said, “PREGNANCY BOMB”. LOL!
You know what that means right?

Group photo to end another Friday
Group photo to end another Friday

Max had to leave early tho.
Shoes shopping at Charles and Keith were our last stop.
Whee~ I finally got my neon yellow heels! It was on 20% discount! #regretornot

All good things come to an end in a speed of light. -Agree? 


Nylon Party Launched by Ettusai’s.

Pores gone!
Pores gone!

We are special guests invited to this event! So many pretty things surrounding us. 🙂
We were welcomed with their door gifts first, followed by browsing around to know more of their products.
I am a fan of ettusai’s. Their beauty cosmetics are so much better than the overated– ***DE H***E.

Twelve cupcakes. Sweet!
Twelve cupcakes. Sweet!

Their refreshments corner were really well decorated, sponsored by Twelve cupcakes, it makes it even better.

Cute refreshments corner!
Cute refreshments corner!

Their new product, BB cream was launched. I tried some samples. It was pretty good, seem to be able to achieve the flawless skin. 😀

Ladies out there, check out ettusai’s beauty products! I’m sure you wont be disappointed.

Stepping into TWO decades.


To start off, I Thank God for the wonderful people I’ve met in my life.
Time is precious. Time is ticking every second.
Stepping into TWO decades indeed made me feel old.

This is a very long post. And when I say, long. I meant it literally, LONG. Be prepared. I had a week of non-stop birthday celebrations with my different groups of friends.

Its an annual thing that I will spend some time scripting a long post on how I spent my birthday, because when it comes to birthdays, it is very important to me. For God’s sake, ITS THE DAY YOU ARE BORN!

So, definitely deemed of high importance. Also, blogging about my celebrations is also a way of how I express my gratitude to all these loved ones in my life.

1. Combination celebration of Jaslyn’s and mine.

Buddy and Bf!
Buddy and Bf!

This date had been scheduled a month in advance to compromise with all our busy schedules. Finally, we are hanging out together again. So, we’ve decided to watch movie since our very last time which is like almost ages ago…
Disney, EPIC! Never disappoint me at all. I love it! Oh, before I forgot, we dined at Aston’s before movie and even went bikini shopping a little! Must make Yirong buy her first bikini! So, yea. We spent our day pretty well. And I have to THANK BF for dinner treat as well as the small goodies she get from Taiwan for me! ^^

2. Surprised VDC celebration at Timbre Subway.


I had joined VDC for onlyy almost 3 months and I’ve met these wonderful ladies in the clinic. Everyone came from a different background but one thing we are similar is the fact that we are under one roof, in this clinic, working hard together. So, it was supposed to be a day of farewell dinner for Xinying. She is the craziest and most fun girl in the house! Its kinda sad that I cant work with her anymore. Oh, because its the end of the month, this was a monthly dinner plan that our manager, syarina will organise. So, I didnt expect much from them until Sya broke the surprise and gave me a handmade card. So sweet! To add on to another surprising thing was, they bought awfully chocolate birthday cake for me! Like woah~ where did that come from! It was really nice of them to do this mini celebration for me, considering the fact that we known each other for a few months! Yea, I love my job there and cant look forward for the next month’s dinner! (which is tmr!:) Many thanks to these ladies in VDC. ❤

3. TAIWAN, USS COLLEAGUES. Combined birthday for me and Eden!


Did I forget to mention that I have international friends? yes, these Taiwan colleagues are one of them! Eden and Diva, two of my favourite taiwan friends that I love so much! Eden’s birthday falls on 5 June, which is super close to mine. Hence, just meet and do it together! So, of course I have to be the one bringing them around. And me and Maz had long decided to head to haji lane for SEESHA~ Their virgin moment! Me and Maz met first, so we bought oreo cheesecake. Walked to Haji lane and settle at a seesha place. Omg. Listening to Eden complain about his Phuket trip was indeed hilarious and entertaining! That’s because he was using English to speak to Maz, his pronunciation and accents are just funny, but adding them up with his wild reactions…JOKE OF THE DAY! We enjoyed ourselves and took hell lots of photos! Been great to have these friends! Next time when I go Taiwan, they can bring me around! Whee~ Have to THANK MAZ and Diva for their treat! My lovely darlings.

4. I was surprised by GREEN balloons.


From the sub title, I mentioned GREEN balloons. And yes, this was how it went… So there were about 20 balloons blown, like literally by human inspiration. These balloons were masking-taped at just my doorstep, forming a trail up the stairs. So I followed all the way, till a surprised cake was right in my face with a man standing there, singing “Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday to you…” That moment, I was elated. Took the cake and went back home where I blew the candles and made my first birthday wish. Later that night, dinner was served at ‘House’, located at Demsey Hill. Thank you Jason #bbb for that lovely night. 🙂




It was the eve of my birthday. I had long awaited for this day to come as I was going to celebrate my birthday with three finest ladies. They are non-other than my very loved, SUPERCUTIES. My very first surprise was the absence of MavisBenedictOng, whereby it became her presence instead. It was a trick made up by nhmay. Before dinner, ‘After Earth’ was watched with Ben, Dawn and Nhmay. It was already surprising that Z and Jayson turned up for my bday. Took the car to ‘Habitat’ and that’s where my first surprise ‘POPPED’ out. It was funny that I gave Mavis a hearing because of her initial absence. Well, guess not anymore then. After dinner, my next person on the list to meet is KC. I waited patiently for him for an hour plus at NEX. Alone. To the point that I was already so Madd, he cancelled on me. I was fuming. Blood boiling. I dont want to spend my first minute of my birthday in the train, so I took a cab. Now here comes the second surprise, which was the presence of 4 ladies and 2 man in my room shouting “SURPRISE!” with a cake on one of their hands. Video recording was done as well where I cant help but keep laughing and literally speaking, “WTF?!” So, that whole one hour of wait was just part of the plan. Best surprise I had so far in my life. BABES, you all just broke my records! Indeed. 😀

6. Actual Birthday, spent with family and friends.


This was taken after all our feets were spanked and slapped by the dog’s cane. Thanks to the game of ‘INDIAN POKER’.

Bikinis spotted!
Bikinis spotted!

Well, did I forgot to mention that mu mum had a complimentary one night hotel stay by Marina Bay Sands? And this was how my birthday ended up in this 6 star hotel. Nothing much to do in a hotel, except to enter the impressive sky park and infinity pool! Hot bods in the house yo! Bikinis on top babes! We had a great swim and chillax session at the sky park. Really, enjoyed my big day to the fullest!

The SWAG family.
The SWAG family.

I cant resist, but had to post this picture of SWAGNESS in my family. I LOVE YOU ALL AND THANKS FOR THE BLASTS!


Here'e to the weird and the wonderful. #brosofmylife
Here’e to the weird and the wonderful. #brosofmylife

It had been more than 5 years of knowing these two awesome people. Our friendship has been going on strong. Finally, a day out with them. They broke a record in my life, whereby it was my first time blowing candles in the car when it was in motion. We dined at Bugis+, followed by ‘gym shopping’ at mustafa. Three hours of htht session at my home and to be certain, these are two hilarious jokers in my life that I want to keep. Thanks my brothers. You know I love you.

8. Secret partners unite!

Secret partner.
Secret partner.

Joyce, my everlasting partner. We had a simple dinner at Just Acia, but we sat three hours in the restaurant till closing. When I said,’ Secret partners”, I meant it literally. We share secrets and our rules are, “lips must be sealed at ll times. Leaking of secrets will cause unnecessary troubles. Thank you secret partner! ❤

9. Last but not least with the usual  CJ bunch.

CJ Lovelies. <3
CJ Lovelies. ❤

We dined at Saveur! Their pisstachioo dessert was their sexbomb. Thank you mum, trustee and tooChooding for the pleasant night together. It felt really great to know these talented people. I shall share Sophie’s voice to let you people know how awesome she is, as a singper!

So this mark the end of my bday celebration. I definitely HAD A BLASTS! Thank you all once again~ I shall stop here before my eyes shut.

Till then~

Reaching out for the stars.

Even the Owls are here to enjoy the view.
   Even the Owls are here to enjoy the view.

Sitting by the edge of platform, looking at the hazy sky of Singapore. My mind full of wonders.
With the strong wind blowing, messing up my already hideous hair, it made feel nothing else but relaxed.

Throwing back all the busy days and just enjoying every breeze by nature.
This is life.
Even the owls came to enjoy the view.

Irreplaceable Human beings.



In life, you meet many people. So much of them that it can be countless, or rather infinity.
As time goes by, people become strangers and strangers become friends. This needs a lot of FATE.

Fate brings people together. Bring people to love each other, laugh together and even die together.

As for me, I have hell lots of friends. From ones to tens to Hundreds and even to Thousands. However, the only keepers are those that are with me for years or maybe, till eternity.

These people are indeed, IRREPLACEABLE HUMAN BEINGS.